Stephen Potter of Albury, yeoman 19 May 1741

to my niece Elizabeth daughter of my brother in law William Gravet all my messuage etc. in Farleigh Green, Albury for life and then to my heirs;

to Edward Caplen of Albury, jnr. £15;

to my late brother James Potter, deceased’s children £5 each;

to my nephew Robert son of my brother in law Robert Strudwick of Cranleigh £10;

to my niece Mary Strudwick daughter of my brother in law John Strudwick of Cranleigh £10;

residue to my niece Elizabeth Gravet, exec.

Witnesses: Richard Burnett (X), snr.; Daniel Chandler; Philip Bowbrick

Proved: 30 Apr 1744 to exec. [DW_PC_7_3; DW_PC_5_1744_21]