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  1. A bit of a long shot here, but my Dad has for a number of years been trying to trace a line of Strudwicks who emigrated to Canada from the UK. The story is that his Grandfather remarried after his Grandmother died and left for Canada (this would have been around 100 years ago.) His name was William Strudwick, and his wife was Minnie Strudwick. They also had a daughter with them (not my Grandmother – she was left behind), called Mollie. He has got nowhere in tracing them once they left for Canada. I was wondering if anyone here was able to offer any suggestions. Thanks.

    • Hi Rosie,
      I will see if I have anything in my records.
      A few questions:
      Was Minnie the first wife? Do you have the other wifes name?
      Mollie went to Canada, what was your grandmothers name, who stayed behind?
      Do you have any details of his emgiration, ie ship, outward passenger list?
      Around 100 years ago, would be about 1914?
      I have a record of a Molly Strudwick, born Essex, departing for Canada in July 1923, is that too late?
      Her brother, W.E. Strudwick, remained at home in Bush Hill Park, Enfield. (Father possibly William, I will explore further)
      The more information, the more chance of digging something up.
      Marcus Strudwicke

    • Hi again,
      I have checked my records and I think that the William in my previous reply is the person you are referring too.
      I don’t have his tree online yet but here are some details from my tree here at home.

      William Strudwick was born about 1883 in Crawley, Sussex, England. He is the son of John Strudwick and Helen Lucy Elwin.
      John Strudwick died before 1911 in London, England. Helen Lucy Elwin died in 1924 in Essex, England.
      (Brother) John William Strudwick was born about 1879 in Twickenham, Middlesex, England.
      (Brother) Frank Strudwick was born about 1880 in Ifield, Sussex,England. Frank Strudwick died in Jul 1886 in Horsham, Sussex.
      (Sister) Fanny Sophia Strudwick was born about 1882 in Crawley, Sussex, England.
      (Sister) Lucy Mary Strudwick was born about 1887 in Ifield, Sussex, England. Lucy Mary Strudwick died in 1895 in Sussex, West Sussex, United Kingdom.
      (Brother) Percy Edwin Strudwick was born about 1890 in Crawley, Sussex, England. Percy Edwin Strudwick died on 07 Apr 1916 in France
      and Flanders.
      William Strudwick lived in Ifield, Sussex, England in 1881 (Relation to Head of House: Son).
      William Strudwick lived in Ifield, Sussex, England in 1891 (Relation to Head of House: Son).
      William Strudwick lived in Ifield, Sussex, England in 1901 (Relation to Head of House: Son).
      William Strudwick married Minnie E. Speller in Jul 1903 in Edmonton, Middlesex.
      Minnie E. Speller was born about 1877 in Waltham Abbey, Essex, England. She is the daughter of Alfred C.Speller and Eliza Speller.
      Lilian Mabel Strudwick was born in 1904. She is the daughter of William Strudwick and Minnie E. Speller.
      Lilian Maud Strudwick was born about 1905 in Ponder’s End, Middlesex, England.
      William Ernest Strudwick was born about 1908 in Ponder’s End, Middlesex, England.
      Percy Strudwick was born about 1910 in Ponder’s End, Middlesex, England.
      William Strudwick lived in Enfield, Middlesex, England on 02 Apr 1911 (Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Head).
      (Spouse) Minnie E. Speller died in Jun 1916 in West Ham, Essex, England.
      William Strudwick married Minnie Frances Dungate on 30 Nov 1919 in St Andrew, Enfield, England (Widower,Shop assistant ,Witness Helen Lucy Strudwick, Father John (deceased gardener)).
      Minnie Frances Dungate was born about 1891 in London, England. She is the daughter of James Dungate and Emmiline Dungate.
      Molly Strudwick was born about 1921 in Chi’ngford Essex. She is the daughter of William Strudwick and Minnie Frances Dungate.
      William, Minnie & Molly travelled to Canada on 7 July 1923.
      William Ernest Strudwick remained in England at the home of James and Emmaline Dungate
      William Strudwick died on 20 Aug 1935 in North Vancouver, British Columbia.
      Minnie Frances Dungate died on 7 Feb 1960 in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

