Thomas Dudman of Guildford 31 Jan 1740_1 written 20 Mar 1740_1

to my brother … Strudwick’s son John Strudwick £10 to apprentice him to be paid by house of late (widow) Pain or to the younger son if John dies;

to my father all my clothes with remainder to my sister Strudwick;

residue to my wife Hannah Dudman and the house or two tenements in Blackhorse Lane, Guildford late (widow) Pain, deceased’s now in the occupation of Edward Smith and (widow) Heather and wife to leave off business and sell goods and furnish a room and live off rent and interest, exec. and after the death of my wife half to my father, mother, sister Strudwick, sister Hannah Dudman, sister Esther Dudman and sister Mary Dudman and other half as my wife pleases

Trustees: brother John Devenport of London and friend George Chyty of Godalming, butcher

Witnesses: John Hart; John Champion; William Parham

Proved: 10 Apr 1741 to exec. [DW_PA_7_24; DW_PA_5_1741_31]