In the name of God Amen this is my last will

I give to my grandson Samuel Strudwick my legacy on the Carolina estate when he arrives at 20 and also give him my legacy in the City estate whenever it shall fall in

I also give him all my plate large gold watch gold chain and seals at the time of his father’s death

I also give him my house and lot in the town at Hillsborough on the death of his father

I also give him my furniture china glass and house linen when he arrives at 20. I mean in the Riversdale? house

In case of Samuel’s death then I give this property to Edmund

I give to Ffield Silla her full liberty at the time of my death until hers together with her corn and 5 pounds a year for her life

I give to my son William F. Strudwick all my other property and in make him my sole executor Martha Strudwick

I give in to Elizabeth Kirby $50 if she is with me at the time of my death

I mean Samuel should have half my plate when he arrived at 20 and the other half on the death of his father

This purse with the money that I give to my grandson Samuel Strudwick together with my morocco pocketbook for his sole purpose and use hoping his father will use him kindly on my account this is my last will and desire to my son. Martha Strudwick, state of North Carolina

I John Taylor Clerk of Orange County Court of pleas and quarter sessions do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of Martha Strudwick deceased with the codicil annexed and also the copy of the certificate of probate thereof as the same stand on record in my office in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed the seal of the said County of Orange in my office in the town of Hillsborough the 30th day of November anno domino 1810 J. Taylor

Probatum September 20, 1820 to Peter Brown the administrator of William Francis Strudwick deceased first sworn duly to administer for the benefit and use of Samuel Strudwick the natural lawful son and one of the next of kin of the said William Francis Strudwick now residing in the County of Orange aforesaid. William Francis Strudwick the sole executor and residuary legatee named in the said will dying intestate without taking upon himself the probate execution of the said will or the letters of administration