John Stridweeke of Chiddingfold, husbandman, weak 20 Jun 1622


to church 1s;

to poor 2s6d

To my eldest son John Stridweeke messuage, etc. in Chiddingfold, a cauldron, a brass pan, a cupboard, a table and form in the hall, seven pewter dishes;

to my daughter Margaret Stridweeke £10.00;

to my son Ralph Stridweeke £10.00;

to my son Thomas Stridweeke £10.00 all to be paid by my son John when they are 21;

Residue to my wife Margaret Stridweeke, exec.
Overseers; Friends Thomas Chalcroft of Chiddingfold; Henry Mathew of Chiddingfold, yeomen (2s6d each)
Witnesses; HM; Gregory Machweeke, Thomas Childe.
Proved: 12 Sep 1622 to relict. (dw/pa/7/10 ff.245r-v, dw/pa/5/1622/99)