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Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
, , Alton, Hampshire, England [P0579]        
( (Killed in action), Passchendaele, Passendale, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium [P1374]        
1 1200 Poplar Hill Rd, Baltimore, Maryland, USA [P1439]        
  13th Can Infantry Bn, 105 Mahrattas (IA), Imperial Army, Dorsetshire Regiment [P1471]        
  16 Amersham Road, Croydon, Surrey, England [P1386]        
  188 leet street, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand [P1396]        
  198 Kelvin Street, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand [P1395]        
2 27 Hunter Street, NSW,Australia [P1302]        
4 4 Park Riliage Wear Negiut Park St. Pancras [P0538]        
6 61A George Road, Farncombe, Surrey, England [P0652]        
  63 Orchard Road, Dorking, Surrey [P1528]        
  63 Orchard Road, Dorking, Surrey, England [P1316]        
A Abbey Wood, Kent, England [P1236]        
  Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, England [P1675]        
  Aberdare, Glamorgan, Wales [P1295]        
  Abingdon, Berkshire, England [P0775]        
  Abinger, Surrey, England [P0024]        
  Acton, Middlesex, England [P0187]        
  Addington, Surrey, England [P0854]        
  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia [P0035]        
  Aden, Yemen [P1357]        
  Al Qahirah, Al Qahirah, Egypt [P0666]        
  Alabama, USA [P0087]        
  Albury, Surrey, England [P0008]        
  Aldershot, Hampshire, England [P0880]        
  Aldgate, Middlesex, England [P1235]        
  Aldrington, Sussex, England [P0343]        
  Alexandria, Clarendon, Jamaica [P1349]        
  ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT [P1460]        
  Alexandria,St.Ann,Jamaica [P1344]        
  Alfold, Surrey, England [P0012]        
  All Hallows London Wall, London, England [P1612]        
  All Saints and Hatchford, St Matthew, Ockham, Surrey, England [P0126]        
  All Saints, Edmonton, Middlesex, England [P1636]        
  All Saints, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England [P1521]        
  Allerton, Yorkshire, England [P0635]        
  Alton, Hampshire [P0580]        
  Alton, Hampshire, England [P0051]        
  Alton,Hampshire,England [P1723]        
  Alverstoke, Hampshire, England [P0266]        
  Amberley, Gloucestershire, England [P1190]        
  Amberley, Sussex, England [P0581]        
  Ancoats, Lancashire, England [P0965]        
  Andrew, Jamaica [P1139]        
  Angus, Scotland [P1061]        
  Annandale, New South Wales, Australia [P0159]        
  Appledore, Kent, England [P0258]        
  Araluen, New South Wales, Australia [P0296]        
  Arrow Creek, British Columbia, Canada [P0989]        
  Artington, Surrey, England [P0598]        
  Arundel, Sussex, England [P0328]        
  Ashburnham, Sussex, England [P0356]        
  Ashburton, Devon, England [P1469]        
  Ashford, Kent, England [P0529]        
  Ashford, Middlesex, England [P1320]        
  Ashington, Sussex, England [P1319]        
  Ashtead, Surrey, England [P0632]        
  Ashurst, Sussex, England [P0025]        
  Atlanta, De Kalb, Georgia, USA [P1103]        
  Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA [P1314]        
  Auckland, New Zealand [P0995]        
  Australia [P0164]        
  Australian Capital Territory, Australia [P1345]        
  Avonmouth, Gloucestershire, England [P0699]        
  Awarua Plains, Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand [P0830]        
  Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England [P0531]        
B Balmain, New South Wales, Australia [P0996]        
  Balranald, New South Wales, Australia [P0167]        
  Baltimore City, Baltimore, Maryland, USA [P1436]        
  Baltimore, Maryland, USA [P1438]        
  Bancroft, Hastings, Ontario, Canada [P1083]        
  Baptism 21.1.1810, Petworth, Sussex, England [P1026]        
  Barbados [P0698]        
  Barham, Kent, England [P1133]        
  Barkham, Berkshire, England [P0011]        
  Barkingside, Essex, England [P1005]        
  Barnes, Surrey, England [P0417]        
  Barnet, Hertfordshire, England [P1249]        
  Basingstoke, Hampshire, England [P0686]        
  Bass Hill, Blaxland, New South Wales, Australia [P1286]        
  Bass Hill, New South Wales, Australia [P1288]        
  Bath, Somerset, England [P0224]        
  Bathurst, Gloucester, New Brunswick, Canada [P0670]        
  Bathwick, Somerset, England [P1011]        
  Battersea, Surrey, England [P0779]        
  Battle, Sussex, England [P0974]        
  Bayswater, Middlesex, England [P1028]        
  Beat 12, Hale, Alabama, USA [P1027]        
  Beckenham, Kent, England [P0511]        
  Beckington, Somerset, England [P1574]        
  Beckley, Sussex, England [P1258]        
  Beddington, Surrey, England [P1303]        
  Bedford, Bedfordshire, England [P1215]        
  Beeston, Norfolk, England [P0856]        
  Belmont, Queensland, Australia [P0590]        
  Berkshire, England [P0234]        
  Bermondsey, London, England [P1238]        
  Bermondsey, Surrey, England [P0744]        
  Berwick Bassett, Wiltshire, England [P0682]        
  Berwick, Victoria, Australia [P1692]        
  Bethnal Green, London, England [P0146]        
  Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England [P1506]        
  Beverley, Yorkshire, England [P1583]        
  Bexhill, Sussex, England [P0123]        
  Bexley, Kent, England [P1013]        
  Bexleyheath, Kent, England [P1012]        
  Billericay, Essex, England [P0453]        
  Billingshurst, Sussex, England [P0029]        
  Binscombe, Surrey, England [P0631]        
  Binsted, Hampshire, England [P0361]        
  Birdham, Sussex, England [P0643]        
  Birkenhead, Cheshire, England [P0494]        
  Birmingham, Warwickshire, England [P1263]        
  Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England [P0741]        
  Bishopsgate, Surrey, England [P0855]        
  Bishopstoke, Hampshire, England [P1411]        
  Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England [P0321]        
  Bisley, Gloucestershire, England [P0301]        
  Blaby, Leicestershire, England [P1702]        
  Black Springs, South Australia, Australia [P1462]        
  Blackfriars, Middlesex, England [P0926]        
  Blean, Kent, England [P1593]        
  Bletchingley, Surrey, England [P0216]        
  Bloomsbury, London, England [P1022]        
  Blyth, South Australia, Australia [P0058]        
  Bognor Regis, Sussex, England [P0873]        
  Bolney, Sussex, England [P1068]        
  Bondi, New South Wales, Australia [P0947]        
  Boone, Davidson, North Carolina, USA [P0625]        
  Bordertown, South Australia, Australia [P0700]        
  Boston Ward 15, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA [P0139]        
  Boston Ward 17, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA [P0557]        
  Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA [P0565]        
  Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA [P0675]        
  Bournemouth, Hampshire, England [P0389]        
  Bow, Middlesex, England [P1644]        
  Boxgrove, Sussex, England [P0136]        
  Bracknell, Berkshire, England [P1519]        
  Braco, Trelawny, Jamaica [P1077]        
  Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia [P0294]        
  Brailsford, Derbyshire, England [P1256]        
  Braintree, Essex, England [P0649]        
  Bramley, Surrey, England [P0039]        
  Bramshott, Hampshire, England [P0206]        
  Branksome, Dorset, England [P0447]        
  Brasted, Kent, England [P0804]        
  Brecknock, Breconshire, Wales [P0764]        
  Brede, Sussex, England [P0116]        
  Brentford, Middlesex, England [P1051]        
  Brentwood, Essex, England [P0340]        
  Brenzett, Kent, England [P0392]        
  Bridge, Kent, England [P1472]        
  Briercrest, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0337]        
  Brighton, South Australia, Australia [P1546]        
  Brighton, Sussex, England [P0191]        
  Brighton, Victoria, Australia [P0350]        
  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia [P0586]        
  Bristol, Gloucestershire, England [P0512]        
  British Columbia, Canada [P0733]        
  British West Indies [P0563]        
  Brixton, Surrey, England [P1240]        
  Broadmoor, Surrey, England [P0214]        
  Broadwater, Sussex, England [P0049]        
  Broadway, Worcestershire, England [P0593]        
  Brockhampton, Oxfordshire, England [P1545]        
  Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia [P1625]        
  Bromley, Kent, England [P0004]        
  Brompton, Kent, England [P1274]        
  Brompton, Middlesex, England [P1273]        
  Brondesbury Park, Middlesex, England [P1151]        
  Brookland, Kent, England [P0380]        
  Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA [P0826]        
  Broomhill, Kent, England [P0778]        
  Brucknell, Victoria, Australia [P0908]        
  Buckinghamshire, England [P0506]        
  Buenos Aires, Argentina [P1444]        
  Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA [P1475]        
  Bungendore, New South Wales, Australia [P0078]        
  Burwood, New South Wales, Australia [P0892]        
  Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England [P0397]        
  Bury, Sussex, England [P1125]        
  Busbridge, Surrey, England [P1102]        
  Buxted, Sussex, England [P0534]        
  Byfleet, Surrey, England [P1224]        
C Caernarvonshire, Wales [P1019]        
  Calamvale, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia [P1135]        
  Callao, Peru [P1262]        
  Camberwell, Surrey, England [P0105]        
  Camberwell, Victoria, Australia [P0066]        
  Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England [P0518]        
  Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA [P0564]        
  Camden, Wicomico, Maryland, USA [P0288]        
  Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia [P1285]        
  Canada [P0109]        
  Canal Zone, Panama [P1489]        
  Canterbury St Dunstan, Kent, England [P1540]        
  Canterbury St Paul, Kent, England [P1543]        
  Canterbury, Kent, England [P0283]        
  Cape Fear, New Hanover, North Carolina, USA [P1296]        
  Capel, Surrey, England [P0714]        
  Captains Flat, New South Wales, Australia [P0374]        
  Caramut, Victoria, Australia [P1468]        
  Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales [P0933]        
  Caribbean [P0226]        
  Carisbrook, Victoria, Australia [P1398]        
  Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, England [P0239]        
  Carrollton, Carroll County, Mississippi, USA [P1452]        
  Carrollton, Carroll, Mississippi, USA [P0202]        
  Carshalton, Surrey, England [P0645]        
