1718 Henry Strudwicke 562 398

In the name of god amen I Henry Strudwicke rector ofthe parish and parish church of Alfold in the county of Surrey being of sound mind and disposing memory praised be God for the same do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner following jusprimo I resigne my soul to God who gave it me hoping for eternal bliss in the next world by the alone meritts and mediation of Jesus Christ my saviour and redeemer and my body I commit to the earth to be devoutly buried at the disgression of my executors hereafter named

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Henry the avowson or perpetual donation of the parish and parish church of Alfold afforesaid and to his heirs and assigned for ever

Item I give and bequeath unto my loving mother Margaret Strudwicke the summe of twenty pounds per annum during the terms of her natural life to be paid to her by quarterly payments that is to say on the feast of St John the Baptist St Michael the Archangel, the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Lady St Mary the Virgin by even and equal portions the first payment to begin and be made on the first of the said feast days as shalle next happen to be or come after my decease

Item I also give and bequeath unto my dear wife the like summe of twenty pounds per annum to be in like manner paidto her during such time as she shall continue a widow but in case she shall marry again after my decease then I bequeath and give unto her the said mary the summe of ten pounds per annum only to be paid to her during the term of her natural life

Item I give to my severall children Ann Mary Margaret Elizabeth Charles William Thomas and John Strudwicke the severall and respective summes of two hundred pounds apiece to be paid to each of them as she or he shall happen to attain her his or their several and respective ages of one and twenty years and in case any of my said last mentioned eight children shall happen to depart this life before he or she shall attain to their said respective ages of one and twenty years then my will and desire is that portion or share of he or she so dyeing shall be equally divided between my said son Henry and the rest of my said children that shall be living

Item whereas I am seized of the term of my own and my said mothers life and the life of my brother William Strudwicke of and in a lease made from George Benson prebendary of the prebend of Wisborough Greene in the county Sussex of all that the barn and globe lands and the great tythes yearly arising within the parish of Wisborough Green aforesaid now I do hereby give devise and bequeath the said lease and all the profitts and benefitts thereof with power either to sell or mortgage the same or to renew the said lease by putting in of new lives or a new life as shall be adjudged most xxxx unto my loving friends Benjamin Burche of the parish of St Clement Danes in the county of Middlesex gent, John Shudd and John Luis of Wisborough Green in the said county of Sussex gent and to my said brother William Strudwicke in trust and to the intent and purpose by the rents and proffitts thereof that they raise the above mentioned several two hundred pounds apiece as above bequeathed to my aforesaid children towards their maintenance until such time or times as their each legacy or legacies shall become due and payable and in case it shall so happen that the proffitt of the said lease shall not be sufficient nor the lease itself to raise so much money as I have with this my will charged the same with all then my will and desire that my aforesaid eight children shall make equall deduction of his or her part or share so that their portions shall be all equall

Item I give and bequeath to the poor of the said parish of Alfold the sum of fifty shillings and to the poor of the said parish of Wisborough Green the summe of five pounds to be paid to them by my executors of this my will within six months next after my decease

Item I nominate and constitute and make my said loveing friends Benjamin Burch John Shudd John S and my said brother William Strudwicke executors of this my last willwith full power out of my estate to reimburse themselves of all costs charges and troubles that they shall be at or put to in or about the trust hereby by me in them disposed and I give to every one of them one guinea to bye them a ring to wear in memory of me witness my hand and seale hereunto sett this one and twentieth day of June in the ninth year of the reign of our sovereign lady Anne queen of Great Britain et anno dommino 1710 and let all my honest debts be honestly paid Henry Strudwicke signed sealed published and declared by the said Henry Strudwicke to be his last will and testament and in his presence our names subscribed as witnesses hereunto

John Scutt, Ri; Scutt Richard Biddlefold