C 1/1263/32

(This document is badly eroded on the left margin and very difficult to transcribe)

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx Knight xxxx xxxxxxxx of England xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx your daily orator John Smyth

That where Thomas Ogborne was xxx in his xxxxx xxxxx the premisses in Wysborow grene called Ogborne land and the said Thomas Ogborne.

Xxxxxxxxxxx dissended and of right ought to dissend unto your said orator as Cosin and heir of the said xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxof the said Thomas.

So it is, if it might please your good Lordship that xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx premises are come to the hands and possession of John Strodwyke & Willm Strodwyke who by xxxxxx have enterd into the premises and have control unto them & to there heirs dynge &xxx estate xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx orator xxx here for and except your Lordship power be unto hym showed in this behalf xxxx xxxx xxxx not the xxx of the said xxxx nor whether they be containyd in bag or box bynn or chest xxxx xxxxx of the same by the aid of the comon lawe.

In consideration whereof it may please your Lordship to grant a wryt of sub pena to be serveth unto the said John Strodwyke and Willm for the same finally to appere before your good Lordship in the fyrst xxx Court of Chancell at a tyme by your Lordship to be lymitted, there to answer xxx the premisses xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx the orator on his behalf

And your said orator shall daily praye to god for your estate to long remayne