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ADM 29/63/321Original page number: 321 John STROUDWICK; Rating; Born: [Not Given]; Age on entry: 18; Dates served: 12 October 1813-19 February 1816; Date and Type of Application: Whitehall 6 June 1861 Thomas ROSS; Rating; Age on entry: [Not Given]; Dates served: [Not Given]; Date and Type of Application: Whitehall 6 June 1861.1860 May - 1861Oct1860
ADM 29/67/302Original page number: 302 Henry STUDWICK; Rating; Born: 29 December 1835, Brighton; Age on entry: [Not Given]; Dates served: [Not Given]; Date and Type of Application: Whitehall 1 June 1863. See also ADM 139/453 CS 5224A Henry JONES; Rating; Born: 20 January 1847, Pembroke, Wales; Age on entry: [Not Given]; Dates served: [Not Given]; Date and Type of Application: Whitehall 3 June 1863.1863
ADM 354/155/25John Clevland. Mr Strudwick, Purser of the Vigilant, has applied to be entered from July 1756 as he could not appear for acting as Secretary to Rear Admiral Holburne. The books of Chatham Ordinary show Robert Farr borne from July to September 1756 as Deputy Purser to Valentine Nevell, who was absent1757 Feb 91757
ADM 6/22/130Thomas Foord, gunner; Richard Kelsey, master at arms; John Elliot, Captain; Robert Deans, Captain; William Strudwick, Commander; George Day, Commander; Lenox Thompson, Lieutenant; Sampson Michell, 4th Lieutenant; Richard Sainthill, 5th Lieutenant; Adam Littlejohn, 6th Lieutenant; Joseph Richards, boatswain; Thomas Pearce, gunner.17801780
ASSI 36/17Surrey: Accused: M.& E. Strudwick. Offence: Infanticide.18721872
AY 31/168Feasibility study into the detection of macro-cracks in concrete by D J Daniels and C P Strudwick (ERA Technology Ltd)01/01/1989 - 31/12/19891989Contractors Report 168
B 3/4729Strudwicke W H18271827S41/114
BT 31/24114/150931No. of Company: 150931; A. G. Strudwicke Ltd.19181918
BT 31/27006/179317No. of Company: 179317; Strasdowsky, Ltd.19221922
BT 372/1232/5R515074 STRUDWICK R H W 21/01/1932 TORONTO CANADA1913 - 19721932R515074
BT 372/1527/66R567206 STRUDWICK J E 07/07/1934 LONDON1913-19721934R567206
BT 372/1777/168R617514 STRUDWICK P H 06/07/1933 SAINT ALBANS1913-19721933R617514
BT 372/1807/183R623681 STRUDWICK G 20/06/1939 EDGEWARE1913-19721939R623681
BT 372/1997/25R661250 STRUDWICK R G 28/09/1939 BETHNAL GREEN1913-19721939R661250
BT 372/2009/70R663685 STRUDWICK R 13/10/1939 EPSOM1913 - 19721939R663685
BT 372/2091/190R683529 STRUDWICK K A 12/03/1940 WIMBLEDON1913 - 19721940R683529
BT 372/2108/103R687276 STRUDWICK D 25/08/1936 KINGSTEIGNTON1913 - 19721936R687276
BT 372/2288/49R727111 STRUDWICK J H 06/12/1939 BRIGHTON1913 - 19721939R727111
BT 372/2312/47R732629 STRUDWICK D S J 07/05/1934 PLYMOUTH1913 - 19721934R732629
BT 372/2402/91R755148 STREDWICK C E V 20/08/1944 PRESTATYN1913 - 19721944R755148
BT 372/2450/61R767654 STRUDWICK I F 19/11/1944 LITTLEHAMPTON1913 - 19721944R767654
BT 372/2541/23R791317 STRUDWICK L W 27/03/1945 WREXHAM1913 - 19721945R791317
BT 372/738/70R311881 STRUDWICK J T 20/10/1925 CROYDON1925R311881
BT 372/843/140R332269 STRUDWICK R H 21/09/1921 RUSHDEN NORTHANTS1913-19721921R332269
BT 372/901/116R343731 STRUDWICK D V 28/02/1923 LONDON1913-19721923R343731
BT 372/960/76R354293 STREDWICK C R 08/06/1929 GUERNSEY1913-19721929R354293
C 1/1159/66-67James STRUDWYKE, Thomasyne his wife, and Joan GAMLEN, v. William OSBORNE, husband of Alice, great-granddaughter and heir of John Curtes.: Cottage and land in Chiddingfold late of John Gamlen, deceased, grandfather of the said Thomasyne and Joan.: SURREY.1544 April 22 - 1547 Feb 151545
C 1/1168/79-81William WYER v. William STRYDWYKE.: Loan.: BUCKINGHAM.1544 April 22 - 1547 Feb 151545
