The will of John Strudwicke of Kirdford 1615 Chichester wills M. Dean 11

In the name of God Amen the xxijth daye of ffebruarie in Anno Dom 1614 I John Strudwyke the elder of Kerdforde in the Countye of Sussex husbandman being sicke & by reason of myne ould age weake & feeble in bodye but of perfect mynde & memorye (praysed be god) doo ordayne & make this my testament contayninge herein my last will in manner & forme followinge (that ys to saye)

ffirst & before all thinges I bequeathe & comend my Soule into the handes of Almightie God my Creator in sure & certaine hope of Resurreccon & eternall liffe throughe the alone mercie & mediacon of Jesus Christ my blessed Saviour and Redeemer & my bodye (wheresoevr yt shall please god to Dissolve yt out of this transitrie worlde) I will to be buryed in the Churchyarde of the pishe Churche of Kerdforde aforesayde

Item I will gyve and bequeathe unto Alice Strudwick of hillsgreene widowe fyve poundes of lawfull money

Item I gyve to Richard Leonard my kinseman twelve pence of lawfull money

Item I gyve & bequeathe to Thomas Leonard his brother my kinsman twelve pence of like lawfull money

Item I gyve to Anne their sister my kinsewoman twelve pence of lyke lawfull money

Item I gyve to Robert Hamon Henry Strudwick John winson & Margaret Holland widowe Anne Strudwicke, Margaret Shoate & Johan Streater my fellowe servantes in the house of my Mr William Strudwicke of hillsgreene wheare I nowe lye; to every one of them two shillings a peece:

Item I gyve to henry Mose one other servant in the sayd house twelve pence

All the rest of my goods & Chattells unbequeathed my debtes being payde & my funerall honestly & comely discharged I will gyve and bequeathe unto my Mr William Strudwicke above named whom I doe make noiate and appointe to be sole & whole Executor of this my last will & testament

& I heartily require Evan Haydock Clerke Minister of Kerdforde aforesayde & Richard Kinge yoman to be overseeres to see the same truly executed & performed

& I gyve to eyther of them their lawfull charge being allowed them ten shillinges a peece

& I revoke & anull all former wills

In wytnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale the daye & yere above wrytten

Theis being wytnesses hereunto John

Robert Jutton his marke Strudwick his

Evan Heidocke Clerke Marke

Richard Kinge

Probate 23 May 1615