C 11/376/46

1736 Chancery Bill Strudwick v Wyke 18 Oct 1736 PRO ref C11 376/46


Henry Strudwick, eldest son & heir of Mary STRUDWICK the surviving daughter of Edward BROUGHTON late of Hatton Garden MDX only son of Sir Edward BROUGHTON late of Markwiel [sic] Hall, Baronett

…..mentions property at Marchwiel, Iscoed, 3 water mills etc….[same complaint as before].

Orators grandfather died 1713;

orator’s grandmother continued to permit Edward BROUGHTYON to enjoy Marchwiel till his death in 1718, a bachelor and intestate

….Aquila WYKE grandson of Aquila WYKE took possession

…defendants Aquilla WYKE, Thomas MEREDITH his council, Margaret DACKOMBE, Wyke’s housekeeper