1799 Mary Strudwick 84 115 1323

This my last will my desir is that my sister Elizh Strudwick to have when I am dead one shilling my two xxx chains my clothes

and Ann Strudwick to have all that is at Ealing

Thomas have 5 pounds.

Mrs Wisdom all at her house for her son John

and to Bxx Scutt, Ruth Butterworth and Mary Stanford to have all that is left

Mary Strudwick 12th March 1799

Appeared personally Thomas Stoner of the parish of St Pancras in the county of Middlesex Grocer and Edward Stanford of the parish of Sxxx Ditton in the county of Surry blacksmith and being severally sworn on the Holy Evangelists to deport the truth made oath as follows

That they know and were well acquainted with Mary Strudwick formerly of Great Ealing in the county of Middlesex late and Esher in the county of Surrey spinster deceased for several years before and to the time of her death and also with her manner and character of hand writing and subscription having often seen her write and also subscribe the name and having now carefully viewed and perused the paper writing hereunto annexed purporting to be and contain the last will and testament of the said deceased the said will beginning thus “this is my last will” and ending thus ” and Mary Stanford to have all that is left” thus subscribed Mary Strudwick they these deponents separately so swore that they verify it being so and do believe the whole writing and contents of the said will beginning ending and subscribe as aforesaid to be the will of the proper hand writing and subscription of the said Mary Strudwick spinster deceased Thomas Stoner Edward Stanford

and the said Thomas Stoner and Edward Stanford were duly sworn to the oath of the affidavits by me Thomas Attlee

On the 12th day of April in the year of our lord 1789 administered of all and singular said oath of the witness to the will and testament of Mary Strudwick formerly of Great Ealing in the county of Middlesex late and Esher in the county in Sussex spinster deceased was granted to Mary Stanford wife of Edward Stanford the neice of the said deceased and one of the testamentary legaties named in the said will no executors being named therein having been first duly sworn to administer