Ann Didlesfold of Alfold, sp., sick and weak 26 Oct 1672 (to be buried in the church among my ancestors)

to my sister Margaret Carpenter wife of William Carpenter of Dunsfold, yeoman 1s and to her children £5 between them;

to my sister Sarah Austin wife of John Austin 1s and to her daughter Catherine Austin £5 at marriage or 21;

to my brothers Richard Didlesfold and Thomas Didlesfold £5 each;

residue to my sister Jane Farley wife of Edward Farley, exec. and child she pregnant with as she is left destititute by her husband;

my brother Richard (£1) to be further exec. and if Jane dies estate to my brothers’ and sisters’ children

Witnesses: William Strudwicke; Mary Farle (X); Jane Wooldridge (X)

Proved: 20 Jan 1672_3 to exec. [DW_PA_7_15 Q.12; DW_PA_5_1673_25]