British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards 1914-1920

NameRegiment or CorpsRegimental Number
Francis H StoadwickQueen's Royal Regiment West Surrey15410
Frank StradwickArmy Service CorpsM2/182472
George Frederick StradwickHampshire Regiment17416
John E StradwickHampshire Regiment, Wiltshire Regiment12677, 30243
William T StradwickQueen's Royal Regiment West SurreyG/23645
Ralph StreadwickBritish West Indies Regiment6159
Vernon J StreadwickRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Engineers(T)2474, 551796
Alfred StredwickRoyal Sussex Regiment, Royal Sussex Regiment3929, G/18162
Alfred J StredwickArmy Ordnance Corps34055
Cecil Arthur Stredwick13th London Regiment
Charles StredwickRoyal Engineers28632
Clifford StredwickEast Kent Regiment, East Kent RegimentG/14961, L/11775
Edmund R StredwickRoyal Engineers (Territorial), Sussex Yeomanry, Royal Engineers1816, 1440, 558296
Edwin N StredwickRoyal Engineers230910
Ernest StredwickRoyal Sussex RegimentL/10475
Ernest E P StredwickRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers243810, WR/505615
Ernest H StredwickRoyal Field Artillery905683
Ernest H StredwickEast Surrey Regiment2190
Ernest S StredwickArmy Service CorpsDM2/097130
Frederick StredwickEssex Regiment, 15th350672, 350672
George StredwickRFA 1st S Mid Bde826513
Harold StredwickArmy Corps of Clerks, Army Corps of Clerks167, 13572
Herbert E StredwickRoyal Field Artillery905367
Herbert J StredwickEast Surrey Regiment2017
J StredwickRoyal Army Medical Corps65965
J StredwickRoyal Army Medical Corps65965
James StredwickArmy Ordnance Corps16490
John StredwickRoyal Army Medical Corps65965
John M StredwickRoyal Garrison Artillery160365
Lawrence J StredwickRoyal Sussex RegimentG/4944
Lester Stredwick8th Reinf Royal Field Artillery85398
Martin E StredwickRoyal Army Medical Corps2487
S C Stredwick6th Pro AP Royal Field Artillery664
W Stredwick7th R SussexG/18162
William T Stredwick3rd Rifle Brigade, Army Service Corps2854, T/39284
Martin StridwickRoyal Sussex Regiment, Worcestershire Regiment, Labour Corps, Worcestershire Regiment1448, 71734, 576817, 238131
Alfred C StrodwickRoyal FusiliersG/47984
A StrudwickRifle Brigade 2nd Battn5891
A A StrudwickE KentG/7066
Albert Strudwick2nd The Queens R, 310 Depot Labour Company9450, 206162
Albert StrudwickRoyal Welsh Fusiliers, Royal Welsh Fusiliers10837, 202402
Albert C StrudwickGloucestershire Regiment, Labour Corps30325, 658975
Albert D StrudwickQueen's Royal Regiment West SurreyS/6672
Albert E StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Garrison Artillery8285, 220797
Albert E StrudwickArmy Service CorpsM2/131219
Albert E StrudwickRoyal Army Medical Corps2617
Albert G StrudwickThe The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey), The The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)T/2976, 240876
Albert G StrudwickEast Surrey RegimentL/13327
Albert H StrudwickRoyal Berkshire Regiment201457
Albert H C StrudwickRoyal Fusiliers, Labour CorpsL/15116, 511454
Alfred Strudwick4th Royal Fusiliers760
Alfred StrudwickRoyal Sussex Regiment, Labour Corps4513, 413796
Alfred StrudwickKings Royal Rifle Corps11439
Alfred Strudwick84th Training Res BattalionTR5/59556
Alfred C StrudwickRoyal FusiliersGS/77984
Alfred Jas StrudwickLC ex Suffolk435104
Alfred L StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery, Royal Engineers, Royal Engineers65904, 306630, WR23214
Alfred W StrudwickRoyal Sussex Regiment, Machine Gun Corps1780, 149736
Alfred W C Strudwick6th Dragoons, 6th DragoonsGS/20397, D/16287
Alick StrudwickKings Royal Rifle Corps, Machine Gun CorpsR/24049, R/24049
Arthur Strudwick2nd The The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)S/256
Arthur StrudwickA Cyc Co, 11/Royal Sussex Regiment7724, SD/3948
Arthur E StrudwickQueen's Royal Regiment West Surrey, Labour Corps52571, 77805
Arthur G StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Field Artillery, Royal Field Artillery(TF)3828, (TF)961429, 139044
Arthur G StrudwickArmy Service CorpsT-425329
Arthur H StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery48555
