Solomon Longhurst of Cranleigh, maltster, very sick and weak 14 Mar 1704_5

to my daughter Ann Longhurst £200 at marriage or 21 with remainder to William Longhurst and Walter Longhurst sons of my brother Ralph Longhurst;

to two youngest sons of my brother John Longhurst £100 between them;

to my wife Ann Longhurst, exec. all my land Pond Grove and Framecrofts, Cranleigh for life and then to my daughter Ann with remainder to my brother John’s son Solomon;

to my sister Ann Longhurst £2 10s p.a. to be paid by my brother John’s son Solomon;

if my wife remarries her husband to pay to trustees £400 for use of my daughter Ann

Trustees: John Longhurst; Edward Hayne; cousin Walter Longhurst; Samuel Man

Witnesses: Robert Stredwecke; Richard Bridger; John Mower (X)

Proved: 27 Feb 1705_6 to exec. [DW_PA_5_1706_61]