      Mollie married Ralph W. Hodson, an electrician, before 1945. Mollie was still living in Canada in 1972. I have no record of any brothers or sisters to Mollie, born in Canada. No record of any Hodson children.
      let me know if any of this fits, and if so i will try and dig a bit more in Canada.
      Marcus Strudwicke

      • Yes, definitely the correct line – I will have to read through more carefully this evening but wanted to say thank you first! I am so grateful and so impressed. I am going to send this link to my Dad as well as he will have much more information than me. I know that their movements once in Canada were unknown so this is fantastic and any more information you can discover would be very gratefully received. Many thanks again, Rosie.

        • Hello again.
          I’ve shown this to my mum who had been researching this on my dad’s behalf – she knew some it (more than I had realised when I first messaged) but is particularly interested in two things that she hadn’t been able to find out herself. First of all the fact that William Ernest (my Great Grandfather) remained with James and Emmaline Dungate. We had originally thought he lived with an aunt and had assumed this was on his mothers side. The other part she is particularly interested in is any information about Mollie Strudwick. She had been unable to find any record of her after they left England and wonders if you would be willing to share where you found this information. If there is any more you can find out about her in Canada it would be fantastic; however if you have any ideas how she could proceed she would be keen to continue the research herself. Of course if there were no children this could be the end of the line which would be sad as the original hope had been to find any living relatives. Again, I am so grateful for this information and any more that can be discovered.

      • Hi
        I think you may have the wrong marriage for William Strudwick born 1883 at Ifield, SSX, son of John Strudwick born 15 Feb 1847 to James and Sophia Strudwick and Helen Lucy nee Elwin born 7 Jun 1847 to Halton and Isabella Elwin, William and Helen Lucy married 1877.
        William Strudwick married Grace Ashby on 18 Dec 1907 at Crawley Baptist Church, Crawley, SSX.
        In 1911, they are living at 60 West St, Crawley, SSX, married 3 years no children.
        Grace died in 1937 aged 49
        on 1939 register William born 1883 is living in Horsham RD with one other [closed record]
        William died in 1952 aged 68
        Richard Ashby

        • Hi Richard,
          Its always possible the tree is incorrect, but I would need some further evidence to verify the error.

          The 1891 census has John Strudwick listed as Gardener, Wife Helen Lucy
          The 1901 census has John Strudwick listed as Gardener, Wife Helen Lucy, and Son William as Grocers assistant.
          1903 I have William marrying Minnie Speller,
          1911 census, Three children, Mother Minnie, Father William, Grocer, (Shop assistant)
          Death certificate shows Minnie Strudwick (Speller) dies in 1916
          William remarries in 1919, certificate shows William as widower, shopkeeper; Father, John Strudwick (deceased), Gardener; witness Helen Lucy Strudwick (Mother?)

          Do you have any evidence that the William Strudwick who married Grace Ashby is the son of John Strudwick and Helen Lucy, ie marriage certificate or Banns etc. I couldn’t find any evidence to connect them, but I have not seen a marriage certificate, the most likely source of his parents names. (I notice there is a John William, brother of William, son of Jon and Helen Lucy. I haven’t followed his line)
          I will be keen to find any information one way or another.
          Marcus Strudwicke

        • Certified Copy of Entry of Marriage at Crawley Baptist Church, Station Road, Crawley, Sussex in the District of Horsham on 18 Dec 1907

          William Strudwick 24 years batchelor dairyman of 42 West St Crawley son of John Strudwick (dec’d) carter
          Grace Ashby 20 years spinster gen dom serv of Bucckswood, Ifield daur of Francis John Ashby signalman
          Witnesses: Charles Dumsday and Francis John Ashby

          This corresponds with 1911 census where William is now a milk salesman

          • Hi Richard,
            That helps a lot, as I have another Strudwick widow living at the same address as you have recorded in that marriage entry.
            That would place your William as the son of Emma and unnamed husband (who died before 1891).
            You can find Emma Strudwick (Widow) and her other two children, Alice Rose and John in the 1911 census, still living in the same house at 42 West Street, Crawley.
            The 1901 Census for Emma Strudwick, also has her as Widow, Sons John and William, and Dau Rose.
            The 1891 Census also has Emma Strudwick , Sons John and William, and Daughter Rose
            I am pretty confident that this is your William’s family.
            Let me know if that fits,
            Marcus Strudwicke

