In the name of God Amen by Thomas Strudwick being in perfect health praised the God for it to make my last will and testament as followeth

My copyhold tenements and about 2 acres of land more or less lying in Esher Manor and all my goods and chattels and outhouses and belonging to me into the hands of my wife Mary Strudwick during her life and afterwards to her daughter Mary Strudwick (obliterated in original) Wilmain as long as she live and after her Mary Holden neice to Thomas Strudwick deceased

in paying of Edward Holding the sum of 5 lbs. of good and lawful money of Great Britain loving wife (obliterated in the original)

Thomas Holding the sum of 5 lbs. of good in lawful money of Great Britain oving wife (obliterated in the original)

paying George Strudwick the sum of 5 lbs. of good and lawful money of Great Britain 5 lbs. if alive

Elizabeth Trigg the sum of 5 lbs. of good and lawful money of Great Britain 5 lbs. if alive

This is my last will and testament I have here set my hand and seal this Mark 4, 1778 Thos Strudwick sealed and published it led by the above named John Trigg William Lynes John Stevens

19th May 1781

Appeared personally John Stevens of the parish of Esher in the county Surrey Shoemaker and John Maxwell in Kensington in the county Middlesex shoemaker who having severally sworn upon the holy evangelists to depose the truth made oath and depose as follows

And first the said John Stevens for himself sayth that he is a subscribing witness to the last will and testament of Thomas Strudwick later the parish of a Esher aforesaid deceased hereunto annexed beginning thus “in the name of God Amen I Thomas Strudwick being in perfect health” and ending thus “this mark 4 1778” and a subscribed “Thos Strudwick” and at the time the said Thomas Strudwick executed the aforesaid will this deponent sayth that the obliterations of the four lines now appearing thereon was not been May at some time after the execution thereof this deponent was informed by John Trigg another subscribing witness to the said will and who was the writer thereof and is since dead that he did by the particular desire of the said Thomas Strudwick deceased strike out or obliterate the legacies of 5 lbs. each given to Edward Holding and Thomas Holding by the said will

And the said John Maxwell from self make the oath that being in company with his fellow deponent John Stevens and the aforesaid John Trigg a few days before the death of the said John Trigg heard the said John Trigg make the aforesaid declaration with respect to the obliterations aforesaid in the same manner as above deposed to by the said John Stevens and this deponenet further make oath and sayth that immediately upon the death of the aforesaid Thomas Strudwick at whose house he then was the said deceased’s pockets were searched in this deponents presence and in his waistcoat pocket was found the aforesaid will and that he then particularly observed the said obliteration of the aforesaid legacies therein and also the name Strudwick struck out or obliterated and that the same is now in every respect in the same plight form and conditions when the same was so found as aforesaid John Stevens John Maxwell the same day the said John Stevens and John Maxwell were duly sworn to the truth of the above affidavits before me and Coltee Ducard surrogates present John Clarke public notary

Probatum 10th May 1781 to Mary Maxwell (formely Holden) wife of John Maxwell the niece of the said deceased ,

(Mary Strudwick widow, the relict of the said deceased and Mary Wilmain wife of William Wilmain the daughter of the said deceased dying without haven taken on adminstration)