Arthur L StrudwickArmy Service CorpsM/318890
Arthur W StrudwickThe Queen's Regiment (West Surrey), The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)T-5329, T-202524
Benjamin G Strudwick29th Co RE21743
Bert StrudwickRoyal Horse Guards, Labour Corps1241, 536210
Bertie R StrudwickWorcestershire Regiment51421
C StrudwickRoyal Air Force18701
C H StrudwickChurch Army
Charles StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery42197
Charles StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery555
Charles StrudwickRoyal Sussex Regiment, Labour Corps1259, 469371
Charles A J StrudwickRoyal Irish Regiment2701
Charles B StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery164255
Charles E StrudwickKings Royal Rifle Corps, Northamptonshire Regiment6/415, 47163
Charles F StrudwickRoyal Fusiliers, Army Service Corps, Royal Sussex Regiment79141, T/459694, 6390116
Charles Robert Strudwick19th Royal Fusiliers, Cheshire Regiment6364, 6364
Christopher H StrudwickThe Queen's Regiment (West Surrey), The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)T/2431, T/240647
Claude R L StrudwickMachine Gun Corps (Cavalry)52665
Clifford StrudwickThe Queen's Regiment, 23 Tank Regiment Bn, Royal Engineers68629, 10/84305, 612310
David StrudwickRoyal West Kent RegimentG/17654
Edgar C StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Field Artillery3419, 961044
Edward Strudwick1st Bedfordshire Regiment12975
Edward A V StrudwickArmy Ordnance CorpsA2385
Edward Percy StrudwickRoyal Sussex Regiment202432
Edwin J StrudwickColdstream Guards1835
Edwin S StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers92938, WR/509833
Ernest StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery374377
Ernest StrudwickLiverpool Regiment, Labour Corps22848, 347751
Ernest StrudwickSomersetshire Light Infantry40143
Ernest StrudwickArmy Service CorpsM2/269554
Ernest A Strudwick1st/4 Royal Sussex Regiment, 1st/4 Royal Sussex Regiment4/2200, 200494
Ernest Akerson StrudwickRifle BrigadeS/11761
Ernest C StrudwickEssex Regiment, Somersetshire Light Infantry, Norfolk Regiment25196, 32520, 23290
Ernest C StrudwickArmy Service CorpsTS-8253
Ernest George StrudwickEast Kent Regiment, Labour Corps10162, 487232
Ernest H StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Labour Corps116015, 291346
Ernest J StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery890691
Ethelbert E StrudwickKing's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry240030, 81056
Felix J StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery148261
Francis StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery102175
Francis StrudwickMiddlesex Regiment, Machine Gun Corps450, 73912
Francis H Strudwick10th The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)G/15410
Frank StrudwickRW Surr Reg 19th Battalion266636
Frank StrudwickBedfordshire Regiment35916
Frank StrudwickRoyal Irish Regiment8151
Frank Strudwick1st Royal Berkshire Regiment5768
Frank A StrudwickArmy Service CorpsT1/1546
Frank E StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery160298
Frank F StrudwickRoyal Horse Artillery52591
Frank G StrudwickEast Surrey Regiment14082
Fred StrudwickThe Queen's Regiment (West Surrey), The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)T-4610, 241268
Frederick Strudwick2nd Bty Royal Horse Artillery26123
Frederick StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery35813
Frederick StrudwickRGA 122 Sge By46363
Frederick StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery144588
Frederick W StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery93092
Frederick W T StrudwickArmy Service Corps, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light InfantryS4/093508, 45189
Fredk Geo StrudwickRFA 33 Bde38478
George StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery128544
George StrudwickThe Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)G/1984
George StrudwickNott & Derby Reg70296
George StrudwickRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/7369
George A StrudwickDurham Light Infantry52765