          • Hi Marcus

            Thanks. That seems to prove that the mother of William who married Grace was Emma Strudwick and from the marriage certificate his father was John Strudwick – deceased.
            Not helpful that both fathers of William were John and both Williams were in Ifield 1891 and 1901
            GRO/Births has
            William Strudwick for Jun1883 qtr Horsham 2b 343
            I think he was born 30 Apr 1883 – see 1939 nat reg listed at Horsham RD widowed and I suspect wife of Grace who died 1937 (not purchased transcript – expensive!)
            William Strudwick for Dec 1883 qtr Horsham 2b 322
            who I guess married Minnie Speller.
            A John Strudwick married Emma Harris in 1882
            GRO Marriages/Sep 1882/Cuckfield/2b/251
            A John Strudwick died 1885 aged 34
            GRO Deaths/Mar 1885/Horsham/2b/218
            A John Strudwick was born in 1850
            GRO Births/Dec 1850/Horsham/VII/441 and chr. 26 Jan 1851 at Horsham, son of Robert and sarah Strudwick.

            What do you reckon? regards Richard

          • Yes, I would agree all of that is a good fit.
            I have the 1855 death as a tentative match, and the birth of John on 26 Jan 1851 is very likely the one. (I have that John already in my tree as son of Robert and Sarah Ann Peters, another Ifield/Cawley family))
            The marriage certificate for John and Emma Harris would likely tie it all together.
            William/John/Henry, are in abundance among the Strudwick family, and it does make sorting them all a challenge.

      • I have left a possible correction on the Profile Page for Minnie E Speller.

        Her Birth was Registered Mar Qtr 1878 in Waltham Abbey. Her Mother was Eliza Perry (b1848) who Married Alfred Charles Speller (b1848) in Aug 1875. This may not be the correct Marriage Partner of William Strudwick in 1903. In 1911 Minnie Eliza Speller was shown in 1911 Census as living with her Sister Beatrice Emily Speller – they were both Single and Working in the Royal Ordnance Factory (as all their relatives did at that time).
        If my research is correct she died as a Spinster in 1959 in Ware, Herts.

        Ian H

  2. Hi

    My great great grandmother was called Emma Strudwick, she married a David Smallpeice and was born in Wescott, Dorking, Surrey to Charles Strudwick. Her nephew was called Valentine Joe strudwick who was killed in WW1 aged 15 (details on internet). Are you still doing the DNA project?

    • Hi Lynne,
      Nice to hear from you.
      Yes I am doing the DNA project. It has just commenced, and so at the moment I am the only one to have tested and expect the first results during March. I will then be contacting all my Strudwick email contacts seeking further testing.
      The project is being done via FTDNA, and the link to my new project pages is:
      The Valentine Joe Strudwick story is quite sad and heroic, and very relevant at the moment. The family is listed in my genealogy pages.

  3. Victoria Mary Strudwyck Ramsay

    Marcus this is just to thank you for all the fantastic work you do on behalf of Strudwicks (however they’re spelt)! Your research is truly awesome and endlessly fascinating to me as I have always been really interested in that side of my family. Some years ago you gave me lots of useful info on Daniel Clark who married Susanna Strudwyck in 1830s, and their descendants. I can supply info up to the present day, right down to my 4 year old grandson who has been given Strudwyck in his name! bit busy rights now but will certainly get round to it soon. As I say THANK YOU!

