John Penycod (X) of Chiddingfold, sick 6 Jun 1667

to my brother Thomas Penycod 1s;

to my brother Henry Penycod 1s;

to my sister Catherine Steer 1s;

to my sister Elizabeth Smyth 1s;

to my sister Mary Oudger 1s;

to my sister Agnes Penycod 1s;

to my sister Jane Penycod 1s;

to my sister Joan 1s;

to my mother £2;

to my brother Henry’s son John two stalls of bees being at Thomas Stoner of Hambledon’s;

to my wife Margaret Penycod all my goods for life and then half at her disposal and rest to parties aforenamed;

to my wife messuage, garden etc. (80 rods) Jewarsty Common, Chiddingfold for life and then to my brother Thomas’s two sons Thomas and John Penycod;

my wife, exec.

Overseers: Thomas Chalcraft; John Strudwicke (1s each)

Witnesses: George Enticknap; William Woods; Nicholas Burdyke (X)

Proved: 20 Jul 1667 to exec. [DW_PA_7_14 Q.45; DW_PA_5_1667_64]