George C StrudwickArmy Service CorpsT4/234513
George F StrudwickEast Surrey Regiment, East Yorkshire Regiment22411, 58230
George T StrudwickC of London Yeo, Machine Gun Corps3325, 150578
Gilbert E L Strudwick3rd London Regiment254226
G P StrudwickMilitary Farnes
H StrudwickRoyal Army Service CorpsRX4/214168
H Strudwick4th Middlesex Regiment5757
H Strudwick"A" Bty Royal Horse Artillery49704
Harold StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery59055
Harris StrudwickFrench Rx
Harry Strudwick10th Hussars4897
Harry StrudwickRoyal Engineers37860
Harry StrudwickEast Kent Regiment, Yorkshire Light Infantry20960, 37009
Harry StrudwickRoyal Sussex RegimentG/5345
Harry StrudwickRifle Brigade5891
Harry J Strudwick1st West Yorkshire Regiment, W York R Territorial Force6383, 6503
Henry StrudwickEast Surrey Regiment, Labour Corps10720, 454621
Herbert C StrudwickRoyal Engineers160226
Herbert H StrudwickThe The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey), The The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)T/3423, 206567
Horace StrudwickRifle BrigadeS/34141
Horace A L StrudwickNorthumberland Fusiliers, Northumberland Fusiliers44561, 242060
J Strudwick"A" Bty Royal Horse Artillery, Royal Field Artillery52591, 49704
Jack StrudwickArmy Cyclist Corps, Liverpool Regiment, Royal Welsh Fusiliers5713, 114638, 49014
James Strudwick9th Lers, Machine Gun Corps11512, 41342
James StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Field Artillery1527, 965865
James StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery, Royal Garrison Artillery965865, 319697
James StrudwickRoyal Engineers28849
James StrudwickColdstream Guards18332
James StrudwickScots Guards, Labour Corps9375, 580103
James StrudwickR Suss R 28374
James D N StrudwickArmy Service CorpsM/287741
James F StrudwickRoyal Horse Artillery49704
James F StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery121873
James J StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery135785
Jesse StrudwickRFA 6c Res Bde121109
Jesse H StrudwickNorfolk Regiment38588
Jesse T StrudwickRoyal Fusiliers, Royal West Kent RegimentG-53373, G-21902
J J H C Strudwick25th FA Royal Army Medical Corps1908
Joe StrudwickRifle Brigade5750
John StrudwickRoyal Horse Artillery, Labour Corps604225, 512710
John StrudwickQueen's Royal Regiment West SurreyT/2947
John Strudwick1st The The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)L/8253
John StrudwickRoyal Sussex Regiment, Royal Fusiliers19568, GS/83797
John StrudwickRoyal West Kent Regiment, Royal Army Medical Corps29688, 168442
John G StrudwickNorthamptonshire Regiment, Labour Corps34354, 84400
John H StrudwickHampshire Regiment45708
John J StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers284267, WR/274410
John J StrudwickRoyal Army Medical Corps1908
John Meredalker Strudwick2nd RWS Regiment
John R StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery207559
John T StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers399, 520234
John Victor StrudwickRoyal Fusiliers, Suffolk Regiment77507, 57476
John W StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery173118
John W StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers563489, T/2473
Joseph H Strudwick18th London Regiment595842
Joseph M StrudwickMachine Gun Corps, East Surrey Regiment10605, 16192
Karl S R Strudwick22nd London Regiment, The The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)G/85996, G/85996
Leonard J StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Essex Regiment, Royal Engineers530381, 375308, 530381
Leonard S Strudwick10th Hussars, Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry)4619, 51218
Leslie StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery, RFC & Royal Air Force
Lewis G StrudwickRoyal Sussex RegimentG/19658
Lionel StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers190315, WR/297007
M E StrudwickRoyal Army Medical Corps2487
Percival S StrudwickRoyal Engineers66012
Percy StrudwickOxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry5853, 202283