C 1/1250/69 C 1/1250/69 Walter NOSE and Dorothy his wife, late the wife of Richard Strodwike, v. Joan HAMMON(D) and William STODWIKE (Strodwike, Strockwike, Strodwill), son and heir of the said Richard.: Detention of deeds relating to rent of land in Westborowthe, due to the said Dorothy in lieu of dower.1544-15511545
C 1/1263/32C 1/1263/32 John SMYTH, kinsman and heir of Thomas Sheborne, v. John and William STRODEWYKE.: Detention of deeds relating to land in Wysborowe Grene.: [KENT.].1544-15511545
C 1/319/21C 1/319/21 John Hime, king's messenger. v. John a Strodewyke the elder, and John Napper, Robert Wellis, and Stephen Charman, husbandmen.: Non-suit in complainant's action of debt for non-fulfilment of defendants' promise to pay money for William Ireland.1504-15151510
C 1/356/45Robert, son and heir of Harry Strodewike. C 1/356/45 v. John Strodewik, of Whites, the elder.: Detention of deeds relating to tenements called `Bowyers' and `Idehurst' in Grene and Kirdford.: Sussex.1504-15151510
C 10/247/44Hunter and Crawford v. Strudwick, Bland, Coleman, Whitston, Kinloch and Charties; Middlesex16961696
C 10/316/33Hyde, Gunn, Hougham, Skelton and Phipps v. Strudwick, Keys, Parry, Thornbury and others: Middlesex17111711
C 10/4/107George Johnson v William Strudwick, Henry Strudwick and Margery Fowler: money matters, Sussex16491649
C 10/404/41Pay and others v Strudwick16961696
C 10/435/17Keys, Marsh, Halsey and Thornbury v. Strudwicke, Parry, Deacle, Hollyoake and others: Sussex17121712
C 10/443/15Pay and Gratwicke v Strudwick: Sussex16961696
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Deeds relating to London1523-16981523
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Administration of Robert Strudwick and inventory of his goods: Kirdford, Sussex16681668
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Bonds, releases, assignment of goods, petition concerning fire of London1668 etc1668
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Nuncupative will of Sarah Strudwick with administration and inventory of her goods: Petworth, Sussex1673, 16741673
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Will and probate of Anne Strudwicke: Thursley, Surrey16741674
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Deeds relating to Kirdford, Sussex1679, 16841679
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Deeds relating to Yaleley, Hants16801680
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Deeds relating to Aylesbury, Bucks16821682
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Administration of Alexander Fifield16841684
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Deeds relating to Ottery St Mary, Devon16851685
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Will and probate of John Sayer: London, Oxon and Berks16871687
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Deeds relating to Westbourne, Hants [Sussex]16891689
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Deeds relating to Bealles, Suff16931693
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Deeds relating to Coventry, Warw16941694
C 103/198STRUDWICK v STRUDWICK: Copies of court roll: [Saffron] Walden, Essex1698, 17001698
C 104/208STRUDWICKE (STRUDWICK) v WINDE: Affidavit of Bartlett Mitchell, defendant, with schedule of the following (marked 1-48; 7 is missing).1699-17351699
C 104/208STRUDWICKE (STRUDWICK) v WINDE: Bonds, accounts, receipts, bills (including those of Francis Pembers, clerk of the Crown Office in the court of King's Bench, and George Sayers, in a case of appeal between Mr Strudwick and his wife in the ecclesiastical court) and costs in equity in the cause Broughton v.1699-17351699