    • Thank you for the kind support.
      It is a fascinating activity.
      It started as an aside to my own family research, as I tried to knock down a brick wall. I have to admit that I have not yet been able to crack that wall, but have enjoyed the search. Perhaps the DNA study I am embarking on will provide the missing clues i need.
      best wishes

  4. Peter Alan Strudwick

    I have traced my ancestors back to a John Strudwick who married Ann White in July 1772 in Pulborough; I also have a copy of the Settlement Certificate when he appeared to relocate from Kirdford at the time of his marriage (if I have interpreted the certificate correctly), however I can find no trace of his birth in Kirdford Parish Records so I have hit a brick wall. Subsequent 3 generations of my line were bargemen, the last, my great grandfather becoming the lock keeper at Thames lock on the Wey Navigation.
    I would be very pleased if anyone has any further information on John Strudwick and where I might find records of barge owners and their workers in Sussex and Surrey. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

  5. Hi, I came across this site while searching for any Strudwick ancestors. I am willing to give some info to my line of strudwicks here in Western Australia , if anyone wishes to add it . Please feel free to email me.
    Kindest regards
    Karen Strudwick

  6. Good afternoon Marcus,

    First congratulations on your website which I have only just discovered.
    I am trying to establish the correct Coat of Arms for the Strudwick family – there appears to be one or two different ones. Have you managed to research the genuine one at all?

    Regards, John Strudwick.

    • Hi John, I am glad you have found the site of interest. I have spent quite some time looking for information on heraldry related to Strudwick.
      The usual bucket shop coat of arms refer to a Wyvern (dragon) on a black background. I can find no evidence to support this shield having any connection to any strudwick.
      The references I have found vary, but all refer to variations of a rampant lion holding a sword. You can read details of my search for a Strudwick ‘Coat of Arms’ on the ‘Armorial Musings’ page found under ‘Other’ on the menu tabs at the top of the page.
      I have not yet found who may have received the grant of arms, but all the slight variations of the arms are from loosely related branches of one Strudwick family.
      Any information you can add would be appreciated, or if you require more details let me know.
      cheers, Marcus Strudwicke

  7. Searching for Alfred Strudwick, and his family, who was born 1917 in Surrey(?) Parents Alfred Walter James Jubilee Strudwick and Hilda (Chapman) Strudwick. He was a member of the Intelligence Corps during WW2 and was stationed in Jhelum, India (Pakistan). He married a native girl, Myrtle (?) and they returned to England in 1946, but were estranged as the marriage was not accepted. We believe they had 3 children, one of whom was named Penelope. We believe they settled in Basingstoke, Hampshire but it is likely they moved and we found some matching info to suggest North Yorkshire. I can find Alfred’s birth info but can’t find anything else.

    • Hi Valerie, I have Alfreds parents in the Strudwick tree, but nothing much on Alfred. I will go back and see if I can find any further details among my records of his later life and family.
      Marcus Strudwick

  8. Brett Airey (aka Crealy)

    Hi.. Though my surname is not Strudwick.. I am a descendant of a Strudwick. My Great Grandfather Albert Edward Airey married Bessie Mary Strudwick.
    Bessie was born approx. 1876 in Pulborough Sussex, England, to Charles E. Strudwick and his wife Maria Hedger.
    Charles E. Strudwicks was born approx. 1834 in Wisborough Green (died in Petworth), Sussex. His parents were John Strudwick and Harriet Bennett.
    John Strudwich was born 1808 in Wisborough Green, Sussex. His parents were George Strudwick and Mary Wheeler.
    George Strudwick was born approx. 1778 in Wisborough Green, Sussex.

    There are generations further back.. but I am hoping that what I have presented here may sound familiar to someone here?

    You can email me at brett_crealy@Hotmail.com is this rings any bells for you, or you have any further questions?

    Kind Regards,
    Brett. (Australia).

  9. Hi,

    I was wondering what is the family motto of Strudwick.
    I had thought it was DUM SPIRO SPERO
    but I have also seen “Loyaute sans Tache”

    Would love to get a tattoo, but obviously need the right motto.
    Thank you for your help

    Kind Regards
    Lesley Strudwick

    • Hi Leslie,
      There are a few floating around, however the only one I have seen actually inscribed on a Coat of Arms is “Loyaute sans Tache”. It translates to ‘Loyalty without stain’, or “Unblemished Loyalty”
      Marcus Strudwicke

        • Hi, The only other real alternative would be “Ictus non Victus” which roughly means “Struck not conquered” and appeared on the bookplate of Edmund Strudwick (1719-1770).
          Another I have seen is “Fortuna sequatur”, meaning ‘Let fortune follow’ but this was used more in connection with the Warrington family who are at one time connected to a branch of the Strudwicks, and incorrectly stated as a Strudwick motto. Bucket shops that sell armorial plaques and so on also have several mottos that they ascribe to Strudwick, but I have found no evidence of any basis for them.