  Cartagena, Cochabamba, Bolivia [P1138]        
  Casino, New South Wales, Australia [P1682]        
  Casterton, Victoria, Australia [P0906]        
  Caterham, Surrey, England [P1226]        
  Cawston, Norfolk, England [P0608]        
  Chalford, Gloucestershire, England [P0300]        
  Chapel Hill, Durham, North Carolina, USA [P1340]        
  Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina, USA [P1305]        
  Charlton, Kent, England [P0188]        
  Charlwood, Surrey, England [P1655]        
  Chatham [P1164]        
  Chatham Islands, New Zealand [P0953]        
  Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, England [P0387]        
  Chawton, Hampshire, England [P0055]        
  Chelsea and Deptford, England [P0492]        
  Chelsea, London, England [P0118]        
  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England [P0228]        
  Cheltenham, South Australia, Australia [P1559]        
  Cherry Gardens, South Australia, Australia [P0597]        
  Chertsey, Surrey, England [P0624]        
  Chester, Cheshire, England [P1300]        
  Chesterfield County, South Carolina, USA [P0483]        
  Chichester, Sussex, England [P0050]        
  Chiddingfold, Surrey, England [P0070]        
  Chiddingly, Sussex, England [P1222]        
  Chidham, Sussex, England [P0750]        
  Chilborne [P0805]        
  Chilcomb, Hampshire, England [P0394]        
  Chippenham, Cambridgeshire, England [P0398]        
  Chislehurst, Kent, England [P0416]        
  Chiswick, Middlesex, England [P1431]        
  Chithurst, Sussex, England [P1681]        
  Choctaw County, Alabama, USA [P0484]        
  Chorlton, Lancashire, England [P0964]        
  CHRIST CHURCH, Battersea, Surrey, England [P1688]        
  Christ Church, Camberwell, Surrey, England [P1715]        
  Christ Church, Shamley Green, Surrey, England [P1613]        
  Christ Church, Southgate, Middlesex, England [P0628]        
  Christchurch, Hampshire, England [P0578]        
  Christchurch, London, England [P1513]        
  Christians River, Sussex, England [P1298]        
  Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England [P0683]        
  Clapham, London, England [P0096]        
  Clapham, Surrey, England [P0104]        
  Clapton, Middlesex, England [P0956]        
  Claygate, Holy Trinity, Surrey, England [P0525]        
  Claygate, Surrey, England [P0264]        
  Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England [P0992]        
  CLIFTON, CARLTON ROAD, Sidcup, Kent, England [P0419]        
  Clifton, Gloucestershire, England [P1193]        
  Clutton, Somerset, England [P1581]        
  Cobar, New South Wales, Australia [P0532]        
  Cobargo, New South Wales, Australia [P0946]        
  Cobh, Cork, Ireland [P0785]        
  Cobham, Surrey, England [P0458]        
  Cocking, Sussex, England [P1586]        
  Cohuna, Victoria, Australia [P0903]        
  Colchester, Essex, England [P0835]        
  Coldharbour, Christ Church, Surrey, England [P1667]        
  Coldharbour, Cornwall, England [P1231]        
  Coldwaltham, Sussex, England [P1015]        
  Collegiate Church of St Katherine by the Tower, London, England [P1128]        
  Collie, Forrest, Western Australia, Australia [P0621]        
  Collie, Western Australia, Australia [P0474]        
  Colombo, Western Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka [P1192]        
  Colon, Panama [P1488]        
  Colon; Port Limon [P0513]        
  Columbia, Maury, Tennessee, USA [P0819]        
  Compton (near Goldalming), Surrey, England [P0009]        
  Compton, Guildford, Surrey, UK [P1018]        
  Compton, St Nicholas, Surrey, England [P0423]        
  Condobolin, New South Wales, Australia [P0470]        
  Coombes, Sussex, England [P1405]        
  Coonamble, Darling, New South Wales, Australia [P1532]        
  Coonamble, Gwydir, New South Wales, Australia [P1038]        
  Coonamble, New South Wales, Australia [P1037]        
  Cottondale, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P1418]        
  Court House, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P0569]        
  Courthouse, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P0570]        
  Covent Garden, Middlesex, England [P1045]        
  Cowper, New South Wales, Australia [P0591]        
  Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia [P0759]        
  Cranbrook, Kent, England [P1259]        
  Cranleigh, Surrey, England [P0006]        
  Crawley, Sussex, England [P0537]        
  Crazies Hill, Berkshire, England [P0672]        
  Cricklewood, Middlesex, England [P1150]        
  Cristobal, Canal Zone, Panama [P0626]        
  Cristóbal, Colon, Panama [P0627]        
  Crockenhill, Kent, England [P0111]        
  Crofts Hill, Clarendon, Jamaica [P1187]        
  Crompton, Surrey, England [P0324]        
  Crooked River, Saskatchewan, Canada [P1080]        
  Croydon Common, St James, Surrey, England [P1429]        
  Croydon, Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Kent, Greater London, Essex [P1526]        
  Croydon, Holy Saviour, Surrey, England [P1654]        
  Croydon, St John, Surrey, England [P0437]        
  Croydon, St Peter, Surrey, England [P1660]        
  Croydon, Surrey, England [P0074]        
  Crystal Brook, South Australia, Australia [P0036]        
  Cuckfield, Sussex, England [P0604]        
  Cuddington, Ewell, Surrey, England [P0253]        
  Cumnock, New South Wales, Australia [P0731]        
  Curacao [P0227]        
D Dallington, Sussex, England [P0973]        
  Dandaloo, New South Wales, Australia [P0471]        
  Dandenong, Victoria, Australia [P0259]        
  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania [P1354]        
  Darlinghurst, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [P1165]        
  Darlington, Durham, England [P1282]        
  Dartmoor, Victoria, Australia [P0907]        
  Dayton, Marengo, Alabama, USA [P0545]        
  Deal, Kent, England [P1182]        
  Debden, Essex, England [P0728]        
  Deddington, Oxfordshire, England [P1360]        
  Delaware, USA [P1503]        
  Delhi, India [P1455]        
  Demopolis, Marengo County, Alabama, USA [P1142]        
  Demopolis, Marengo, Alabama, USA [P0212]        
  Denbigh, Denbighshire, Wales [P0969]        
  Denham, Suffolk, England [P0749]        
  Deptford St John, England [P1634]        
  Deptford St Luke, England [P0606]        
  Deptford St Paul, London, England [P0217]        
  Deptford, England [P0491]        
  Deptford, Kent, England [P1331]        
  Deptford, London [P1575]        
  Derbyshire, England [P0967]        
  Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA [P0707]        
  Devonport, New Zealand [P0016]        
  died in C.S.A. [P1107]        
  Dimboola, Victoria, Australia [P0163]        
  Dipley, Hampshire, England [P1116]        
  District 1, Orange, North Carolina, USA [P0478]        
  Dorking, Surrey, England [P0249]        
  Dormans, Surrey, England [P1497]        
  Dorset, England [P0746]        
  Dovedale, Nelson, New Zealand [P0882]        
  Dovedale, Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand [P0293]        
  Dover, Kent, England [P0053]        
  Drinkwater, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0338]        
  Drouin, Victoria, Australia [P0261]        
  Drummoyne, New South Wales, Australia [P1631]        
  Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia [P0170]        
  Dublin South, Ireland [P0878]        
  Dublin, Dublin, Ireland [P0758]        
  Dublin, Ireland [P1020]        
  Dukinfield, Cheshire, England [P1389]        
  Dulwich and Peckham, England [P0765]        
  Dulwich, Surrey, England [P0766]        
  Duncans, Trelawny, Jamaica [P1346]        
  Duncton, Sussex, England [P0849]        
  Dundee, Angus, Scotland [P1060]        
  Dunnington, Sussex, England [P1106]        
  Dunsfold, St Mary and All Saints, Surrey, England [P1200]        
  Dunsfold, Surrey, England [P0034]        
  Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa [P1353]        
  Durham North Western, Durham [P1709]        
  Durham, Durham, England [P0488]        
  Durham, England [P1456]        
E Ealing St Mary, England [P1664]        
  Ealing, Hampshire, England [P0393]        
  Ealing, Middlesex, England [P0438]        
  Easebourne, Sussex, England [P0615]        
  Eashing, Surrey, England [P0832]        
  East Bradenham, Norfolk, England [P0400]        
  East Brixton, London, England [P1209]        
  East Clandon, Surrey, England [P1604]        
  East Dorset, Dorset, England [P0879]        
  East Grinstead, Sussex, England [P0097]        
  East Guildford, Sussex, England [P0241]        
  East Guldeford, Sussex, England [P0864]        
  East Ham, Essex, England [P0834]        
  East Knoyle, Wiltshire, England [P0352]        
  East Preston and Kingston, Sussex, England [P0697]        
  East Preston, Sussex, England [P0696]        
  East Terrace , Adelaide, South Australia, Australia [P1242]        
  East Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia [P1241]        
  Eastbourne, Sussex, East Sussex, England [P1381]        
  Eastbourne, Sussex, England [P0069]        
  Eastern, Dorset, England [P0046]        
  Eastern, Surrey, England [P1496]        
  Eastmoor, Hampshire, England [P1085]        
  Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire West Riding [P1610]        
  Edenbridge, Kent, England [P1141]        
  Edgware, Middlesex, England [P0345]        
  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada [P0976]        
  Edmonton, London, England [P0094]        
  Edmonton, Middlesex, England [P0093]        
  Edmonton, Surrey, England [P1413]        
  Effingham, Surrey, England [P0600]        
  Elham, Kent, England [P1597]        
  Elizabeth, South Australia, Australia [P1338]        
  Elmhurst, Victoria, Australia [P1126]        
  Elstead, Surrey, England [P0595]        
  Emsworth, Hampshire, England [P1048]        
  Enfield St Andrew, England [P1683]        
  Enfield, Middlesex, England [P0524]        
  England [P0067]        
  England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland [P0086]        
  Epping, Essex, England [P1414]        
  Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand [P0841]        
  Epsom, St Martin, Surrey, England [P1467]        
  Epsom, Surrey, England [P0063]        
  Erith, Kent, England [P0085]        
  Esher, Surrey, England [P0232]        
  Essex South Western, Essex, England [P1416]        
  Essex, England [P1179]        
  Eton, Buckinghamshire, England [P1181]        
  Ewell, Kent, England [P0727]        
  Ewell, St Mary, Surrey, England [P1267]        
  Ewell, Surrey, England [P0254]        
  Ewhurst, Surrey, England [P0341]        
  Ewhurst, Sussex, England [P1114]        
  Exeter [P0132]        
  Exeter, Devon, England [P1009]        