C 104/208STRUDWICKE (STRUDWICK) v WINDE: Inventories of the goods of Edward Broughton, his widow and administratrix, Mary Broughton of Hatton Garden, St Andrew, Holborn, Middx, and his daughter, Theodosia Broughton.1699-17351699
C 104/208STRUDWICKE (STRUDWICK) v WINDE: Mortgage of Jane Dobson of Theobalds, Herts, widow, Robert Williamson of Putney, Surrey, and James Dobson of Theobalds, executors of the will of James Dobson of London, draper, deceased, to Edward Broughton of London of properties called Donnins Farms and Smoakehall, Rainham, Essex.1699-17351699
C 104/247STRUDWICK v WINDE: 2 account books of the estate of Edward Broughton of Hatton Garden, containing inventories and an account of payments of funeral charges, debts and legacies by Mary Broughton, his widow and administratrix.1713-17351713
C 104/247STRUDWICK v WINDE: 2 copies of an inventory of the goods of Henry Strudwick; and correspondence relating to the seizure of the same goods to pay debts in the cause Bowes v. Strudwick and their sale to William Winde and Charles Bayliffe, executors of the will of Mary Broughton (these items are not listed in schedule).1713-17351713
C 104/247STRUDWICK v WINDE: 2 copies of an inventory of the goods of Mrs Strudwick, deceased.1713-17351713
C 104/247STRUDWICK v WINDE: Affidavit of Richard Bayliffe, defendant, with schedule of the following (marked 1-34).1713-17351713
C 104/247STRUDWICK v WINDE: Assignment of lease of William Winde of St George Hanover Square, Middx, and Charles Bayliffe of St Andrew, Holborn, Middx, to Nathaniel Rokeby of Hatton Garden, St Andrew, Holborn, apothecary, of property in Hatton Street, Hatton Garden.1713-17351713
C 104/247STRUDWICK v WINDE: Receipts, promissory notes, accounts and correspondence relating to the estate of Mary Strudwick and money received from the estates of Mary and Edward Broughton.1713-17351713
C 11/1064/3Bewly v. Strudwick17411741
C 11/1066/2Bewley v. Strudwicke17411741
C 11/1155/20Ireland v. Strudwick17431743
C 11/1217/28Strudwick v. Yalden1730-17351730
C 11/1251/23Bewley v. StrudwickGeo. 1st &2nd1714
C 11/132/26Otto v. Strudwick17381738
C 11/1329/76Walcott v StrudwickeGeo 1st and Geo 2nd1714
C 11/1329/82Walcot v. StrudwickGeo 1st and Geo 2nd1714
C 11/1367/6Strudwick v. StrudwickGeo: 2nd1722
C 11/1409/54Strudwick v Leeves17181718
C 11/1410/44Strudwick v Smith17191719
C 11/1411/43Strudweick v Leeves @ al17191719
C 11/1429/40Strudwick v Broughton17221722
C 11/1431/10Moryson v. Strudwick17221722
C 11/1507/30Strudwick v Mitchells17331733
C 11/1524/15Consmaker v. Strudwick17351735
C 11/1557/7Mitchell v. Strudwick17391739
C 11/1577/16Peach v. Strudwick17421742
C 11/1652/9Strudwick v. Ireland17511751Missing
C 11/1690/5Ayling v. StrudwickGeo I & II1714
C 11/1721/8Davenant v. StrudwickGeo: I & II1714
C 11/1798/17Strudwick v. SmythGeo 1&21714
C 11/1798/43Strudwicke v. WindeGeo 1&21714
C 11/1798/8Strudwick v. SmythGeo 1&21714
C 11/1799/3Strudwicke v. StrudwickeGeo 1&21714
C 11/1830/10Strudwick v. PegussGeo 21722
C 11/1830/21Strudwicke v. StanhopeGeo 21722
C 11/1870/9Lake v. StrudwickGeo 21722
C 11/1891/14Strudwick v. StrudwickGeo I & II1714
C 11/2014/50Strudwick v. Lumley17261726
C 11/2010/6C 11/2010/6 Broughton v. Wyke17241726
C 11/2044/17Strudwick v. Chadwick17321732
C 11/2048/9Strudwick v. Strudwick17321732
C 11/2049/38Strudwick v. Bayliffe17331733
C 11/2052/16Strudwick v. Bayliffe17331733
C 11/2061/47Strudwick v. Bayliffe17351735
C 11/2062/35Strudwick v. Bowes17351735
C 11/2069/44Strudwick v. Hunt17371737
C 11/2072/32Strudwick v. Strudwick17381738
C 11/2088/43Strudwick v. Weedon17421742
C 11/2091/31Strudwick v. Weedon17431743
C 11/2093/19Strudwick v. Wilkins17431743
C 11/2184/26Strudwick v. Searle17371737
C 11/2246/29Haversham Lord v. StrudwickGeo II1722
