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Alice Aborowght of Chiddingfold, widow 9 Mar 1510_1 [English] (to be buried by my husband in the church porch;

to mother church 4d;

to high altar 1s;

to rood light 4d;

to church four kine to pray for the soul of Thomas Aborowght and his wife Alice Aborowght and to have mass and dirge yearly for ever;

clerk to have 6d for dirge and mass and 4d for other masses;

residue yearly to church use) to my daughter Alice Smyth two silver spoons, a brass pan, a three year old beef bullock at next slaughter;

to Richard Smyth son of my daughter a red cow in his father’s keeping;

to Alice Smyth sister of Richard a red harness girdle;

to Agnes Strodwick two three year old bullocks and two of two years old, two silver spoons and a brass pan;

to my daughter Jane Quenell two silver spoons and a brass pan;

to Richard Tuysley a cow and a bullock of three years and 6s 8d;

to my sister Susan Enknapp my best violet gown and my best kirtle;

to my sister Joan Boxwold my russet gown;

to my daughters Alice, Agnes and Joan a good sheet each;

to my servant Alice Novell a good sheet, four yards of cloth to make a kirtle and three yards to make a petticoat;

to Elizabeth Borowghwell my petticoat with a smock;

residue to Thomas Borowght and Robert Smyth, execs.

Overseers: John Austyn, curate (3s 4d)

Witnesses: David Byrll; John Peto of Combe; Richard Constable; John Shortter; Thomas Roger;
John Stowdwick; John Tailor

Proved: 24 Nov 1512 [DW_PA_7_2 ff.93v-94r]