  Eynesford, Kent, England [P0135]        
  Eynsford, Kent, England [P0110]        
F Faculty Office [P1628]        
  Fairlight, Sussex, England [P0124]        
  Farlingate [P1480]        
  Farm Cottages, Wanborough, Surrey [P0468]        
  Farmville, Cumberland, Virginia, USA [P0822]        
  Farnborough, Surrey [P1647]        
  Farncombe, St John, Surrey, England [P0793]        
  Farncombe, Surrey, England [P0251]        
  Farnham, St Andrew, Surrey, England [P1669]        
  Farnham, Surrey, England [P0583]        
  Farningham, Kent, England [P1336]        
  Farringdon Without, England [P0485]        
  Farringdon Without, St Sepulchre [P0659]        
  Farthings, Middlesex, England [P1518]        
  Faunsdale, Marengo, Alabama, USA [P0514]        
  Faversham, Kent, England [P0147]        
  Fawsley, Northamptonshire, England [P0921]        
  Felpham, Sussex, England [P0738]        
  Feltham, Middlesex, England [P1419]        
  Ferring, Sussex, England [P1433]        
  Fetcham, Kent, England [P0185]        
  Fetcham, Surrey, England [P0184]        
  Finchampstead, Berkshire, England [P1031]        
  Finsbury and Fulham, England [P1082]        
  Finsbury, Middlesex, England [P1054]        
  Fishersgate, Sussex, England [P1108]        
  Fittleworth, Sussex, England [P0203]        
  Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia [P1301]        
  Fleet Street, Middlesex, England [P0378]        
  Fleet street,Middlesex, England [P0379]        
  Florence, Lauderdale, Alabama, USA [P1063]        
  Florida [P1111]        
  Folkestone, Kent, England [P0120]        
  Fornham St Martin, Suffolk, England [P0773]        
  Fort Oglethorpe, Catoosa, Georgia, USA [P1465]        
  Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0100]        
  France [P0772]        
  France & Flanders [P1023]        
  France Lynch, Gloucestershire, England [P0809]        
  Fraziers Farm [P1071]        
  Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia [P0081]        
  Frensham, Surrey, England [P0757]        
  Friern Barnet, Middlesex, England [P0426]        
  Frimley, Surrey, England [P0911]        
  Frindsbury, Kent, England [P1538]        
  FROM KENT, ENG. TO CAN. [P0108]        
  Froxfield Green, Hampshire, England [P0796]        
  Fulham, London, England [P0509]        
G Gadsden, Florida, USA [P1113]        
  Gaines Mill [P1069]        
  Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire, England [P0181]        
  Gateshead, Durham, England [P0319]        
  Gibraltar [P0693]        
  Gibraltar; Marseilles; Hong Kong; Port Said; Kobe; Naples [P0487]        
  Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada [P1075]        
  Gillingham, Kent, England [P1516]        
  Gilmorton, Leicestershire, England [P1228]        
  Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland [P0663]        
  Gloucester [P0927]        
  Gloucestershire, England [P0302]        
  Godalming, St Peter and St Paul, Surrey, England [P0791]        
  Godalming, Surrey, England [P0113]        
  Godstone, St Nicholas, Surrey, England [P0075]        
  Godstone, Surrey, England [P0516]        
  Gold Spring, Utah, United States [P0783]        
  Gore, Otago, New Zealand [P0017]        
  Goring, Sussex, England [P0027]        
  Gosford, New South Wales, Australia [P1367]        
  Gosport, Hampshire, England [P0596]        
  Goudhurst, Kent, England [P1260]        
  Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland [P1194]        
  Goyder, South Australia, Australia [P0057]        
  Grace Plains, South Australia [P1502]        
  Granville, Reid, New South Wales, Australia [P1136]        
  Gravesend, Kent, England [P0504]        
  Great Bookham, St Nicolas, Surrey, England [P0870]        
  Great Bookham, Surrey, England [P0329]        
  Great Chart, Kent, England [P1564]        
  Great Finborough, Suffolk, England [P0646]        
  Greater London, Kent, Surrey, United Kingdom [P1501]        
  Greene County, Alabama, USA [P1002]        
  Greenlane, Auckland, New Zealand [P0840]        
  Greensboro Ward 2, Guilford, North Carolina, USA [P0481]        
  Greensboro Ward 4, Guilford, North Carolina, USA [P0480]        
  Greensboro, Guilford County, North Carolina, USA [P0479]        
  Greensboro, Guilford, North Carolina, USA [P0291]        
  Greenslopes, Bowman, Queensland, Australia [P0640]        
  Greenwich, Kent, England [P1059]        
  Greenwich, London [P1058]        
  Grendon Underwood, Buckinghamshire, England [P0272]        
  Griffith, New South Wales, Australia [P0165]        
  Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada [P1603]        
  Guildford House, Warren Road, Guildford, Surrey, UK [P0827]        
  Guildford St Mary, Surrey, England [P1665]        
  Guildford, Surrey, England [P0010]        
H Hackney Dalston , London, England [P1476]        
  Hackney St John, England [P1716]        
  Hackney, London, England [P1507]        
  Hackney, Middlesex, England [P0539]        
  Haggerston, Middlesex, England [P1115]        
  Haighs Yard, Micklegate, Selby, Yorkshire [P0562]        
  Hailsham, Sussex, England [P1000]        
  Hale County, Alabama, USA [P0428]        
  Hale, Alabama, USA [P0429]        
  Haliburton, Ontario, Canada [P1596]        
  Halifax, New York, Canada [P0669]        
  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada [P1473]        
  Halliford, Shepperton,Surrey,England [P1223]        
  Halnaker, Sussex, England [P0237]        
  Halton, Cheshire, England [P0867]        
  Hambleden, Surrey, England [P0573]        
  Hambledon, Kent, England [P0574]        
  Hambledon, St Peter, Surrey, England [P1201]        
  Hambledon, Surrey, England [P0040]        
  Hamilton, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia [P1368]        
  Hamlet, London, England [P0522]        
  Hammersmith Shepherds Bush, London, England [P1229]        
  Hammersmith St Peter, England [P1659]        
  Hammersmith, England [P0316]        
  Hammersmith, London [P1577]        
  Hammersmith, London, England [P0382]        
  Hammersmith, Middlesex, England [P1153]        
  Hampden Park, Sussex, England [P0457]        
  Hampshire, England [P0059]        
  Hampstead and Holborn, England [P1152]        
  Hampstead, Greater London, Middlesex [P1408]        
  Hampstead, Middlesex, England [P0192]        
  Hampton Hill St James, England [P1520]        
  Hampton Hill St James,Middlesex, England [P1522]        
  Hampton Hill, Middlesex, England [P1509]        
  Hampton Wick, Middlesex, England [P0610]        
  Hampton Wick, Surrey, England [P1511]        
  Hampton, Middlesex, England [P0845]        
  Hampton, Surrey, England [P0847]        
  Hamworthy, Dorset, England [P0376]        
  Hanley, Staffordshire, England [P0047]        
  Hannington, Hampshire, England [P1329]        
  Hardham, Sussex, England [P1039]        
  Harrow, Middlesex, England [P0510]        
  Hartfield, Sussex, England [P0644]        
  Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, England [P0592]        
  Hartselle, Morgan, Alabama, USA [P1313]        
  Harwich, Essex, England [P1117]        
  Hascombe, Surrey, England [P1428]        
  Haslemere, Surrey, England [P0674]        
  Hastings, Sussex, England [P0092]        
  Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England [P1265]        
  Havana, Hale, Alabama, USA [P0434]        
  Havanna, Hale, Alabama, USA [P0869]        
  Havant, Hampshire, England [P1255]        
  Hawkhurst, Kent, England [P0623]        
  Hawley, Hampshire, England [P1485]        
  Hay Street, Perth [P1244]        
  Headingley, Yorkshire, England [P1333]        
  Headington, Oxfordshire, England [P0179]        
  Headley [P1623]        
  Headley, Hampshire, England [P0364]        
  Heathfield, Sussex, England [P0533]        
  Heckfield, Hampshire, England [P0594]        
  Heene, Sussex, England [P0238]        
  Hellingly, Sussex, England [P0080]        
  Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England [P0117]        
  Hendon, Middlesex, England [P1321]        
  Herefordshire, England [P0173]        
  Herne Bay, Kent, England [P0107]        
  Herne Hill, Surrey, England [P1397]        
  Herne, Kent, England [P0612]        
  Herriard, Hampshire, England [P0872]        
  Hersham, Hampshire [P1233]        
  Hersham, Surrey, England [P1088]        
  Herstmonceux, Sussex, England [P0842]        
  Hertford, Hertfordshire, England [P0172]        
  Hessle (near Ackworth), Yorkshire, England [P0243]        
  Heston, Middlesex, England [P0421]        
  Heworth, Durham, England [P1281]        
  High Barnet, Middlesex, England [P1207]        
  High Bickington, Devon, England [P0636]        
  Highfield, Hampshire, England [P1268]        
  Hillingdon, Greater London, England [P0576]        
  Hills Green, Kirdford, Sussex, England [P0726]        
  Hillsborough, Orange County, North Carolina, USA [P0440]        
  Hillsborough, Orange, North Carolina, USA [P0199]        
  Hillston, New South Wales, Australia [P0724]        
  Hirgston, Surrey, England [P1087]        
  Hitchin, Hertfordshire, England [P0342]        
  Hoath, Kent, England [P1185]        
  Hobart, Tasmania, Australia [P0599]        
  Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England [P1594]        
  Hodesllon, Hertfordshire, England [P0413]        
  Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England [P0177]        
  Holborn, Middlesex, England [P0133]        
  Holdenhurst, Hampshire, England [P0388]        
  Holderness, Yorkshire East Riding, England [P1132]        
  Hollington, Sussex, England [P0806]        
  Holmbury St Mary, Surrey, England [P0684]        
  Holmwood, St Mary, Surrey, England [P0603]        
  Holmwood, Surrey, England [P0602]        
  Holy Trinity With St Paul’s School,London, England [P1450]        
  Holy Trinity, Richmond, Surrey, England [P1713]        
  Holy Trinity, Surrey, England [P0934]        
  Homerton, Middlesex, England [P1393]        
  Honiton, Devon, England [P0950]        
  Hook, Surrey, England [P1021]        
  Hope, Nelson, New Zealand [P1280]        
  Hopetoun, Victoria, Australia [P0905]        
  Hordle, Hampshire, England [P1210]        
  Horley, Surrey, England [P0572]        
  Horne, Surrey, England [P0861]        
  Horningsham, Wiltshire, England [P0719]        
  Hornsey, Middlesex, England [P0898]        
  Horsham, Sussex, England [P0032]        
  Horsham, Victoria, Australia [P0981]        
  Horsleydown, Surrey, England [P0427]        
  Hounslow Heath, Middlesex, England [P1050]        
  Hounslow, Middlesex, England [P0420]        
  Hove, Sussex, England [P0145]        
  Hull, Yorkshire, England [P0244]        
  Hungerford, Berkshire, England [P1227]        
  Hunsdon, Hertfordshire, England [P1652]        
  Hunter, Charlestown, New South Wales, Australia [P1252]        
