C 1/319/21

o the most reverend order in god William Archbishop of Canterbury and Chancellor of England

Shewith unto your good and gracious lordshipp your dailie orator John Hime one of the messangers unto our sovereign lord the king.

That where John a Strodewyk the elder, John Napper husbandman, Robt Wellis Husbandman, and Stephen Charman husbandman first fully promised to pay to yr said besecher at a certain day now past for one William Ireland iiij mark as shalbe duly testified before your grace.

And how best your said besecher for lack of payment of the said sum comenced an action of debt against them atte common lawe thinking the said personnes to have been faithfull and credible in words and dedes.

The foresaid defendant, as men without concience would, have waged their law because your said besecher had no penaltie wherthurgh he nor fyne to he no wryt and is without remedy atte comon law

Wherefor in penalty of pain it may please your grace to grant xxx such pain to be directed to the said John Strudwick John Napper xxx and Stephen commanding them by the same to apeare before the king in his chancellry at a certain day and under a certain pain by your grace to be lymitted, there to answer to the adresses

And this acte rendence of god and in the way of charitie