C 11/2255/33Lake v. StrudwickGeo II1722
C 11/2255/46Strudwick v. DevisherGeo 111722
C 11/2264/37C 11/2264/37 Strudwick v. Meredith Geo 1 & 111714
C 11/2295/63Champion v. StrudwickGeo II1722
C 11/2386/16Strudwick v Moxon17251725
C 11/252/31Cockell v. StrudwickGeo 1st & 2nd1714
C 11/255/38Densley v. StrudwickGeo. 1st & 2nd1714
C 11/2554/43Westbrooke v. Strudwick17401740
C 11/256/34Densley v. StrudwickGeo. 1st & 2nd1714
C 11/2601/25Strudwick v Strudwick17371737
C 11/2601/52Strudwick v Newberry17371737
C 11/2628/14Bamlett v Strudwick17391739
C 11/2628/4Bamlett v Strudwick17391739
C 11/2630/48Chalcroft v Strudwick17391739
C 11/2651/30Mabbison v. Strudwick17391739
C 11/268/22Hildersley v. StrudwickGeo: 1st & 2nd1714
C 11/2722/93Stradwick v Stradwick17371737
C 11/2730/147Stradwick v Mabbison17391739
C 11/361/108Thompson v. StrudwickGeo: 1st1714
C 11/363/14Budle v. StrudwickGeo: 1st & 2nd1714
C 11/376/46C 11/376/46 Strudwick v. Wykes17361736
C 11/376/65Strudwick v. StrudwickGeo: 1st & 2nd1714
C 11/513/49Strudwick v. Bayliffe17331733
C 11/514/29Strucwick v. Strudwick17341734
C 11/515/42C 11/515/42 Strudwicke v. Wynde17341734
C 11/520/7Bowes v. Strudwick17351735
C 11/523/7Bowes v. Strudwick17361736
C 11/532/2Bowes v. Strudwick17381738
C 11/612/35Lancaster v. Strudwick17291729
C 11/626/11Dorrington v. Strudwick17431743
C 11/707/4aC 11/707/4a Broughton v. Strudwick __Mary Broughton17391739
C 11/707/4bC 11/707/4b Broughton v. Strudwick __Henry & MaryStrudwick
C 11/709/21C 11/709/21 Broughton v. Wyke17181718
C 11/74/9Strudwick v. Strudwick17281728
C 11/778/46Hammond v Strudwick17391739
C 11/79/12Strudwick v. Broughton17291729
C 11/850/128Hubert v. Strudewick17391739
C 11/854/91Strudwick v. Hubert17391739
C 11/862/77Heightrigton v. StrudwickGeo. II.1722
C 12/1281/16Strudwick v Boddicot b.17601760
C 12/1554/11Strudwick v Croft b.17921792
C 12/2051/16Stradwick v Fowler b.r.17641764
C 12/2182/7Strudwick v Jones r.r.17961796
C 12/2189/11Strudwick v Strudwick r.r.r.r.17981798
C 12/2326/39Hilton v Strudwick b.17411741
C 12/2365/4Strudwicke v Philips b.r.r.r.1762 Amd. 17631762
C 12/262/2Strudwick v. Strudwick b.r.r.18001800
C 12/358/27C 12/358/27 Strudwick v. Puleston 17411741
C 12/409/21Butler v Strudwick b.17621762
C 12/672/9Franco v Strudwick b.b.r.r.r.r.r.17961796
C 12/697/40Smith v Strudwick b.18001800
C 12/755/11Strudwick v Currie b.17381738
C 12/839/19Strudwicke v Ireland b.r.17511751
C 12/879/13Peachy v Strudwick dep.17261726
C 128/21STRUDWICK v WINDE17411741
C 13/1460/99Warner v Strudwick. Bill only18231823
C 13/2828/40Strudwick v Jones. Two bills and two answers18011801
C 13/49/46[W1804 S31]. Strudwick v Keens or Keenes. Bill only. Plaintiffs: John Strudwick. Defendants: Moses Keens and wife. SMP18041804
C 142/232/5Strudwick, John: Sussex34 Elizabeth1592
C 142/233/72Strudwick, William: Sussex34 Elizabeth1592
C 142/338/16Strudwick, Thomas: Sussex11 James I.1613
C 142/340/195Strudwick, Thomas: Sussex11 James I.1613
C 142/360/60Strudwick, William: Sussex15 James I.1617
C 142/370/58Strudwick, William: Sussex16 James I.1618
C 142/370/84Strudwick, Robert: Sussex16 James I.1618
C 142/582/154Strudwick, William: Sussex14 Charles I.1638
C 142/607/94Strudwick, William: Sussex17 Charles I.1641
C 142/85/44Strodewick, Richard: Sussex1 Edw. VI.1547
C 2/Eliz/B25/58Francis Browne v William Browne, William Person and Henry Strudwicke. Deeds. Messuage and land demised by Richard Browne, being part of the manor of Pallingham, lying in Wisborough Green alias Green Petworth, Kirdford, Shellingly, Pilborough and Iberrough, Sussex, formerly the estate of John, Lord Lumley, and sold by him to the said Richard Browne.Between 1558 and 16031558
C 21/L19/17Lewknor v. Strudwick.
