PROB 31/98/724

PROB 31/98/724


Declaration juventari introducti 13th November 1731

A declaration instead of an inventory of all and Singular the Goods Chattles rights and credits of Mary Strudwick deceased late wife of Henry Strudwick late of the Parish of St James’s Westm in the County of Middlx Esq. which have come to his hands possession or knowledge to the best of his rememberance and belief.

This Ehibitant doth declare that his wifes late father Edward Broughton Esq. was in his life time and at the time of his Death seized and possessed of a considerable Estate both reall and personall amounting together to several thousand pounds and being as he believes of disposing Mind and Memory did about the Sixteenth day of March One Thousand Seven Hundred and twelve make his last will and testament in writing and therein inter ali give to this Exhibitant’s wife’s Mother, then wife of the said testator, the sume of two Hundred pounds in Money with her wearing apparel Jewels and other things, and also the sume of two Hundred pounds per annum during her natural life, and that so long as she continue in pure Widdowhood was to have the use of the plate, household goods and Furniture in lou and barr of her Dower

Item this Exhibitant further declares that the testator gave to his Eldest Daughter Theodesia Broughton, this Exhibitant’s wife’s sister, Three thousand pounds, and a power to her Mother Mary Broughton to apply the interest and produce thereof for her use and benefit untill she should attain the age of twenty one years. And she the said Theodesia did attain the said age of twenty one years in th eyear 1720 and dyed unmarryed about 1730

Item This Exhibitant further declares that the testator gave to his Daughter Mary Broughton the like Sume of Three thousand Pounds, to be by her said Mother applyed for her the sd Mary Broughton the Daughter then an infant, who afterwards intermarryed with this Exhibitant, untill she should attain the like age of twenty one. And she did attain the said age of twenty one and dyed in September last leaving behind her three sons born before she came to age.

And after devising several Legacies to Friends and Relations, he gave all the rest residue and remainder of his estate both reall and personall unto his son Edward, his Heirs or Exrs for ever in case he should attain the age of one and twenty years.

And the testator further declared his Mind and will to be that if any of his Children dyed under the age of twentyone, then his or her part portion or legacy so dying should descend or appertane unto the survivor or survivors of them, their heirs and executors, share and share alike, and left all his children Executors to his will that should be living at his Death, and their Mother Mary Broughton Administratrix and guardian unto them untill they, or some of them, should attain the age of twenty one.

And the Testator about a month afterwards dyed, and thereupon the said Mary Broughton the Mother tooke out letters of Admninistration to the said Edward Broughton the father with the will annexed, as in and by the sd will remaining in this Court, to which this Exhibitant refers, will more or less appear

Item This Exhibitant doth declare that Edward Broughton the son dyed an infant of very tender years, about the year One Thousand Seven Hundred and nineteen, by whose death all the estate in reversion both reall & personall of him descended to and rested in the sd Theodesia and Mary her sister in equal Moiety

And the said Mary Broughton the Mother took out letters of administration to her son for their use

Item This Exhibitant further declares that when the said Theodesia and this Exhibitants wife came of age, they never took on themselves the execution of their fathers will, as he believes, but permitted the said Mary Broughton the Mother to continue her administration, altho the said Mary the Daughter was then a Feme Covert and both of age.

Item this Exhibitant doth declare as he hath been informed the sd Theodesia did make her will, and therein and thereby gave all her Estate both real and personal unto Dr Exon Sayer Wm Wynde Esq. and charles bayliffe their heirs Executors and Adms in trust for the use of this Exhibitants wife during her natural life only

Item this Exhibitant further doth declare that by the Death of Edward Broughton the Son, then by the Death of Mary Broughton the Mother, and by the Death of Theodesia the Daughter, and lastly by the death of this Exhibitants wife, who was the surviving daughter and only entitled to the interest, Trust and power in all their Estates are fully determined and Expired, as this Exhibitant is advised and believes, and this Exhibitant is absolutely entitled, as he apprehends, to all the trust Estates both reall and personal in right of his wife by survivorship under the will of Edward Broughton Esq.

This Exhibitant doth further declare that he never received his wifes fortune of three thousand pounds, nor any part of the sd Edward Broughtons Estate, except for the sume of 1000 for which he gave to the said Mary Broughton the Mother a Note, and hath been since sued for the same and Judgement obtained against him

And that upwards of forty thousand pounds as he believes, now lies unadministered in the publick funds and elsewhere, but the particulars thereof this Exhibitant cannot set forth, but referrs himself to the Declaration of the said Wm Wynde who hath, as he hath been informed, had the chief management of this Exhibitants wife and fortune

And as this Exhibitant believes, the said Wm wynde hath possessed himself of all this Exhibitants household goods, plate and furniture, and all his wifes apparrell both silk and linen, and all her jewells, rings braceletts & under collour, and by virtue of a pretended Bill of Sale of this Exhibitants Goods and Chattles, made to him and Dr Sayer deceased and the said Charles Bayliff by the Sherriff of Middlesex, seized by virtue of his Majestoes Writt of Fiore Facias

And this Exhibitant believes the premises are perishable unless this Court directs the speedy care and management thereof pending this suit


12 die Novemb 1731

Deus Henricus Strudwick Jurat Fuit suoer veritate promissor coram me

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