Strudwick farms

Strudwick farms

The Strudwicke families of Kirdford were prolific land owners, and between 1500 and 1700 farmed a large number of properties either as freehold or leased.

These are some of the Sussex farms I have come across that were in use by Strudwick families.

I have spent many hours browsing land transaction records at the A2A website, which has allowed me to identify the individual Strudwick family member that owned or leased many of these farms.

Here is an example of the sort of useful material that can be found on the A2A site.

FILE – Quitclaim – ref. Add Mss 10,205 – date: 10 September 1635
[from Scope and Content]
From (a) Richard Stringer of Petworth, mercer, assignee of William Alderton, son and heir
of William Alderton, late of Kirdford, tanner, dec’d.,
to (b) Henry Strudwicke of Beal House, in Kirdford, yeoman, brother and heir of William
Strudwicke, dec’d., son and heir of William Strudwicke, dec’d., son and heir of William
Strudwicke, late of Idehurst in Kirdford, yeoman, dec’d., of interest in Hammer Pond and..
[from Scope and Content]
Recites that William Strudwicke, the grandfather, stood seized of Linfold Farm and the
above property, at his death

As you can see this material provides a wealth of information, in terms of
both property ownership and family relationships.
This material will gradually also be incorporated here, but for the time
being I have just listed the property names, and will add the links as time

Barkfold, 1658 –

Beal House 1596 -1640

Bridgefoot 1639 –




Churchland 1641 –

Conscieno 1614 –

Costrong, 1660 -1681

Crouchland 1616 -1652

Deane 1593 -1649

Farthings, 1558 –

Foxbridge 1561 -1666


Gownfold, 1586 -1613

Herrings -1667

Herons 1617 -1700

Hills Green 1578 -1689


Ideburst 1557 -1707




Rumbold 1561 -1633

Strudwick Wood.