C 21/N15/8Napper v. Strudwick etc.-16571657
C 21/S30/2Stradwicke v. Knight 7 others.
C 21/S31/11Strudwick v. Higory.
C 21/S42/9Stradwick v. Roberts.
C 21/S50/17Strudwick v. Roberts.
C 21/S60/7Strudwicke v. Strudwicke.
C 21/S62/8Strudwick v. Stringer etc.
C 21/S8/3Strudwick v. Strudwick (Com.)
C 22/1005/23Strudwick v. OsborneBetween 1649 and 17141649
C 22/754/58Scutt v. Strudwicke & others.16461646
C 22/950/34Winship v. StrodwickBetween 1649 and 17141649
C 22/952/32Nye v. StrudwickeBetween 1649 and 17141649
C 22/972/18Epps v. StredwickeBetween 1649 and 171416492 Com
C 3/162/61Strodwicke v. Strodwicke: Sussex.A.D. 1558-15791558
C 3/213/44Lutman v. Strudwyck: Sussex.A.D. 1579-15871579
C 3/378/37Strudwicke v. Higgons: Kent.A.D. 1621-16251621
C 3/379/16Strudwicke v. Strudwicke: Sussex.A.D. 1621-16251621
C 3/405/9Higgons v. Strudwicke: Surrey.A.D. 1626-16391626
C 3/415/124Strudwicke v. Portor alias Buskon: Sussex.A.D. 1626-16391626
C 3/415/125Strudwicke v. Strudwicke: Sussex.A.D. 1626-16391626mutilated
C 5/281/40Strudwick v. Smith: Middlesex.16991699
C 5/3/26Evelyn v. Strudwicke: Sussex.16491649
C 5/356/64Mills v. Strudwicke: Sussex.17101710
C 5/387/220Strudwicke v. Puttocke16521652
C 5/388/130Strudwicke v. Scutt: Sussex.16471647
C 5/413/213Strudwicke v. Strudwicke: Sussex.16651665
C 5/413/214Strudwicke v. Strudwick: Sussex.16631663
C 5/413/215Strudwicke v. Bancks16601660
C 5/419/79Clifton v. Strudwicke: [Sussex]16601660
C 5/432/95Strudwicke v. Strudwicke: Sussex.16601660
C 5/448/53Bateman v. Stredwicke: Kent16741674
C 5/562/34Stredwicke v. Bateman: Kent.16751675
C 5/562/71Strudwick v. Strudwick: Middlesex.16721672
C 5/58/86Strudwicke v. Williams: Middlesex.16701670
C 5/64/132Wase v. Strudwicke: Sussex.16711671
C 9/10/139Strudwick v. Hardham16521652
C 9/108/10Arnold v. Stredwick--
C 9/110/49Stredwicke v. Maxted16781678
C 9/127/8Epes v. Stredwicke16731673
C 9/131/89Strudwicke v. Colepeper16661666
C 9/135/13Nevill v. Strudwick16871687
C 9/152/44Strudwicke v. Hunter16981698
C 9/189/25Strudwick v. Legg17061706
C 9/203/2Strudwick v. Been17101710
C 9/228/168Napper v. Strudwick16421642
C 9/229/94Wickes v. Stradwick and Lee16621662
C 9/230/117Strudwick v. Markes--
C 9/234/145Strudwicke v. Westbrooke16571657
C 9/244/45Barnard v. Strudwick17011701
C 9/383/3Pincke v. Strudwick17071707
C 9/403/48Aylwyn v. Strudwick--
C 9/407/322Hougham v. Stredwicke16781678
C 9/410/250Scutt v. Strudwicke16531653
C 9/413/262King v. Strudwicke16811681
C 9/413/6Arnold v. Stredwicke and Child16811681
C 9/423/147Williams v. Strudwicke16661666
C 9/429/175Strudwicke v. Colepepper16661666
C 9/431/4Barnard v. Strudwick17011701
C 9/445/36Ellis v. Strudwicke17071707
C 9/449/24Longvill v. Stradwick16971697
C 9/467/137Strudwick v. Alderton17121712
C 9/7/175Strudwick v. Yeates16511651
C 9/90/36Baker v. Strudwick16801680
C 9/96/82Strudwick v. Williams--
CRIM 1/407Defendant: Pollitt, Harry Beech, Dick Strudwick, Thomas Robert Charge: LibelSession: 1927 Sep1927
DEL 1/361Strudwick (wife) v Strudwick (husband), matrimonial cause: divorce by reason of cruelty and adultery17221722819
DEL 2/83Strudwick v. Strudwick1723-311723
DO 131/109/337Name: Jennifer Isobel Strudwick Date of birth: 20 December 1928 Place of residence: Banstead, Surrey CORB official number: 321119401940