  Hurst [P0222]        
  Hurst, Berkshire, England [P1030]        
  Hurstmonceaux, Sussex, England [P0886]        
  Hurstville, New South Wales, Australia [P1690]        
  Hylton, Durham, England [P0318]        
  Hypps, Wisborough Green, Sussex, England [P1326]        
I Icklesham, Sussex, England [P1403]        
  Iden, Sussex, England [P0282]        
  Ifield, Sussex, England [P0782]        
  Ilford, Essex, England [P1006]        
  Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England [P0962]        
  India [P0276]        
  Indian Head, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0148]        
  Infirmary, Leeds, Yorkshire, England [P1410]        
  Ingatestone, Essex, England [P1605]        
  Inglewood, Victoria, Australia [P1399]        
  Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand [P0828]        
  Ipswich, Queensland, Australia [P0838]        
  Ipswich, Suffolk, England [P1213]        
  Ireland [P0685]        
  Iron Acton, Gloucestershire, England [P1377]        
  Isington, Hampshire, England [P1173]        
  Isle of Dage, Poplar [P1446]        
  Isleworth, Middlesex, England [P0912]        
  Islington, Middlesex, England [P0753]        
  Itchingfield, Sussex, England [P1616]        
  Ivychurch, Kent, England [P0381]        
J Jacksonville, Duval, Florida, USA [P1112]        
  Jamaica [P0141]        
  Jamaica College [P1350]        
  Jamaica College, Jamaica [P1351]        
  Jamaica Government Services [P1348]        
  Jamaica Plain, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA [P0424]        
  Jamaica, West Indies [P1109]        
  Jamestown, South Australia, Australia [P1220]        
  Jarrahdale, Western Australia, Australia [P1407]        
  Jersey, Channel Islands [P0748]        
K Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia [P0619]        
  Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada [P0507]        
  Kaniva, Victoria, Australia [P0916]        
  Kanpp Hill, Surrey, England [P1264]        
  Karoonda, South Australia, Australia [P1154]        
  Kaslo Electoral District, Kootenay West, British Columbia, Canada [P0991]        
  Keilli, South Australia, Australia [P1172]        
  Kembla, Cunningham, New South Wales, Australia [P0943]        
  Kemeshford, Surrey, England [P0656]        
  Kemishford, Surrey, England [P0986]        
  Kennington, Surrey, England [P0938]        
  Kensington [P0541]        
  Kensington North, England [P0876]        
  Kensington St James Norlands, England [P0875]        
  Kensington, London [P1582]        
  Kensington, London, England [P0466]        
  Kensington, Middlesex, England [P0853]        
  Kensington, South Australia [P1591]        
  Kensington, South Australia, Australia [P1722]        
  Kent, England [P0142]        
  Kew, Victoria, Australia [P0037]        
  Keynsham, Somerset, England [P0737]        
  Kiata, Victoria, Australia [P0743]        
  Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England [P0851]        
  Kilburn, Middlesex, England [P1230]        
  Kilham, London, England [P0508]        
  Killed at battle of Chancellorsville, Chancellor, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA [P1307]        
  Kilmainham, Dublin, Ireland [P1057]        
  Kimberworth, Yorkshire, England [P0153]        
  Kingsland, Middlesex, England [P0418]        
  KINGSTON [P0372]        
  Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England [P0233]        
  Kingston, Hospital surrey [P0896]        
  Kingston, Jamaica [P0306]        
  Kingston, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA [P1584]        
  Kingston, South Australia, Australia [P0647]        
  Kingston, Surrey, England [P0535]        
  Kingston, Surrey, Jamaica [P1017]        
  Kingston, Surry, Jamaica [P1159]        
  Kirdford, Sussex, England [P0127]        
  Kirwen, Staffordshire, England [P0614]        
  Knaphill, Surrey, England [P0971]        
  Knockaun Cappaghg, Waterford, Ireland [P1093]        
  Kobe, Hyogo, Japan [P0486]        
  Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia [P0701]        
  Kootenay East, British Columbia, Canada [P0990]        
  Kotara, Hunter, New South Wales, Australia [P0555]        
  Kuox Bay Thurlow Isl, Comox, British Columbia, Canada [P1291]        
L Ladbroke Grove St John the Evangelist, England [P1687]        
  Lake City, Columbia, Florida, USA [P0706]        
  Lake George, Eden Monaro, New South Wales, Australia [P0373]        
  Lake George, Eden Monaro,New South Wales, Australia [P1335]        
  Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida, USA [P1110]        
  Lambayeque, Peru [P1261]        
  Lambeth, London [P1447]        
  Lambeth, Surrey, England [P0106]        
  Lambton, New South Wales, Australia [P0554]        
  Lambton, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia [P0551]        
  Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland [P0692]        
  Lancashire, England [P0843]        
  Lancaster Gate Christ Church, England [P0334]        
  Lancing, Sussex, England [P0143]        
  Lang Lang, Flinders, Victoria, Australia [P0857]        
  Lang Lang, Victoria, Australia [P0618]        
  Langham, Saskatchewan, Canada [P1401]        
  Langley, British Columbia, Canada [P0408]        
  Langport, Somerset, England [P1378]        
  Launceston, Tasmania, Australia [P0893]        
  Lavant, Sussex, England [P0752]        
  Laverton, Western Australia, Australia [P0877]        
  Leeds North Register Office [P1695]        
  Leeds North, Yorkshire West Riding [P1696]        
  Leeds North, Yorkshire West Riding, England [P1283]        
  Leeds, Ontario, Canada [P1474]        
  Leeds, Sheepscar, St Clement, West Yorkshire, England [P0561]        
  Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding, England [P1332]        
  Leeds, Yorkshire-West Riding, England [P1284]        
  Leeds, Yorkshire, England [P0265]        
  Leicester, Leicestershire, England [P0650]        
  Leicestershire, England [P0151]        
  Leicestershire, Rutland, England [P0968]        
  Leominster, Sussex, England [P0601]        
  Levin, Horowhenua, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand [P1422]        
  Lewes [P1055]        
  Lewes, Sussex, England [P0720]        
  Lewisham, Kent, England [P0174]        
  Lewisham, London, England [P1499]        
  Lexington, Rockbridge, Virginia, USA [P1437]        
  Leyton, Essex, England [P0729]        
  Leyton, London, England [P1415]        
  liberton parish, Lanarkshire [P0691]        
  Lichfield, Staffordshire, England [P1458]        
  Lidgate, Berkshire, England [P1304]        
  Limehouse, London, England [P0001]        
  Limerick, Ireland [P1334]        
  limestone Plains, New Zealand [P1638]        
  Limpsfield, Surrey, England [P0077]        
  Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England [P0285]        
  Lingfield, St Peter and St Paul, Surrey, England [P1711]        
  Lingfield, Surrey, England [P1494]        
  Lismore, New South Wales, Australia [P0637]        
  Lismore, Richmond, New South Wales, Australia [P0505]        
  Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia [P1406]        
  Littlehampton, Sussex, England [P0112]        
  Littleton, Middlesex, England [P0932]        
  Littleworth, Sussex, England [P1014]        
  lived at Walnut Lane, Demopolis, Ala. buried Tuscaloosa [P1457]        
  Liverpool [P1163]        
  Liverpool South, Werriwa, New South Wales, Australia [P1482]        
  Liverpool, Lancashire, England [P0451]        
  Liverpool, Werriwa, New South Wales, Australia [P1481]        
  Liverton, Devon, England [P1390]        
  Llandaff, Glamorgan, Wales [P0497]        
  Llandudno [P1072]        
  Llandudno, Caernarvonshire, Wales [P0469]        
  Llanover, Monmouthshire, Wales [P1184]        
  Llwydcoed, Glamorgan, Wales [P0831]        
  Lobethal, South Australia, Australia [P1531]        
  Loddington and Thorpe Malsor, Northamptonshire, England [P0667]        
  Lodsworth, Sussex, England [P0957]        
  London [P0633]        
  London Docks St Peter, England [P0776]        
  London Stoke Newington , London, Middlesex, England [P0848]        
  London, England [P0252]        
  London, England and Boulogne sur Mer, France [P0821]        
  London, London, England [P0033]        
  London, Middlesex, England [P1500]        
  Long Ditton, Surrey, England [P0515]        
  Long Stanton All Saints Cambridge [P1718]        
  Longacre, London, England [P0897]        
  Longfleet, Dorset, England [P0045]        
  Longford, Ireland [P1615]        
  Longport, Kent, England [P1245]        
  Loos-en-Gohelle [P0278]        
  Lorrimore Square St Paul, England [P1680]        
  Los Angeles, California, USA [P1339]        
  Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA [P0786]        
  Loughborough, Leicestershire, England [P1642]        
  Lower Beeding, Sussex, England [P1270]        
  Loxwood, Sussex, England [P0544]        
  Lurgashall, Sussex, England [P1693]        
  Luton, Bedfordshire, England [P0452]        
  Lymington, Warwickshire, England [P1514]        
  Lympsfield, Surrey, England [P0076]        
  Lynton, Devon, England [P0560]        
M Macksville, New South Wales, Australia [P1049]        
  Macon, Marengo, Alabama, USA [P1310]        
  Maidenhead, Berkshire, England [P0694]        
  Maidstone, Kent, England [P0246]        
  Maitland, New South Wales, Australia [P1134]        
  Malaysia [P0690]        
  Malden, Surrey, England [P1454]        
  Maldon All Saints, Essex, England [P0711]        
  Maldon, Essex, England [P0708]        
  Mallala [P1547]        
  Mallala, South Australia [P1548]        
  MALVERN, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia [P0918]        
  Manassas No. 2 [P1309]        
  Manchester, Jamaica [P1121]        
  Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia [P0844]        
  Manhattan, Kings, New York, USA [P1137]        
  Mannville, Minburn, Alberta, Canada [P0998]        
  Manoora, South Australia, Australia [P1046]        
  Mansfield, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, England [P1504]        
  Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England [P1257]        
  Marengo County, Alabama, USA [P0430]        
  Marengo, Alabama, USA [P0250]        
  Maresfield, Sussex, England [P1119]        
  MARINO, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia [P1445]        
  Marion, Perry, Alabama, USA [P0546]        
  Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, England [P1633]        
  Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England [P0762]        
  Marple, Cheshire, England [P1225]        
  Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia [P0155]        
  Martyr Worthy, Hampshire, England [P0060]        
  Maryland [P0286]        
  Maryland, USA [P0662]        