Percy E StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers55238, WR200830
Percy E StrudwickRoyal FusiliersGS/17795
Percy G O StrudwickMiddlesex Regiment, Royal Fusiliers355338, GS/95438
Percy R StrudwickRoyal Fusiliers, Royal Air Force47789, 166060
Percy W StrudwickRoyal Army Medical Corps56571
Peter Strudwick27th Bde Royal Field Artillery, 27th Bde Royal Field Artillery30076, 251738
Phillip StrudwickLiverpool Regiment108384
Reginald StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery, Army Ordnance Corps97740, 043520
Reginald H StrudwickArmy Service Corps, Army Service CorpsM/298653, S/407236
Richard Strudwick1st The Queen's Regiment (West Surrey)L/5894
Richard StrudwickConnaught Rangers, Royal Engineers, Royal Engineers6248, 355108, WR281983
Richard C StrudwickRoyal Army Veterinary CorpsSE/11408, 156352
Richard James Alfred StrudwickRoyal Army Service Corps
Richard W StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery211675
Robert Hawkins Strudwick1st Div Am Pk Army Service CorpsCMT/639
S G StrudwickSpecial Reserve,Royal Field Artillery
Sidney StrudwickMiddlesex Regiment, Royal Garrison Artillery410, 341132
Sidney StrudwickSeaforth Highlanders DepotS/13011
Spencer C StrudwickSomerset Light InfantrySomerset Light Infantry1671, 200184
Spencer Gordon StrudwickRH & Royal Field Artillery, Royal Field Artillery83810, 83810
Stanley Strudwick2nd Middlesex Regiment, 601 Company Labour CorpsL/12534, 288665
Thomas StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery, Labour Corps103650, 595908
Thomas StrudwickKings Royal Rifle CorpsR/16957
Thomas E StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery166538
Thomas J Strudwick23rd London Regiment, 23rd London Regiment6871, 703139
Thomas R Strudwick33rd Brigade Royal Field Artillery32346
W Strudwick5th RW Surreys6214
Walter StrudwickMiddlesex Regiment, Middlesex Regiment4897, 241373
Walter StrudwickArmy Service CorpsM2/132603
Walter Albert Johns StrudwickDevonshire Regiment, IATC1966, 200389
Walter B P StrudwickDuke of Cornwalls Light Infantry, Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry01240, 5430348
Walter J StrudwickNorfolk Regiment, Hertfordshire Regiment32411, 40857
W B P Strudwick2nd Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry5430348
William StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery106775
William StrudwickRoyal Garrison Artillery210296
William StrudwickRoyal Fusiliers, Labour Corps26470, 198067
William StrudwickRoyal Sussex Regiment, Royal Sussex Regiment4983, G/16684
William StrudwickMiddlesex Regiment, Middlesex Regiment 7th2831, 200665
William H StrudwickArmy Service CorpsM2/078226
William H StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery132534
William H StrudwickRoyal Sussex Regiment, Royal Sussex Regiment, Essex Regiment2846, 200770, 277555
William Henry Strudwick25th Bde Royal Field Artillery45951
William Henry Strudwick12th London Regiment4992
William J Strudwick112th HB RGA, 112th HB RGA, 112th HB RGA218, SR/218, 275218
William J StrudwickRoyal Engineers, Royal Engineers342393, WR/342393
William J StrudwickRifle Brigade, 2/Rifle Brigade9768, 9768
William J StrudwickHonourable Artillery Company11353
William J StrudwickArmy Service CorpsT4/126758
William John StrudwickRoyal Field ArtilleryL/15179
William John StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery18915
William M Strudwick27th Tank Regiment Bn, Lincolnshire Regiment2789, 44844
William R StrudwickRoyal Sussex RegimentG/5408
William T StrudwickRoyal Field Artillery110791
William W StrudwickEast Surrey Regiment, LC589, 618526
William W StrudwickEast Surrey Regiment22597
W J StrudwickRoyal Army Medical Corps/20 FA1979
Wm G Strudwick1st I (L) AP Army Service CorpsCMT/3532
W T Strudwick2nd Northamptonshire Regiment, Labour Corps, Leicestershire Regiment3/9089, 489684, 59222
Ernest L Strudwicke1st CORD851079
M A Strudwicke13th Can Infantry Bn, 105 Mahrattas (IA), Imperial Army, Dorsetshire Regiment24791, 24791, 24791
Walter Ernest StrudwickeRoyal Field Artillery16136
William J StrudwickeRoyal Engineers105004