C 1/1250/69

To the Right honorable Sir Richarde Riche knight lorde Riche and Lorde Chancellor of Englonde

Humble compleyning shewithe unto your good Lordshyppe your power and daylie Orator Walt Mose and Dorothe his wyffe late the wyffe of Richarde Strodwike deceased

That wheare the seyd Richarde Strodwike in his lyfe was lawfullie seasyd in his demesne as of fee by good and just tytill and lawfull conveyance in the lawe of and in lxxx Acres of londe Arrable and pasture lienge and beinge in the towne fildes and pishe of wistboroughe in the countie of sussex

And he so beinge therof seased of ii years past died thereof seased, after whose death the premyses discendyd and came, and of right oute to discende and come, to one Willm Strodwike as sonne and heyer to the seyd Richarde Strodwike, by reason whereof the seyd Dorothe one of your seyd Orators was lawfullie intitled by the lawes of the realme to be endowed of the thirde pte of the premyses

Whereappon the seyd Willm Stodwyke beinge desyerens to have the sole occupacon of the premyses instantlie desyered the seyd Dorothe to Accept some yerelie rent for the premyses in the name of her dower, att whose request your seyd Orator was contented

And thereappon it was fullie condiscendyd and Agreed that the seyd Willm shulde yearlie paye unto the seyd Dorothe in the name of her dower ‘C’ at iiii tymes of the yere usuall that is to saye At the feaste of Saynt Michell the Archangell, The nativitie of our Lorde god, The Annunna of our Ladye, And Sonne John Baptiste by even porcons for the suer payment whereof the seyd Willm became boundey by his deade oblygatorye unto the seyd Dorothe

And aft the seyd Dorothe delyved the seyd oblygacon to one Johanne Hamonde saffelie to be kept, and to be kept to the use of the seyd Dorothe one of your seyd Orators, And to be redeemeded unto her when she shulde be thereunto required,

Without the intent to defrauonde the seyd Dorothe of the seyd yerelie rent of ‘C’ by C__yn betwene the seyd Johanne and the seyd Willm Strodwike deemed the seyd oblygacon to the seyd Willm Strodwike

And albeit your seyd Orator hath once and sundrye tymes required, as well the seyd Johanne Hammon as the seyd Willm Strodwike, and evry of them, to delyver unto them the seyd oblygacon ,Yet that to delyver, they or any of them, hath alwayes refused And yet doo contrary to all right equite and goode conscyence

And for as much as your seyd Orator hathe no other wrytinge testyfieng the payement of the seyd yerelie rent of ‘C’ nor other wytnesse but onelie the seyd oblygacon whych remayneth in the custodye and kepinge of the seyd Johanne Hammon and Willm Streodwyke your Orators arre with owte remedie for the recove thereof by the order and use of the comon lawr, And soo likelie to loose her lyvinge and widow for ever unlesse your good lordshippes favor wulde with pitie be unto them shewed in that behalfe

In consyderacon whereof yt maye therefore please your good lordshippe the premyses tenderlie consydered, to grant the kynge highest wrytte of subpena to be directed unto the seyd Johanne Hammon And Willm Strodwike comandinge them, and eny of them, by virtue of the same personallie to be and appeare before your good lordshippe in the kinge highest court of channcery , at a certyn daye and under a certyn payne by your good lordshippe to be lymitted and appoynted

They and them, they and eny of them, to answer to the premysses and offer there to stande to and abyde suche fynall order and direcyon therein as by your good lordshippe shalbe showeth to stande wythe right equitie and good conscyence

And your seyd Orators shall daylie praye to god for the preservacon and the precious estate of your honourable lordshippe in honor longe to continue and endure