William Strudwick of Hills Green. Yeoman. 12 Feb. 1678.

forr his apparill & money in his purse, £10.

In the kicthen.

pond of pewter, £4. 14s. 8d.,

thre brass fore iron potts 3 iron kittels three brass pootts 4 brass kitteles to brass panes 3 brass skillets three iron driping panes 8 spitts one pare of andirons firepan and tongs three pare of pootthangers and jacks one tapele dreser & form and other things, £3. 17s. .

In the hall.

a table and to ioned forms and a ston taple one copord & a still, £2.

In the parlor.

one long table one rond table and a sid cubord and thre carpets six stulls and a form 3 chares a pare of andirons and a backe, £2. 10s. In the butterey.

4 brass vesels & aston, 8s.

In the seller.

8 vesells and to stans 3 doz of bottels, £1. 10s.

In the milke house.

one table thirty tree latine3 panes crooks & poots a butter basscet

friingpan blade & waites, £2.4

In the closet.

bottels & books, £1.

In the beakehouse.

2 cheesprees a beaking trow a sillting trow a kneall tub & Houer

tub & kiver hopes & valles 3 sershes to spining whilles & other

lumber, £2. 10s.

In the bruwhouse.

one furnus one vatte five tubs six kivers, £3. lOs.

In the chamber over the parlor.

one bed & bedstedel curtains & wallins one coverlett to blancets one table to chears & a stoll 2 boolsters & one under beed to pel­lows, £6.

In the hall chamber.

one bed & bedstedell to boolsters to blanckets & a coverlet one to chest one bascit chare, £4.

In the bucking chamber.

3 chist on Hacscitl a trundel stedel & a pare of stockcards,2 lOs.

In the gusen chamber.

3 beds to stedels 4 boolesters 3 pellows 3 coverlets 5 blancets cuer­tains vaillains one sidcubord & one preese one table sex chares 2 chamberpots, £10.

In the chamber over the chukien.

4 beds & to stedels 3 coverlets 4 blancets 5 boolsters 2 peelows

1 table 2 cheast 1 preese curtains 1 seeing glas 2 chamber pots, £5.

In the brewhouse chamber. .

one bedstedell2 chest 2 andirons half a hundred of hoops, £1. 5s.,

14 pare of sheets 9 table cloths 5 doz of napkins 6 pare of peelow­ coats 6 touells, £6. In the chamber over the milkehouse.

one bedstedell Hacks and 8 sakes & other lumber, £11. 10s.

In the porch hall. .

6 hogds of bakeon with lumber, £6.

three and twenty bushells of oats 12 bushels of french wheat, £2.8s.

In the Ranghous

3 one sider press with a ston and cuper stuf with other lumber, £2,

oats & heay in the barn at the farm, £3,

a score of youes, £7. 10s.,

fore ackeres of wheat, £3,

fore oxen fore cows three young beasts, £43,

to horses & to colts, £12,

six pigs & a sow, £2,

wheat in the barn & heay, £8,

malt in the hous, £1. 10s.,

a nue wagon and a dungpott & whels, £6,

eight akers of wheat upon the ground, £8,

a hors three pond, £3,

for plowes harowes yocks chains harness and all other husbandry tackilling, £2.

summan totalis. £179. 12s. 8d.

(appraisers: Edward Wackford, Henry Penfold, Richard Penfold.)