Robert Strudwick of Smithwood Common, Cranleigh, carpenter, sick and weak 7 Nov 1727
to my wife Sarah Strudwick all my messuage in Smithwood Common in my occupation and that of John Wakeford both greater and least end and when my daughter Elizabeth Strudwick marries to have little end;

if my wife goes to live with her father to only have 1s and if she remarries only to have little end for life and then both to my daughter Elizabeth with remainder to my brother Thomas Strudwick paying to my brother Henry Strudwick’s son Henry , to my brother William Strudwick and to my sister Dulcy Hollaway and to my brother Thomas Strudwick’s daughter Dulcy Strudwick £5 each;

to my wife £5 out of value of my indoor goods;

residue to my wife and daughter if my wife keeps the child … Butt;

to my brother Thomas Strudwick £2 more, exec.;

if my wife pregnant it to have greater end of tenement if a boy and lesser end if a girl

Overseers: friends Thomas Frances and John Tickner of Smithwood

Witnesses: John Wakeford; John Chasmore; Richard Worsfold

Proved: 1 Nov 1727 to exec. DW/PA/5/1727/104] <17 Nov 1732 to Sarah Strudwick, widow, relict and residuary legatee; bond of Sarah of Cranleigh and Henry Stonill of Wonersh, brickmaker; Witnesses: W. Bannaster; James Chrismas