C 1/356/45

To the most rev’ent order in God William Archbishop of Canterbury and chancell master of Englonde

Humble shewith too your good lordship your power

Orator Robert Strudewike son and heir of Harry Strudewike that wher the xxxx xxxx called Bowyers & Idehurst in Grene & Kerdford in the Countie of Sussex is his demesne as of ffee and xxx sealed thereof by xxxxxx disended too your said Suppliant as son & heir too the said harry

And your said Suppliant in too the said londe aforsaid yet is seased in his demesne as of ffee

And soo his if gracious lord that give evidence of scripts & xxxxx & xxxxx th of which the order which your said suppliant hath often tymes require of the same John and the same too desynd he hi and good conscience

And for as much as the said xvidence xxxx & immynence be not endorsed in Bagg Box or chest or not the xxxxx nor the content of theym he is therefor without remedie by the course of the comon lawe

& write of sub pena too be directed too the said John Strudwike commanndyng hym by the same too xxxx payne by your good lordship too be pemytted & ther too abide xxx order & direction as shalbe thought & good conscience

And your said orator shall dayly prey for your noble office long endure