  Marylebone, Greater London, Middlesex [P1536]        
  Marylebone, London [P1579]        
  Marylebone, London, England [P1442]        
  Marylebone, London, Middlesex, England [P1010]        
  Marylebone, Middlesex, England [P0439]        
  Massachusetts, USA [P0501]        
  MASSETS RD, Horley, Surrey, England [P1412]        
  Matanzas, Cuba [P1490]        
  Mataura, Southland, New Zealand [P0015]        
  Matilda Street, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0931]        
  Matlock, Derbyshire, England [P0723]        
  Maughold, Garff, Isle of Man [P1609]        
  Mayfield, Sussex, England [P0634]        
  Mayford, Surrey, England [P0218]        
  Maylands, Perth, Western Australia, Australia [P0083]        
  Maylands, Western Australia, Australia [P1365]        
  Maymont, Saskatchewan, Canada [P1653]        
  McGill University, Canada [P1347]        
  Méaulte, Somme, Picardie, France [P0979]        
  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [P0065]        
  Melfast, Saskatchewan [P1294]        
  Merewether, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia [P0552]        
  Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA [P1684]        
  Merrylands West, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia [P0331]        
  Merton, Greater London, England [P0780]        
  Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida, USA [P1188]        
  Micheldever, Hampshire, England [P0734]        
  Michigan, USA [P0705]        
  Mickleham, Surrey, England [P0183]        
  Middlesex [P0326]        
  Middlesex, England [P0115]        
  Middlesex, Hanover, Jamaica [P0566]        
  Middlesex, Surrey, England [P1091]        
  Midhurst, Sussex, England [P0954]        
  Midsomer Norton, Somerset, England [P0858]        
  Midsomer Norton,Somerset,England [P1720]        
  Mildenhall, Suffolk, England [P1004]        
  Mildura, Victoria, Australia [P0721]        
  Mile End Old Town, London, England [P0204]        
  Military, England [P1510]        
  Mill Hill, Middlesex, England [P1375]        
  Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire, England [P0735]        
  Mirboo North, Victoria, Australia [P0909]        
  Mississippi, USA [P0201]        
  Missouri, USA [P0781]        
  Mitcham, Surrey, England [P0344]        
  Mitchell, Maranoa, Queensland, Australia [P1217]        
  Mitchell, Queensland, Australia [P0641]        
  Monken Hadley, Middlesex, England [P1208]        
  Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England [P1143]        
  Montréal, Montréal (Urban Agglomeration), Quebec, Canada [P0687]        
  Montréal, Québec, Canada [P0963]        
  Moora, Western Australia, Australia [P0256]        
  Mornington, Victoria, Australia [P0351]        
  Mortdale, New South Wales, Australia [P1041]        
  Morton, Lincolnshire, England [P0966]        
  Moruya, New South Wales, Australia [P1598]        
  Morwell, Victoria, Australia [P0263]        
  Mosman, New South Wales, Australia [P1191]        
  Motueka, New Zealand [P0994]        
  Motueka, Tasman, New Zealand [P1278]        
  Motupipi, Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand [P0339]        
  Moulton, Lincolnshire, England [P0462]        
  Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina, USA [P0209]        
  Mount Benson, South Australia, Australia [P1067]        
  Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia [P0169]        
  Mount Gravatt, Moreton, Queensland, Australia [P0589]        
  Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England [P0761]        
  MT Airy Ward 2, Surry, North Carolina, USA [P0208]        
  Mugginton, Derbyshire, England [P0960]        
  Multnomah, Oregon, USA [P1293]        
  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India [P0695]        
  MURRAYVILLE, B.C. CAN. [P0407]        
  Myponga, South Australia, Australia [P0048]        
N N [P1402]        
  Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, England [P0919]        
  Naracoorte, South Australia, Australia [P0984]        
  Narrabeen, New South Wales, Australia [P0156]        
  Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia [P1034]        
  Narromine, New South Wales, Australia [P0859]        
  Naves, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France [P0680]        
  Nayland, Suffolk, England [P0493]        
  Neath, Glamorgan, Wales [P0271]        
  Nedlands, Curtin, Western Australia, Australia [P0280]        
  Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia [P0281]        
  Nelson, Forrest, Western Australia, Australia [P0977]        
  Nelson, New Zealand [P0292]        
  Nelson, South Island, New Zealand [P0885]        
  Nelson, South Island, NewZealand., [P0884]        
  Nesfield Green Lane, New Eltham SE [P1237]        
  New Alresford, Hampshire, England [P0128]        
  New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA [P1635]        
  New Hanover, North Carolina, USA [P1197]        
  New Jersey, USA [P1525]        
  New Lambton South, Hunter, New South Wales, Australia [P0553]        
  New Lambton, New South Wales, Australia [P0556]        
  New Lambton, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia [P1253]        
  New Lambton, Shortland, New South Wales, Australia [P1251]        
  New Malden, Surrey, England [P0521]        
  New Orleans, Jefferson, Louisiana, USA [P1451]        
  New Shoreham, Sussex, England [P0616]        
  New South Wales, Australia [P0158]        
  New York and Le Havre [P0448]        
  New York City no 45, New York, United States [P0825]        
  New York, Bronx, New York [P1140]        
  New York, Manhattan, New York [P0784]        
  New York, New York, USA [P0229]        
  New York, USA [P0668]        
  New Zealand [P0021]        
  Newbern, Hale, Alabama, USA [P1297]        
  Newbottle, Durham, England [P0461]        
  Newbury, Berkshire, England [P1400]        
  Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia [P0550]        
  Newchurch, Kent, England [P0863]        
  Newcross S E [P0607]        
  Newington, London, England [P0530]        
  Newington, Surrey, England [P0297]        
  Newmarket, York, Ontario, Canada [P0732]        
  Newport, Essex, England [P0924]        
  Newton Abbot, Devon, England [P1130]        
  Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [P0730]        
  Nhill, Victoria, Australia [P0160]        
  Nightcaps, Southland, Southland, New Zealand [P1394]        
  Ninfield, Sussex, England [P1492]        
  No Township Listed, New Hanover County, North Carolina, USA [P0435]        
  Nokomis, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0149]        
  Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France [P0678]        
  Norfolk, England [P1484]        
  Norfolk, Independent Cities, Virginia, USA [P0558]        
  Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia, USA [P1177]        
  Norfolk, Virginia, USA [P1364]        
  Norlands, Middlesex, England [P1483]        
  Normanville, South Australia, Australia [P1614]        
  North Adelaide, South Australia [P1592]        
  North Bersted, Sussex, England [P0455]        
  North Carolina, USA [P0198]        
  North Carrollton, Carroll County, Mississippi, USA [P0213]        
  North East Hampshire, Hampshire [P1648]        
  North Pine, Petrie, Queensland, Australia [P0588]        
  North Stoke , Amberley, Sussex, England [P1443]        
  North Stoke, Sussex, England [P0582]        
  North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [P1600]        
  North, Sussex, England [P0642]        
  Northam, Western Australia, Australia [P1199]        
  Northchapel, Sussex, England [P0467]        
  Northcote, Victoria, Australia [P1218]        
  Northfield, South Australia, Australia [P0310]        
  Northwold, Norfolk, England [P0176]        
  Norton Disney, Lincolnshire, England [P1024]        
  Norton Lewes [P1118]        
  Norton; Lewes, Sussex, England [P1120]        
  Norwich, Norfolk, England [P0519]        
  Norwood, South Australia, Australia [P0617]        
  Norwood, Surrey, England [P1417]        
  Notting Hill, Middlesex, England [P0333]        
  Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England [P0242]        
  Nottinghamshire, England [P0298]        
  Nowra, New South Wales, Australia [P1325]        
  Nuffield, Oxfordshire, England [P1315]        
  Nunhead, Kent, England [P1175]        
  Nutfield, Surrey, England [P0860]        
  Nuthurst, Sussex, England [P0725]        
  Nutter’s District, Worcester County, Maryland, USA [P0542]        
  Nyngan, New South Wales, Australia [P1617]        
O Oakham, Rutland, England [P1299]        
  Ockham, Surrey, England [P1290]        
  Ockley, Surrey, England [P0162]        
  of This Parish [P1043]        
  of Westery Green. [P0360]        
  Old Romney, Kent, England [P0777]        
  Ontario, Canada [P0279]        
  Orange [P0200]        
  Orange, North Carolina, USA [P0432]        
  Oregon, USA [P1292]        
  Oswestry, Shropshire, England [P1674]        
  Otago, New Zealand [P0839]        
  Out of Wiltshire [P1042]        
  Oving, Sussex, England [P0327]        
  Oxford, Oxfordshire [P1719]        
  Oxford, Oxfordshire, England [P0052]        
  Oxley, Great Britain [P1250]        
  Oxshott, Surrey, England [P1196]        
P Paddington Green St Mary, England [P0349]        
  Paddington St John, England [P1064]        
  Paddington, Greater London, Middlesex [P0790]        
  Paddington, London [P0881]        
  Paddington, London, England [P0498]        
  Paddington, London, United Kingdom [P1361]        
  Paddington, Middlesex, England [P0464]        
  Paddington, New South Wales, Australia [P1587]        
  Painswick, Gloucestershire, England [P0359]        
  Pallaskenry, Lim, Ireland [P0584]        
  Pallaskenry, Limerick, Ireland [P1423]        
  Panama [P1486]        
  Panama, Colon [P1491]        
  Pancras, London [P1651]        
  Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand [P1424]        
  Paradise, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia [P1470]        
  Parish of St. Thomas in the Vale, Middlesex, Jamaica [P0887]        
  Parkes, New South Wales, Australia [P0166]        
  Parramatta Rd; Forest Ladge [P0157]        
  Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France [P0980]        
  Passchendaele, Passendale, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium [P1373]        
  Patching, Sussex, England [P0751]        
  Peakhurst, Banks, New South Wales, Australia [P0703]        
  Peakhurst, New South Wales, Australia [P1626]        
  Peasmarsh, Sussex, England [P0119]        
  Peckham Rye, Surrey, England [P0415]        
  Peckham, Surrey, England [P0369]        
  Pelly, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0346]        
  Penang, Malaysia [P0689]        