E 133/3/403Richard Lyne v. William Strudwyck and others. The award of arbitrators appointed to settle the matter in dispute between the plaintiff and defendants, touching the felling and cutting down of certain woods in Sussex. Sussex.19 Eliz. Easter1577
E 134/14Geo2/Mich6Thomas Strudwick v. Samuel Pargiter alias Samuel Pargiter Fuller, Esq.: Value, &c., of the estate of Margaret Pargiter (formerly Margaret Fuller), defendant's mother, before her intermarriage with Samuel Pargiter, Esq. (defendant's father), which estate is said to include the manor and farm of Morecourt in the parish of Romsey (Southampton) (said to have been purchased by Thos.14 Geo 21741
E 134/30Geo2/Trin1Henry Strudwick, clerk v. Jeffery Trigg: Rectory and parish of Alford, in the county of Surrey. Tithes.: Surrey30 Geo 21757
E 150/1094/5Strodewick, Richard: Sussex1 Edw VI1547
FO 940/87Fiancee to UK: A.W. Strudwick1947-19481947CO 176/2629
HCA 26/4/73Commander: James Gravener. Ship: Dover. Burden: 150 tons. Crew: 120. Owners: James Gravener. Lieutenant: William Larkins. Gunner: John Strudwick. Boatswain: John Norris. Carpenter: James Hammond. Surgeon: Zacharia Albert. Cook: Thomas Johnson. Armament: 14 carriage and 20 swivel guns.1744 May 121744
HCA 26/8/66Commander: Thomas Curlett. Ship: Charming Sally. Burden: 220 tons. Crew: 40. Owners: Joseph Flight of London, linen draper and William Grew of London, linen draper. Lieutenant: Nicholas Shaw. Gunner: Thomas Jones. Boatswain: Philip Strudwick. Carpenter: John James.1757 September 301757
J 121/7909Testator: Stredwick, George Case: Otter v Stredwick19311931
J 121/8125Testator: Robinson, Harold Shillito Case: Stredwick v Thaell19361936
J 121/8942Testator: Stradwick, Eleanor Primrose Case: Short, William Edward and another v. Stradwick, Albert Walter and another19531953
J 77/1018/875Divorce Court File: 875. Appellant: Archibald Herbert Seal. Respondent: Ruby Sarah Seal. Co-respondent: John Childs and George Stradwick. Type: Husband's petition for divorce [hd].19101910
J 77/1511/6756Divorce Court File: 6756. Appellant: Reginald Walter Jefferson. Respondent: Matilda Eliza Jefferson. Co-respondent: Walter Stradwick. Type: Husband's petition for divorce [hd].19191919
J 77/1883/8844Divorce Court File: 8844. Appellant: Charles William Strudwick. Respondent: Constance Lily Strudwick. Co-respondent: Sidney Richter. Type: Husband's petition for divorce [hd].19221922
J 77/2726/4577Divorce Court File: 4577. Appellant: Stephen Bertie Stredwick. Respondent: Mabel Lydia Catherick Stredwick. Co-respondent: Ernest Rodney Macdowell. Type: Husband's petition for divorce [HD].19291929
J 77/2732/4737Divorce Court File: 4737. Appellant: Lucy Amelia Stredwick. Respondent: George Stredwick. Type: Wife's petition for divorce [WD].19301930
J 77/2770/5867Divorce Court File: 5867. Appellant: Gambier Baptist Edward Noel. Respondent: Rosalie Sibyl Noel. Co-respondent: Leslie Strudwick. Type: Husband's petition for divorce [HD].19301930
J 77/3119/5940Divorce Court File: 5940. Appellant: Cecil Atfield Strudwick. Respondent: Ena May Strudwick. Co-respondent: Frederick William Brown. Type: Husband's petition for divorce [HD].19331933
J 77/3257/9599Divorce Court File: 9599. Appellant: George Edward Sidney Sims. Respondent: Violet Annie Sims. Co-respondent: Charles Strudwick. Type: Husband's petition for divorce [HD].19331933
