Richard Strudwick of Amblehurst in W-G 1545 STCI/5/156b ( parts difficult to decypher)

In the name of God xx Amen the 14th day of August in the year of our Lord god 1545 in the year of the reigne of our sovereigne lord Henry the xxx by the grace of god of Ingland, Ffrance and Ireland King Defender of the ffaith and in the Oath xxx xxx head of the holie Church of Ingland and Ireland xxx xxx God.

I Richard Strydwyk off Amblehurst in the pishe of Wisborow Grene in the Countie of Sussex Sick in body xxx be yt whole in mind and good rememberance thanks be to our Lord God make this my last will and testament in mann’ and forme following

Ffirstly I comend my Soll to almightie god to o’ blessed lady and xxx his maker and to all the heavenly companie my body to be buryed in the church of Grene afors’ by my father

Item I give to the mother church of Chichester ~~

Item I give to the high alter of the Pishe Church of Grene wherein I dwell xxx xxx by this my last will have ij xxx xxx of xxx xxx Grene at such tyme as my executrix shall think best so that they may be xxx and discharged, from xxx years next after my departing.

Also I will that Henry my son have my porson or whole xxx of my place off xxxx called ‘xrxheffold’ lying or being in Kyrdford pishe ffrely without any Interuption.

Also I give and bequethe to James Umfrey and Joyan his wyff one Cow and I will that the ffirst calff of the said Cow be naymed and keft ffouth soo that yt may In crease and xx of both xx the said calff and the In crease to the use of Richard Mayson my godson.

I give to the said Richard my godson one hystor of ij yeares old which hystore and mxxx that may come of the xxx Cow which I have given to James Umfrey and Johane his wyff and the in crease of the same be of the order and xxxxnance of John Strudwyk my son to Bee godfather to the sayd Richard Mayson

Also I give and bequethe to William Mayson which is yn my keeping one hystor of fower yeares old which hystore I will be ordered by William Strudwyk his godfather and also the child and yf it happen that said Richard Mayson depart owt of this present life before he come to lawfull direction to order the same partie afore’ xxx xxx then I will that William Mayson his brother have wholl stock to his selfe if he survive hym and yf that William Mayson depart this world before he come to lawfull age then I will that the said James have his childs share yf he survive hym. And yf that God do his will to call them both owt of this world before they be of lawfull age then I will that both ther childs parts remayne to the use and prfit of Harry Strudwyk my youngest son.

Also I give and bequethe to Harry Strudwyk my son ij kyne which said Harry Strudwyk and kyne I will desire Harry Strudwyke his godfather to have the order of hit//

All the residue of my goode not gyven nor bequeth my debts payd I give wholly to Dorothe my wyff whom I mak my sole executrix she to dispose any thyng for my Soll as she think best and I ordyn and mak Henry Strudwyke of Kyrdford my Supervisor of this my last will desiring the same to take paynes in this behalf as I put my trust in hyme and mor and yf hit happen the said Henry my son to depart owt of this world before he come to lawfull age then I will Richard Strudwyk my son and his brother have his childs part to his use and prfit

I witness hereof Henry Strudwyk George Marxxx curat with others

Probate October 8th.