.. Strodewyck of Alfold

to brother John Strodewyck to pay to son John …;

farm at Kirdford, Sussex to son …;

to Margery Burchfeld …;

Turtells in parish of Alfold;

Thomas Hamond of Slinfold, Sussex;

to son John house and land called Ockehurste in Alfold. with remainder to William Strodewyck (under age) my 2nd son with remainder to third son Thomas Strodewyck;

land in Kirdford similarly bequested;

son John, exec.

Overseers: John Westdene, gentleman (3s 4d)

Witnesses: Anthony Lysley, clerk and parson of Alfold.; John Burchefeld; Margery Burchefeld
Proved: [no act noted] [DW/PA/5/1544/2]

[a lot of will, especially top and right hand side lost]