LAB 43/123Mrs Freda Corbet MP: encloses two letters from C Phillips of London, SE15, concerning his dismissal from R Strudwick of Bermondsey, and his claims for holiday and redundancy payments.1966-19671966PO: 2568/1966
MAF 9/307Manor of Stradbroke with Stubcroft: C. Strudwick1879 May 22187913600
MEPO 3/382Dick BEECH, Harry POLLITT and Thomas Robert STRUDWICK: convicted of publishing defamatory libel concerning David SCOTT in a publication called 'The International Seafarer' (copy attached to papers)1927-19281927204/UNC/194
MPE 1/984Surrey: Richmond. Report and plans relating to proposed exchange of lands between the Crown and John Ward in 1824. Plans drawn by E and G N Driver. (1) Report concerning an eyot in the River Thames between Brentford and Kew Palace, formerly called Walwyns Strudwick, copyhold of the manor of Richmond.18241824
MR 1/1154Surrey: Richmond (now in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames). Plan showing the proposed exchange between the Crown and John Ward esq, namely the eyot Walwyns Strudwick to the Crown and 2 acres 3 roods next the Green to Ward. Scale: 1 inch to 4 chains.18251825
PIN 82/164Name and Regiment: STRUDWICK Harry 10 Hussars Disability: Killed in action
PROB 18/24/115Probate lawsuit Strudwicke v Strudwicke, concerning the deceased Thomas Strudwick, gent of Hampstead, Middlesex. Allegation16971697
PROB 18/45/46Probate lawsuit Winde v Strudwick, concerning the deceased Mary Broughton of Hatton Garden, Middlesex. Allegation17311731
PROB 18/48/27Probate lawsuit Strudwick v Devischer (by guardian), concerning the deceased Edmund Devisscher esq of Welwyn, Hertfordshire but [who died ?] at St James Westminster, Middlesex. Allegation17361736
PROB 18/51/42Probate lawsuit Strudwick v Bowes, concerning the deceased Elizabeth Bowes, spinster of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex but [died] at Hampstead, Middlesex. Allegation17391739
PROB 3/33/93Strudwick, William, Low fold, p. of Wisborough Green, co. Suss., yeoman. William Yalden, ador.1734 July 1317341 m.
PROB 3/52/3Strudwicke, William, p. of St. Gregorys, London, one of Procurators General of Arches Court of Canterbury, widower. John Booth, sole exor.1753 January 2017534 mm.
PROB 31/98/722PROB 31/98/722 Exhibit: 1731/722. Mary Strudwick, wife of Henry Strudwick of Hatton Garden, Middlesex. 1731 November1731
PROB 31/98/724PROB 31/98/724 Exhibit: 1731/724. Mary Strudwick, wife of Henry Strudwick of Hatton Garden, Middlesex. Probate inventory, or declaration, of the estate of the same, deceased1731 November1731
PROB 4/11003Strudwick, Sarah, of Petworth, Sussex, spinster1674 26 Oct. Undated16741674W
PROB 4/18233Strudwicke, John, of Alfold, [Surrey]1681 21 July16811681W
PROB 4/21848Strudwick, Thomas, of Hampstead, Mdx.1697 [?25] July [illeg.]16971697W
PROB 4/4266Strudwicke, Henry of Crouchland in Kirdford, Sussex1662 14 June (1659)16621662 W
PROB 4/7546Streidwick, William, of Heathfield, Hants., gent1677 13 June1677Admon
PROB 5/5164STRUDWICKE, Henry, of St Anne Blackfriars, London (includes account)16821682
SC 6/HENVII/1822Sussex: Ecclesdon, Strudwick Possessions of Syon Abbey. (including account of bailiff of liberty)9-10 Hen VII1495