  10. Hello Marcus,

    I appreciate the work you have done.

    Do you know the place where John Legge Strudwicke, of whom I am a descendant, is buried? My parents are Clive and Ethel Strudwicke.
    All the family knows is that he is buried in an unmarked grave, having died at Cranbourne in 1877.

    Best wishes, Frances Taylor

  11. I have been researching my family tree – all branches – for 50+ years, and have discovered two branches of the Strudwick family – one connected to my father’s side and another on my mother’s.

    The father’s side link is a marriage between Patricia Mary Ruffell and Nicholas Percy Strudwick in 1979, at St Alban’s, Hertfordshire. This appears to be the son of William Ernest Strudwick, referred to in your query of 4 Jan 2015 and a descendant of the Strudwicks from Ifield, West Sussex.

    The mother’s side link is a marriage between Jesse Edwin Virgo and Hilda Elizabeth R Strudwick in 1930, in Brighton, East Sussex . This appears to be the daughter of Alfred James Strudwick of Brighton and a descendant of the Strudwicks of Petworth, West Sussex.

    My question is, are these two branches connected in some way – presumably further back than 1800?
    Best regards, Tony Ruffell – Oxted, Surrey

  12. Hi,
    I am Suzanne Strudwick, father was John Richard Strudwick, lived in Washington, West Sussex He was born end of August beginning of September 1928 and he died in 1973. He was a gardener. My father had 8 siblings, Elsie lived in Storrington, George lived in Washington, Freda (moved to Canada), Eve(moved to Yorkshire), Mim lived in Pulborough, Ted (initials are H E W lived in Ashington), Alice (died fairly young), Josie lived in Storrington. My dad’s father was possibly a Frederick Strudwick who also lived in Washington, West Sussex, think he was a farm worker and was married to a woman with possibly the surname Ford as we had an old aunt of my dad’s whose name was Phoebe Ford who had a brother called George and they lived in Rustington, West Sussex.

    I was just wondering if you have any information about our family.

    Was wondering if you have any further information? Mine is very limited.

  13. Hi,
    I am Suzanne Strudwick, father was John Richard Strudwick, lived in Washington, West Sussex He was born end of August 1928 and he died in 1973. He was a gardener. My father had 8 siblings, Elsie lived in Storrington, George lived in Washington, Freda (moved to Canada), Eve(moved to Yorkshire), Mim lived in Pulborough, Ted (initials are H E W lived in Ashington), Alice (died fairly young), Josie lived in Storrington. My dad’s father was possibly a Frederick Strudwick who also lived in Washington, West Sussex, think he was a farm worker and was married to a woman with possibly the surname Ford as we had an old aunt of my dad’s whose name was Phoebe Ford who had a brother called George and they lived in Rustington, West Sussex.

    I was just wondering if you have any information about our family.

    Was wondering if you have any further information? Mine is very limited.

  14. Hi,
    My father, Leonard Strudwick, is listed on this site as having been born at Petworth 8 Feb 1915. I have a copy of his birth certificate stating he was born in Fittleworth on 8 February 1914. I also have a copy of his application for a commission in the Royal Australian Air Force lodged in Nov 1939 which clearly states, in his own handwriting, his birth year as 1915. As he was applying for the General Duties Branch (aircrew) I can only assume that he took a year off in order to improve his selection chances

  15. Hi, I am doing a bit of research in my family Strudwick links and have an entry for your Military Service records WW2 1939-45. George Strudwick Royal Army Service Corps, Italy Star with oak leaf – mentioned in despatches London Gazette 17/07/1945.

  16. Does anybody know the link for the Stredwick line from the Stredwick line in Shoreham, through Coombes, Ardingly to Kirdford. I think the spelling shifts back to Strudwick the closer you get to Kirdford?

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