In the name of God Amen I Jane Strudwick of West End in the parish of Hampstead being of sound mind memory considering the uncertainties of his life do make my last will and testament

first I give my soul to God who gave it may trusting in the merits of my blessing Saviour for gracious redemption after this painful life ended

As to my worldly goods I give and bequeath my dear Aunt Rutland 200 pounds out of the 600 pounds in the hands of my two brothers upon their bonds

I likewise give to my dear brothers and sisters Edmund Elizabeth Anne and Samuel Strudwick 100 pounds apiece and leave the managing my funeral to do the discretion of my executrix which I appoint to be Mrs Sarah Rutland and Mrs Elizabeth Strudwick and denying all former wills do publish and declare this to be my last will and testament this 13th day of October in the year of our lord 1764 Jane Strudwick

in the presence of us whose names are underwritten Ann Hamilton Richard Anderson

probatum December 18, 1770 to Sarah Rutland widow, aunt of the deceased.