SC 6/HENVII/1823Sussex: Strudwick wood Possessions of Syon Abbey. (View)9-10 Hen VII1495
SC 6/HENVII/783Sussex: Basset Fee, &c. (as in SC 6/HENVII/746), including Strudwick, omitting Shortfield, Withyham, Sompting Possessions of Syon Abbey. (including receiver's account).10-11 Hen VII1496
SC 6/HENVII/789Sussex: Basset Fee, &c. (as in SC 6/HENVII/746), including Strudwick, [incipit Hampton] Possessions of Syon Abbey. (including receiver's account).11-12 Hen VII1497
SC 6/HENVII/858Sussex: Ecclesdon, Strudwick, Hampton, Toddington Possessions of Syon Abbey. (mutilated)temp. Hen VII1497
SC 6/HENVIII/3660Sussex: Basset Fee, &c. (as in SC 6/HENVIII/3659), including Strudwick1517
SC 6/HENVIII/3663Sussex: Basset Fee, &c. (as in SC 6/HENVIII/3659), including Charlton, Strudwick Possessions of Syon Abbey. (including receiver's account.)8-9 Hen VIII1517
SP 46/183/fo 170Receipt by Thomas Stevyns, tenant of Stroudwick, nr. Rochford, Essex, of £3 13s. 4d. from Thomas Hobart, receiver.1505 4 July1505
STAC 5/S58/10Serjeant v. Paynet, Strodwick and others37 Eliz1595
STAC 5/S77/13Serjeant v. Paynett, Strudwicke and others37 Eliz1595
STAC 7/24/18Plaintiff: Kempe, Anthony. Defendant: Stroudweeke, Robert, et al. Place or Subject: Incomplete17/11/1558-24/03/16031558
T 164/30/15Strudwick, R., employment clerk, Ministry of Labour: earlier police service to count for pension and additional allowance1922-19231922P 25825
TG 4/9/333/3London: Barbican Art Gallery. Loan of works by Gwen John, M.S. Florence, Duncan Grant, M. McEvoy, J.S. Sargent, M. Boughton Leigh, A. Rutherston, S. De Karlowska, William Rothenstein, M. Pryde, C. Furse, John Melhuish Strudwick (333.87.20), F. Cadogan Cowper, Charles Shannon, Charles Ricketts, Joseph Edward Southall, Maxwell Ashby Armfield, Harry Morley, William Shackleton, Charles Mahoney, Edward Burne-Jones, Robert Anning Bell, Laurence Housman, Augustus John, Stanley Spencer, Gilbert Bayes, Alfred Dury, William Reynolds-Stephens, Arthur G.1987 Feb 20 - 1988 Oct 71987
TG 4/9/743/1Tokyo: The Tokyo Shimbun. Loan of works by Edward Poynter and G.F. Watts (333.88.74), Edward Burne-Jones, J.M. Strudwick and F. Cadogan Cowper (333.85.181) and Aubrey Beardsley.1983 Feb 19 - 1989 Nov 271983
WARD 7/3/59Strodewick, Richard: Sussex1 Edw. VI.1547
WARD 7/46/21Strudwick, Thomas: Sussex11 Jas I.1613
WARD 7/57/125Strudwick, William: Sussex15 Jas I.1617
WARD 7/57/169Strudwick, William: Sussex16 Jas I.1618
WARD 7/57/193Strudwick, Robert: Sussex16 Jas I.1618
WARD 7/92/208Strudwick, William: Sussex14 Chas I.1638
WARD 7/95/46Strudwick, William: Sussex17 Chas I.1641
WO 339/124695STRUDWICK J[1914-1922]1914233309
WO 339/18219STRUDWICK L, Lieut1914-1918191436061
WO 339/63119STRUDWICK C[1914-1922]1914137488
WO 339/87484STRUDWICKE W[1914-1922]1914171153
WO 363/S 3191Strowger Hubert G - Strudwick Frank A1914-19201914
WO 363/S 3192Strudwick Frank E - Strugnell Charles1914-19201914
WO 374/66035STREDWICK, Lieut C A1916-1919; 192319162095
WO 374/66147STRUDWICK, 2/Lieut A1915-19211915470
WO 374/66148STRUDWICK, 2/Lieut R J A1916-19191916511
WO 399/14790STRUDWICK Helen01/01/1914 - 31/12/19201914
WO 399/8057STRUDWICK Rose01/01/1914 - 31/12/19201914
WO 97/1109/125RICHARD STRUDWICK Born DORKING, Surrey Served in Kent Militia Discharged aged 411808-18291808