  Penge, Kent, England [P0677]        
  Penge, Surrey, England [P0676]        
  Pennsylvania, USA [P0717]        
  PENWORTHAM, South Australia, AUSTRALIA [P0336]        
  Peper Harow, Surrey, England [P0526]        
  Perth, Western Australia, Australia [P0038]        
  Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, England [P1122]        
  Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England [P0622]        
  Petersburg South Ward, Petersburg (Independent City), Virginia, United States [P0661]        
  Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Virginia, USA [P0660]        
  Petersfield, Hampshire, England [P0648]        
  Petworth, Sussex, England [P0335]        
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA [P1053]        
  Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA [P0716]        
  Philladelphia, USA [P1384]        
  Pimlico, Middlesex, England [P1272]        
  Pindi, Punjab, Pakistan [P1094]        
  Pinnaroo, South Australia, Australia [P1342]        
  Plantation, Broward, Florida, USA [P1409]        
  Playden, Sussex, England [P0865]        
  Plumstead, Kent, England [P0084]        
  Plymouth, Devon, England [P0225]        
  Pokesdown, Hampshire, England [P0390]        
  Polegate, Sussex, England [P1461]        
  Poole, Dorset, England [P0044]        
  Poplar [P0205]        
  Poplar All Hallows, England [P1672]        
  Poplar, London, England [P1453]        
  Poplar, Middlesex, England [P0000]        
  Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand [P1269]        
  Port Adelaide, South Australia, Australia [P1221]        
  Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica [P0500]        
  Port Broughton, South Australia, Australia [P0473]        
  Port Campbell, Victoria, Australia [P0260]        
  Port Henderson, Saint Catherine, Jamaica [P1032]        
  Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia [P0472]        
  Port Morant, Saint Thomas, Jamaica [P1033]        
  Port Pirie, South Australia, Australia [P0808]        
  Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica [P0745]        
  Portsea, Hampshire, England [P1535]        
  Portslade-By-Sea, Sussex, England [P0267]        
  Portslade, Sussex, England [P0268]        
  Portsmouth, Hampshire, England [P0874]        
  Prestbury, Gloucestershire, England [P0794]        
  Preston, Sussex, England [P0807]        
  Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0930]        
  Principal Registry [P0190]        
  Privett, Hampshire, England [P0795]        
  Prospect, South Australia, Australia [P1645]        
  Providence Church Cemetery on Hope Road [P1078]        
  Pulborough, Sussex, England [P0325]        
  Putney, Surrey, England [P1035]        
  Puttenham, Surrey, England [P0013]        
  Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia [P1146]        
Q Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia [P0079]        
  Quebec, Canada [P0810]        
  Queensland, Australia [P1056]        
  Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA [P0499]        
R Rabbit Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0999]        
  Radford, Nottinghamshire, England [P0299]        
  Radley, Berkshire, England [P1214]        
  Ramsgate, Kent, England [P1426]        
  Ratcliff, Middlesex, England [P0245]        
  RAVENSBURY VILLAS, Mitcham, Surrey, England [P1195]        
  Reading, Berkshire, England [P0358]        
  Redbridge, Greater London [P1621]        
  Redhill, Surrey, England [P0405]        
  Regiment 1st CORD [P1382]        
  Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0347]        
  REGISTER OFFICE, EPSOM [P1699]        
  Reid, Bankstown, New South Wales, Australia [P0295]        
  Reigate Borough, Surrey, England [P0309]        
  Reigate Foreign, Surrey, England [P1086]        
  Reigate, Surrey, England [P0308]        
  Reisterstown, Baltimore County, Maryland, USA [P1434]        
  Renwicktown, Marlborough, South Island, New Zealand [P0883]        
  Res of E Strudwick , Canowie Belt, South Australia, Australia [P1705]        
  Res of George Strudwicke Mypolonga, South Australia [P1611]        
  Res of John Connors , Caltowie, South Australia, Australia [P1576]        
  Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada [P0121]        
  Revesby, Banks, New South Wales, Australia [P1287]        
  Riccall, Yorkshire, England [P0798]        
  Richmond City, Richmond, Virginia, USA [P0290]        
  Richmond upon Thames, Greater London, England [P1533]        
  Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand [P1279]        
  Richmond, British Columbia, Canada [P0900]        
  Richmond, New South Wales, Australia [P0330]        
  Richmond, Surrey, England [P0194]        
  Richmond, Virginia, USA [P0289]        
  Rickmansworth Urban, Hertfordshire, England [P1391]        
  Riding, Northumberland, England [P0459]        
  Ringmer, Sussex, England [P0813]        
  Ringwood, Hampshire, England [P0983]        
  Ripley and Send, Surrey, England [P0274]        
  Ripley, Surrey, England [P0273]        
  Riplington, Southampton (Hampshire), England [P1275]        
  Rochester, Kent, England [P1404]        
  Rochford, Essex, England [P0871]        
  ROCK COTTAGE, QUEEN'S ROAD, East Grinstead, Sussex, England [P1183]        
  Rodborough, Gloucestershire, England [P0951]        
  Rogate, Sussex, England [P0247]        
  Rotherham, Yorkshire, England [P0150]        
  Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie, France [P0899]        
  Rougham, Suffolk, England [P1311]        
  Royal Engineers [P0425]        
  Royal Field Artillery [P1149]        
  Royal Oak; Ferndale, Michigan, USA [P0704]        
  Rozelle, Martin, New South Wales, Australia [P0800]        
  Rozelle, New South Wales, Australia [P0799]        
  Ruabon, Denbighshire, Wales [P0928]        
  Rudgwick, Sussex, England [P0284]        
  Rugby, Warwickshire, England [P1527]        
  Ryde, Hampshire, England [P0303]        
  Ryde, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia [P1479]        
  Rye, Sussex, England [P0122]        
S S Thos, Oxfordshire, England [P1001]        
  Saddle River, Bergen, New Jersey, USA [P0803]        
  Saffron Walden, Essex, England [P0399]        
  Saint Andrew, Jamaica [P0770]        
  Saint Ann, Jamaica [P0824]        
  Saint Catherine, Jamaica [P0371]        
  Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada [P1478]        
  Saint Katherine By The Tower, London, London, England [P1129]        
  Saint Martin IN The Fields, Westminster, London, England [P1065]        
  SAINT MARY MAGDALENE, Bermondsey, London, England [P0801]        
  Saint Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, England [P1379]        
  Saint Mary, Reading, Berkshire, England [P1096]        
  SAINT MARYS, Hanley Castle, Worcestershire, England [P0223]        
  Saint Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, London, England [P0383]        
  SAINT PAUL COVENT GARDEN, Westminster, London, England [P0997]        
  Saint Peter, Southwark, England [P1387]        
  Saint Thomas, Jamaica [P1158]        
  Salem Church, Virginia [P1306]        
  Salisbury [P1466]        
  Salisbury, South Australia, Australia [P1658]        
  Salisbury, Wicomico Co, Maryland, USA [P0559]        
  Salisbury, Wicomico County, Maryland, USA [P0543]        
  Salisbury, Wicomico, Maryland, USA [P0287]        
  Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [P1385]        
  San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, USA [P1352]        
  San Pedro, Wilmington and Los Angeles, California, United States [P0787]        
  Sandford, Victoria, Australia [P0436]        
  Sandridge, Victoria, Australia [P1167]        
  Sandy, Bedfordshire, England [P1359]        
  Santa Marta, Columbia [P1392]        
  Saskatchewan, Canada [P0348]        
  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada [P0406]        
  Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, England [P0134]        
  Scarning, Norfolk, England [P0939]        
  Scotland [P0368]        
  Seattle Ward 3, King, Washington, USA [P0482]        
  Seattle Ward 6, King, Washington, USA [P0210]        
  Seattle Ward 7, King, Washington, USA [P0211]        
  Selby, Yorkshire, England [P0072]        
  Selhurst, Surrey, England [P0611]        
  Selsey, Sussex, England [P1425]        
  Seven Pines [P1070]        
  Sevenoaks, Kent, England [P0763]        
  SEVONOAKS KENT [P1198]        
  Shalford, St Mary the Virgin, Surrey, England [P1369]        
  Shalford, Surrey, England [P0042]        
  Sharpsburg, Washington, Maryland, USA [P1308]        
  Sheffield, Yorkshire West Riding [P1580]        
  Sheffield, Yorkshire-West Riding, England [P0315]        
  Sheffield, Yorkshire, England [P0152]        
  Shepperton, Middlesex, England [P0412]        
  Shepperton, Surrey, England [P0910]        
  Shepway, Kent, England [P1271]        
  Shere, Surrey, England [P0130]        
  Sherston, Wiltshire, England [P1330]        
  Shipdham, Norfolk, England [P0940]        
  Shoreditch, London, England [P1534]        
  Shoreditch, Middlesex, England [P1239]        
  Shoreham-By-Sea, Sussex, England [P1105]        
  Shoreham, Kent, England [P1176]        
  Shoreham, Sussex, England [P1101]        
  Shorncliff, Kent, England [P1517]        
  Silver City, Cristobal District, Panama Canal Zone, USA [P1487]        
  Silver Spring, Montgomery, Maryland, USA [P1277]        
  Silverhill, Sussex, England [P1317]        
  Singapore [P1243]        
  Slinfold, Sussex, England [P0367]        
  SLYBOURNE [P1076]        
  Smarts Heath, Surrey, England [P0354]        
  SMITHWOOD COMMON, Cranleigh, Surrey, England [P1205]        
  Snargate, Kent, England [P0862]        
  Sodbury, Avon, England [P0952]        
  Soha, Middlesex, England [P1170]        
  Soho, Middlesex, England [P0189]        
  Somerset, England [P1555]        
  Somerville Ward 6, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA [P0929]        
  Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA [P0138]        
  Somme, Picardie, France [P0978]        
  South Africa [P1358]        
  South Australia, Australia [P0837]        
  South Bersted, Sussex, England [P1493]        
  South Brisbane, Griffith, Queensland, Australia [P0587]        
  South Croydon, Emmanuel, Surrey, England [P1629]        
  South East Hampshire, Hampshire, England [P0722]        
  South Kensington St Jude, England [P0852]        
  South Kensington, London, England [P1312]        
  South Lambeth, London, England [P1212]        
  South Malling, Sussex, England [P1371]        
  South Perth, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia [P0620]        
  South Ville, lambeth [P0386]        
  South Weald, Essex, England [P0445]        
  South Wimbledon, Surrey, England [P0789]        
