Thomas Puplett (X) of Coulsdon, husbandman, very sick and weak 5 Dec 1720

to my brother Geoffrey Puplett of Ewell, victualler all my goods to pay to my brother Richard Puplett £25 and to my brother Emanuel Puplett 2s 6d and to my sister Frances Allford 2s 6d and to Sarah Woodman of Coulsdon £50, to my cousin Ann Parsons £5, to my cousin Elizabeth Puplett £5, to my cousin Frances Hudson £3 and a chest of linen and pewter between Elizabeth Puplett and Frances Hudson;

to my cousin Ann Streadwick wife of Thomas Streadwick £5;

Sarah Woodman to have the small trunk and the things therein in her custody;

residue to my brother Geoffrey, exec.

Witnesses: Nicholas Browne; Geoffrey Puplett (X); Edmund Bristow; John Lashmere (X)

Proved: 22 Sep 1721 to exec. [DW_PA_5_1721_103]