w1847 10


I John Strudwick of Brighton in the County of Sussex, feeling, and knowing, the the uncertainty of human life, and that it is Incumbent on every Man so to dispose of his Worldly Goods by will so that after his Decease there may be no disputation about the same I hereby Will and bequeath to my Wife Edith Strudwick all and every thing of which I am now or may at any time be possesed that may be considered mine be it called by whatever name it may, I give all freely without any limit or exception

This is my last and only will

Edith Strudwick to be my executrix

Whereunto I have set my hand and seal John Strudwick

In the presence of John Crunden Mary Wickes Edith Strudwick

Dated this third day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and forty one.

Probatum On the eleventh day of February 1847 was sworn Edith Strudwick the sole Executrix in this will named to whom was granted the execution thereof

And the said Edith Strudwick was at the same time sworn that the Goods Chattels and Credits of the deceased were under the value of Twenty pounds Under Caution by us A Nott Surrogate

Testator died 14 January 1847