  South Yarra, Victoria, Australia [P0987]        
  Southampton [P0230]        
  Southampton, England [P0231]        
  Southampton, Hampshire, England [P0043]        
  Southgate, Middlesex, England [P0575]        
  Southsea, Hampshire, England [P0313]        
  Southwark [P0895]        
  Southwark St Saviour, Surrey, England [P1171]        
  Southwark, Surrey, England [P0103]        
  Southwater, Sussex, England [P1155]        
  Southwick, Sussex, England [P0269]        
  Spelthorne, Surrey, England [P1095]        
  Spitalfields, London, England [P0955]        
  Spring Bay, Franklin, Tasmania, Australia [P0891]        
  St Agnes, Sussex, England [P0815]        
  St Albans, Hertsfordshire, England [P1322]        
  St Alphage London Wall, London, England [P1641]        
  St Andrew , Holborn, Middlesex, England [P0357]        
  St Andrew, Cobham, Kent, England [P0549]        
  St Andrews, Farnham, Surrey, England [P1657]        
  St Ann, Jamaica [P0833]        
  St Anne Soho, London, England [P0444]        
  ST ANNE, Lewes, Sussex, England [P1246]        
  St Bartholomew, Horley, Surrey, England [P1712]        
  St Benet Paul’s Wharf, London, England [P1678]        
  ST BONIFACE HOSPITAL, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada [P1463]        
  St Botolph Aldgate, London, England [P0003]        
  St Botolph Without Aldgate, London, England [P0002]        
  St Bride Fleet St, London, England [P1601]        
  St Bride's, Fleet Street, London, England [P1706]        
  St Catherine, JAMAICA [P0270]        
  St Catherine,jamaica [P1036]        
  St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex, England [P0496]        
  St Dunstan in the East, London, England [P1646]        
  St Dunstans, Canterbury, Kent, England [P1640]        
  St Edmund, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England [P1662]        
  St Faith under St Paul, London, England [P0502]        
  St Faith, Stoke Newington, Middlesex, England [P1700]        
  St George Hanover Square, Middlesex, England [P0098]        
  St George in the East, Middlesex, England [P0005]        
  St George Martyr, Canterbury, Kent, England [P1498]        
  St George the Martyr, London, England [P1668]        
  ST GEORGE THE MARTYR, Rochester, Kent, England [P1363]        
  St George, London, England [P1370]        
  St George, Middlesex, England [P1052]        
  St Georges, London, England [P1203]        
  St Giles , Camberwell, Surrey, England [P0901]        
  St Giles Cripplegate, London, England [P0193]        
  St Giles in the Fields, London, England [P0654]        
  St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, England [P1098]        
  St Giles, Ashtead, Surrey, England [P1619]        
  St Giles, Camden, London, UK [P0651]        
  St Giles, Edinburgh, Scotland [P0713]        
  St Giles, London, UK [P0653]        
  St Giles, Middlesex, England [P1448]        
  St Giles, Oxfordshire, England [P0054]        
  St James Place [P0403]        
  St James Westminster, London, England [P0528]        
  St James, Dorset, England [P0747]        
  St James, Elstead, Surrey, England [P0944]        
  St James, Westminster, Middlesex, England [P1097]        
  St John at Hackney, Middlesex, England [P1148]        
  St John Hackney, London, England [P0712]        
  ST JOHN SUB CASTRO, Lewes, Sussex, England [P0442]        
  St John the Baptist Church, Puttenham, Surrey, England [P1661]        
  St John the Baptist, Puttenham, Surrey, England [P0275]        
  St John the Evangelist, London, England [P0540]        
  St John the Evangelist, Wotton, Surrey, England [P1639]        
  St John, Blindley Heath, Surrey, England [P1710]        
  St John, Busbridge, Surrey, England [P1630]        
  St John, Margate, Kent, England [P1376]        
  St John, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada [P0688]        
  St John, Surrey, England [P0958]        
  St John, Woking, Surrey, England [P1717]        
  St Jude, Peckham, Surrey, England [P0489]        
  St Katherine by the Tower, London, England [P1127]        
  St Lawrence Jewry and St Mary Magdalene Milk St, London, England [P1676]        
  St Lawrence Jewry, London, England [P0923]        
  St Lawrence Pountney, London, England [P0605]        
  St Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire, England [P0235]        
  St Lawrence, Seale, Surrey, England [P1174]        
  St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England [P0754]        
  St Leonards on Sea, England [P1568]        
  St Luke, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England [P1703]        
  St Luke, London, England [P1440]        
  St Luke, Shepherd’s Bush, Middlesex, England [P1578]        
  St Margaret, Middlesex, England [P1388]        
  St Margaret, Ockley, Surrey, England [P1689]        
  St Mark, Peckham, Surrey, England [P1211]        
  St Marthas, Surrey, England [P0255]        
  St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, England [P1380]        
  St Martin, Dorking, Surrey, England [P0062]        
  St Mary Abbots, Kensington, Middlesex, England [P0377]        
  St Mary at Hill, London, England [P0353]        
  St Mary Churchyard, Ealing, Middlesex, England [P0443]        
  St Mary Cray, Kent, England [P1168]        
  St Mary Extra, Hampshire, England [P0395]        
  St Mary Magdalene, Reigate, Surrey, England [P1694]        
  St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey, England [P0195]        
  St Mary Magdalene, Sussex, England [P0215]        
  St Mary the Virgin, Headley, Surrey, England [P1622]        
  St Mary the Virgin, Twickenham, Middlesex, England [P1449]        
  St Mary, Addington, Surrey, England [P0102]        
  St Mary, Ealing, Middlesex, England [P0317]        
  St Mary, Horne, Surrey, England [P1708]        
  St Mary, Islington [P0365]        
  St Mary, Jamaica [P1162]        
  St Mary, Middlesex, England [P0846]        
  St Mary, Newingreen, Kent, England [P1025]        
  St Mary, Newington, Surrey, England [P0401]        
  St Mary, Reigate, Surrey, England [P1266]        
  St Mary, Ripley, Surrey, England [P0630]        
  ST MARY, Sompting, Sussex, England [P0441]        
  St Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, England [P1685]        
  St Mary, Wimbledon, Surrey, England [P0220]        
  ST MARY'S, WODCHURCH [P1624]        
  St Marylebone All Saints, England [P1701]        
  St Marylebone, Middlesex, England [P0101]        
  St Matthew Friday Street, London, England [P0925]        
  St Matthew, Redhill, Surrey, England [P0571]        
  St Michael, Mickleham, Surrey, England [P0422]        
  St Michael's, Bournemouth [P1707]        
  St Nicholas Cole Abby, London, England [P1608]        
  St Nicholas Parish Church, Cranleigh, Surrey, England [P1637]        
  St Nicholas, Cranleigh, Surrey, England [P0007]        
  St Nicholas, Plumstead, Kent, England [P1186]        
  St Nicholas, Thames Ditton, Surrey, England [P1670]        
  St Olave Southwark, London, England [P1123]        
  St Pancras Camden, London, England [P1599]        
  St Pancras Old Church, Middlesex, England [P1618]        
  St Pancras, London, England [P0465]        
  St Pancras, Middlesex, England [P0396]        
  St Paul and St Martin Le Grand, England [P0385]        
  St Paul Covent Garden, London, England [P0402]        
  St Paul Deptford, London, England [P1515]        
  St Paul, Dorking, Surrey, England [P0527]        
  St Paul, Kingston Hill, Surrey, England [P1656]        
  St Paul’s Cathederal, London, England [P1671]        
  St Peter Le Poor, London, England [P1677]        
  St Peter, Norbiton, Surrey, England [P1505]        
  St Peter, Woking, Surrey, England [P1697]        
  St Peter, Woodmansterne, Surrey, England [P0307]        
  St Sepulchre Newgate, London, England [P0658]        
  St Sepulchre, Holborn, London, England [P1040]        
  St Sepulchre, London, England [P0657]        
  St Stephen Coleman Street, London, England [P0922]        
  St Thomas in the Vale, Jamaica [P1003]        
  St Thomas Winchester [P1595]        
  St Thomas, Virgin Islands (US), USA [P1704]        
  St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England [P1247]        
  St. Aldhelms', Branksome, Dorset, England [P0446]        
  St. Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex, England [P1632]        
  St. Andrew, Surry, Jamaica [P1160]        
  St. Brelade, Jersey, Channel Islands [P0375]        
  St. Budeaux, Devon, England [P1084]        
  St. Georges, Middlesex, England [P0180]        
  St. Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands [P1047]        
  St. Leonards, Sussex, England [P0091]        
  St. Mary , Battersea, Surrey, England [P1714]        
  St. Michael, Coventry, Warwick, England [P1721]        
  St. Peter's, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England [P0414]        
  Staffordshire, England [P1459]        
  Staines, Middlesex, England [P0411]        
  Stann Creek, Belize [P1029]        
  Stapleford, Wiltshire, England [P0718]        
  Ste Jalle France, France [P1232]        
  Steep, Hampshire, England [P1276]        
  Stepney, Middlesex, England [P0355]        
  Steyning, Sussex [P1566]        
  Steyning, Sussex, England [P0814]        
  Stillwater West Coast, New Zealand [P0774]        
  Stirling, South Australia, Australia [P0975]        
  Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland [P1620]        
  Stockwell, Surrey, England [P0816]        
  Stoke By Clare, Suffolk, England [P0959]        
  Stoke Newington, Middlesex, England [P0710]        
  Stoke, Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand [P1643]        
  Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire, England [P0941]        
  Stopham, Sussex, England [P0312]        
  Storrington, Sussex, England [P0026]        
  Stourmouth, Kent, England [P1673]        
  Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, Canada [P1323]        
  Stratfield Turgis, Hampshire, England [P1202]        
  Stratton, Gloucestershire, England [P1427]        
  Streatham Hill, Surrey, England [P0936]        
  Streatham, London, England [P0709]        
  Streatham, Surrey, England [P0073]        
  Stroud, Gloucestershire, England [P0304]        
  Strudwick, Hale, Alabama, USA [P1073]        
  Suffolk, England [P0404]        
  Sullington, Sussex, England [P0797]        
  Summers Town, England [P1666]        
  Sun City Ctr, FL [P1081]        
  Sunbury, Middlesex, England [P1420]        
  Sunderland, Durham, England [P0320]        
  Sunninghill, Berkshire, England [P1649]        
  Surrey Mid eastern, Surrey, England [P1524]        
  Surrey North Western, Surrey [P1529]        
  Surrey North Western, Surrey, England [P0970]        
  Surrey Northern, Surrey, England [P0972]        
