Ann Strudwick spinster of St James Westminster

In the name of God Amen I Ann Strudwick of the parish of St James Westminster in the county Middlesex Spinster Do make and declare this to be my last will and testament

In the first place I give to my eldest brother Edmund Strudwick Esq. the sum of 1 pound and

to my sister Elizabeth Strudwick the sum of 1 pound and

to my sister Catherine Richmond Strudwick the sum of 2 pounds and

to my half sister Jane Strudwick the sum of 1 pound

then all the rest and residue of my personal estate whatsoever together with all my estate real I give and bequeath to my dear Brother Samuel Strudwick his executors and administrators

Item I give devise and bequeath all my real estate whatsoever and wheresoever to my said Brother Samuel Strudwick his heirs and assigns forever and hereby nominate and appoint my said Brother Samuel Strudwick sole executor of this my will hereby revoking all former wills heretofore by me made published and declared In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of August in the year of our lord 1762 Ann Strudwick

signed sealed published and declared by the said Ann Strudwick as and for her last will and testament in the presence of us who in her presence and at her request and also in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto

John Adaire Charles Stewart Robert Beales

IT IS MY DESIRE that my sister Elizabeth Strudwick if she outlives me may have my cloathes and watch to do as she thinks proper with my part of the furniture I likewise leave to my said sister during her life and at her death to return to my dear Brother Samuel Strudwick or his son Sammuel Strudwick , Ann Strudwick


I give to my sister Catherine Richmond Strudwick ten pounds my mothers wedding ring a amber egg a gold locket stone and silver buckles tea spoons one table spoon marked G.S my earings some garnets the ornaments for the chimney India table 2 India bowls with stands India waiter a tea chest a carving that my neice gave me all my sister Elizabeths wearing apparrell and all my apparrell I give to my sister Richmond except the things as I shall dispose of as follows

To Mrs Harris five guineas my black sable dress and tippet

to miss Harris five guineas my black lute string sack and petticoat a ring with a yellow stone and diamond on the sides my black feathered Tippet

A piece of catgut work to Mrs Humphrey & five guineas my handpoint hankerchief the xxx xxx xxx gold wire my striped lute string and grandfathers pictures

and I give to my sister Richmond all my house linen

and I give Jane Munsell my servant ten pounds my garnet stuff my red cotton dress and petticoat brown ancestring scarf my polite washing sacks all my cloath aprons and shirts right caps a black quilted petticoat stays in short all worst of my under petticoats bed gowns stockings and bonnet cloak

and I give to Steve Boyget Esq 5 guineas

to Mrs Borget 5 guineas and a gold seal

and I give to Dr Tontine ten guineas

I give to Mrs white 4 guineas instead of any of my apparrell

and I desire for seven guineas may be left in Mrs Borget’s hands to pay Buffet one shilling a week and if she drops before that the money paid to be given to my brother Samuel

I leave to Mr Long and Mrs Thacker each two guineas

I likewise desire a black burial as more fit for my age as witness my hand this 19th of December 1770 Ann Strudwick


When I am dead not to be laid put under twelve hours nor to be screwed down or buried till I change and I begg the favour of my good ffriend Mrs Borget to parcel out my apparrell as I have left them and I give my sister Richmond a silver band and patch box and I give Jane Mansell my black silk and crepe short sacks and petticoat and I give my watch to Dr Tontine and the chain to Mrs Humphreys and I give my brother Edmunds picture to sister Richmond ANN STRUDWICK

Probatum 8th April 1771 to Samuel Strudwick