1807 57

In the name of God Amen I James Strudwick of Bermondsey Street in the Parish of St Mary Magdelen Butcher being in good health and sound mind knowing the certainty of death do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following viz.

After discharge of my funeral and testamentary expenses and the payment of all my just debts I bequeath unto Mary Ann Strudwick my lawful wife all my estate consisting of six acres of freehold land lying in the Parish of Woking in the Eidden? of Goldstrooth? in the County of Sussex and now let and in the occupation of George Chapman and John Chapman

And I also bequeath unto the said Mary Ann Strudwick all residue of monies and property of every description whatsoever for the purposes hereafter mentioned until she shall marry again or in case of her remaining a widow for the full term of her natural life for the purpose of her maintaining clothing and educating the three children now living, which I have by my former wife Elizabeth Strudwick viz. James Strudwick, Hannah Strudwick and George Strudwick until they shall respectively have attained the age of twenty one years and likewise for the purpose of maintaining clothing and educating the child or children I now have or may have at any time in the future period by my present wife Mary Anne Strudwick

And in case the said Mary Anne Strudwick should marry after my decease the whole of the aforesaid property shall be sold to the best advantage and the whole of the money produced by the said sale shall be invested in the funds of the governor and company of the bank of England

And the interest and profit arising therefrom shall be received from time to time by the aforesaid Mary Ann Strudwick for the purposes hereinbefore mentioned until any of my said children by my former wife Elizabeth Strudwick or any of the children of Mary Anne Strudwick my present wife shall have attained the age of twenty one years

At the arrival of which age they shall each and all receive out of the monies so invested an equal share thereof with the rest of the children then surviving

And should any of the said children depart this life before attaining the full age of one and twenty years, the proportions of the aforesaid the child deceased would have been entitled to, shall be equally divided amongst the children surviving at the time the said child would, had it not died, attained the age of twenty one years

And provided Mary Anne Strudwick my present wife should die previously to all of my children attaining the full age of twenty one years the proportions of the said money invested as above stated which the said children would be entitled to at that age shall in trust for my children be under the sole management and at the disposal of Mr William Burrell of Longham in the parish of Bermondsey in the County of Surrey Butcher in the same manner as it would have been, by Mary Anne Strudwick my present wife provided she had not died before any one or more of my children attained the age of twenty one years James Strudwick

Witnessed by us this twenty eighth day of February in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty eight after the two interdelineations were made on the first page of this single sheet of paper Jane Ottley, William Burrell

Probatum October 13th 1832 to Mary Anne Strudwick the widow and relict.