  Surrey South eastern, Surrey, England [P1495]        
  Surrey South Western, Guildford, Surrey, England [P1337]        
  Surrey South Western, Surrey, England [P0792]        
  Surrey South-eastern, Surrey, England [P1530]        
  Surrey South-western, Surrey, England [P1341]        
  Surrey, England [P0197]        
  Surrey, Jamaica [P1679]        
  Surry [P1166]        
  Sussex, England [P0305]        
  Sutton Bassett, Northamptonshire, England [P0760]        
  Sutton, Surrey, England [P0937]        
  Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia [P0904]        
  Swansea, New South Wales, Australia [P1144]        
  Swansea, Wales [P0811]        
  Swindon, Wiltshire, England [P0920]        
  Switzerland [P1104]        
  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [P0154]        
T Takaka, Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand [P0894]        
  Talegalla, Queensland, Australia [P1216]        
  Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia [P0171]        
  Tanganyika, Northern Zambia, Zambia [P1355]        
  Tarcowie, South Australia, Australia [P0664]        
  Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand [P0018]        
  Tasmania, Australia [P0889]        
  Taunton, Somerset, England [P0740]        
  Teddington, Middlesex, England [P0609]        
  Temple, Berkshire, England [P0866]        
  Tennessee, USA [P0820]        
  Tenterden, Kent, England [P0768]        
  Thakeham, Sussex, England [P0366]        
  Thames Ditton, Surrey, England [P0064]        
  Thames, Thames-Coromandel, Waikato, New Zealand [P0019]        
  Thornton Heath, Surrey, England [P1343]        
  Thorpe Malsor, Northamptonshire, England [P0665]        
  Thursley, Surrey, England [P0454]        
  Tichborne, New South Wales, Australia [P0742]        
  Tonbridge, Kent, England [P0517]        
  Tooradin, Victoria, Australia [P0902]        
  Tooting Graveney, Surrey, England [P0788]        
  Tooting, Surrey, England [P0739]        
  Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia [P0639]        
  Toronto, New South Wales, Australia [P1145]        
  Toronto, Ontario, Canada [P0915]        
  Tottenham, Darling, New South Wales, Australia [P1044]        
  Tottenham, Middlesex, England [P0175]        
  Tottenham, New South Wales, Australia [P0161]        
  Tower Hamlets, Kent, England [P0755]        
  Township 16 Range 4 East, Marengo, Alabama, USA [P0547]        
  Townships 9, 10, 11, and 12, Choctaw, Alabama, USA [P0477]        
  Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia [P0262]        
  Trangie, New South Wales, Australia [P0702]        
  Trelawny, Jamaica [P0548]        
  Trotton, Sussex, England [P0068]        
  Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England [P0495]        
  Trundle, New South Wales, Australia [P1691]        
  Trunkey Creek, New South Wales, Australia [P1328]        
  Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada [P0409]        
  Trusley, Derbyshire, England [P0961]        
  Tuggerah, New South Wales, Australia [P1324]        
  Tullamore, New South Wales, Australia [P0756]        
  Tulse Hill, Surrey, England [P0935]        
  Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England [P0613]        
  Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, USA [P0568]        
  Tuscaloosa Ward 1, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P0088]        
  Tuscaloosa Ward 2, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P1074]        
  Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P0089]        
  Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, USA [P0567]        
  Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA [P0090]        
  Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, England [P1189]        
  Twickenham, Middlesex, England [P0490]        
  Twyford, Hampshire, England [P0240]        
U Uckfield, Sussex, England [P1254]        
  Udimore, Sussex, England [P0114]        
  University of North Carolina Room 24. East Building [P0949]        
  Uplands, Gloucestershire, England [P0736]        
  Upper Beeding, Sussex, England [P1362]        
  Upper Edmonton, Middlesex, England [P1606]        
  Upper Norwood, Surrey, England [P1430]        
  USA [P0140]        
  Uxbridge St Andrew, England [P1650]        
  Uxbridge, Middlesex, England [P1156]        
V Vale Place [P0384]        
  Valparaíso, Valparaiso, Chile [P1421]        
  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada [P0182]        
  Verdun, Montréal (Urban Agglomeration), Quebec, Canada [P1477]        
  Verdun, South Australia, Australia [P0410]        
  Vermont, USA [P0948]        
  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada [P0449]        
  Victoria [P1588]        
  Victoria, Australia [P0503]        
  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada [P0370]        
  Virginia [P0818]        
  Virginia, USA [P0823]        
W Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia [P0168]        
  Wail, Victoria, Australia [P0917]        
  Waimea West, Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand [P0020]        
  Walcot, Somerset, England [P0363]        
  Walderton, Sussex, England [P0629]        
  Walkers, Montgomery, Alabama, USA [P0812]        
  Wallacetown, Southland, Southland, New Zealand [P0829]        
  Wallsend, New South Wales, Australia [P0888]        
  Walnut Lane, Alabama [P0868]        
  Walthamstow, Essex, England [P1178]        
  Walton on Thames, Surrey, England [P0836]        
  Walton, Surrey, England [P1089]        
  Walworth, London, England [P1573]        
  Walworth, Surrey, England [P0311]        
  Wanborough, Surrey, England [P0277]        
  Wandsworth, London, England [P0131]        
  Wanganui [P0993]        
  Wannon, Victoria, Australia [P1366]        
  Wapping, Middlesex, England [P0681]        
  Warbleton, Sussex, England [P1016]        
  Warehorn, Kent, England [P0257]        
  Warfield, Berkshire, England [P1248]        
  Wargrave, Berkshire, England [P0673]        
  Warminghurst, Sussex, England [P0030]        
  Warnham, Sussex, England [P0022]        
  Warrawong, New South Wales, Australia [P0942]        
  Wartling, Sussex, England [P0769]        
  Warwick, Queensland, Australia [P1124]        
  Washington, Sussex, England [P1508]        
  Washington, USA [P0207]        
  Watford, Hertfordshire, England [P0523]        
  Welland City, Welland, Ontario, Canada [P0450]        
  Welland, Ontario, Canada [P1383]        
  Wellington Mill, Western Australia, Australia [P0476]        
  Wellington, New South Wales, Australia [P1161]        
  Wellington, Somerset [P1589]        
  Wellington, Somerset, England [P0850]        
  Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand [P1066]        
  Wellington; Balboa and Kingston [P0082]        
  Wentworth, Ontario, Canada [P1607]        
  Wentworthville, New South Wales, Australia [P0945]        
  West Grinstead, Sussex, England [P0914]        
  West Ham, Essex, England [P0817]        
  West Horsley, Surrey, England [P0236]        
  West Indies, Jamaica [P1289]        
  West Kensington, Middlesex, England [P1318]        
  West Point, Orange, New York, USA [P1435]        
  West Tarring, Sussex, England [P0028]        
  West Wickham, Kent, England [P1686]        
  West Worthing, Sussex, England [P1204]        
  West Wyalong, New South Wales, Australia [P0982]        
  Westcott, Surrey, England [P0061]        
  Westerham, Kent, England [P0099]        
  Westerleigh, Gloucestershire, England [P0362]        
  Western Cape, South Africa [P1356]        
  Western Division, Marengo, Alabama, USA [P0431]        
  Western European Theatre [P0679]        
  Westfield, Sussex, England [P0913]        
  Westham, Sussex, England [P0456]        
  Westhampnett, Sussex, England [P1627]        
  Westhumble, Surrey, England [P0323]        
  Westminster [P1147]        
  Westminster St Margaret, London [P1663]        
  Westminster, London, England [P0071]        
  Weston Green, Cambridgeshire, England [P1090]        
  Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England [P1008]        
  Westport St Mary, Wiltshire, England [P1099]        
  Westwell, Norfolk, England [P1512]        
  Weybridge, Surrey, England [P0655]        
  Whaplode, Lincolnshire, England [P0178]        
  White Rock, British Columbia, Canada [P0671]        
  Whitechapel, Middlesex, England [P0322]        
  Whitton, Middlesex, England [P1079]        
  Wick, Sussex, England [P1537]        
  Wicomico, Maryland, USA [P1464]        
  Widford, Hertfordshire, England [P1092]        
  Willesden, Middlesex, England [P0196]        
  Willunga, South Australia, Australia [P1219]        
  Wilmington, Brunswick, North Carolina, USA [P0802]        
  Wilmington, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA [P1206]        
  Wiltshire, England [P1169]        
  Wimbledon, Surrey, England [P0219]        
  Wimborne Minster, Dorset, England [P0988]        
  Winchester, Hampshire, England [P0056]        
  Winchfield, Hampshire, England [P0585]        
  Windlesham, Surrey, England [P1100]        
  Windsor [P0248]        
  Windsor, Berkshire, England [P0577]        
  Wisborough Green, Sussex, England [P0031]        
  Wiston, Sussex, England [P1432]        
  Wittersham, Kent, England [P0125]        
  Witton Gilbert, Durham, England [P1157]        
  Woking, Surrey, England [P0137]        
  Wokingham, Berkshire, England [P0221]        
  Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia [P1441]        
  Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England [P0314]        
  Wonersh, Surrey, England [P0041]        
  Wonston, Hampshire, England [P0638]        
  Wood Green, Middlesex, England [P0095]        
  Woodchurch, Kent, England [P0391]        
  Woodford, Essex, England [P0186]        
  Woodmansterne, Surrey, England [P0463]        
  Woodstock, Westland, West Coast New Zealand, New Zealand [P0014]        
  Woolwich, Kent, England [P0767]        
  Worcestershire, England [P1327]        
  Worlingworth, Suffolk, England [P0771]        
  Worplesdon, Surrey, England [P0129]        
  Worth, Sussex, England [P0536]        
  Worthing, Sussex, England [P0144]        
  Wortley (near High Green), Yorkshire, England [P0460]        
  Wotton, Surrey, England [P0023]        
  Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales [P1180]        
  Wrexham, Wales [P1523]        
Y Yankalilla, South Australia, Australia [P1698]        
  York County, New Brunswick, Canada [P1585]        
  Yorkshire, England [P1131]        
  Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada [P1602]        
  Young, New South Wales, Australia [P0332]        
  Ypres, Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium [P0520]        
Z Zonnebeke, West Flanders (West-Vlaanderen), Belgium [P1372]