John Bridges of Chiddingfold, gentleman 11 Aug 1662 (to be buried in the churchyard as near to my mother and brothers as possible;

on burial £5 being £1 to poor, 10s for ringing and rest for charges;

to poor women who lay me out 2s 6d each;

my worst suit of clothes viz. doublet, breeches, coat and hat to poor man of Chiddingfold)

to my brother William Bridges 5s if he returns from overseas and I discharge him of all debts;

to my brother Richard Bridges £5, my books (being seven in folios and forty smaller ones), a diaper tablecloth, diaper towel, great pewter flagon and great pewter basin;

to my sister Joanna Bull wife of John Bull £10 with remainder to her children, a pair of fine sheets, a pair of flaxen sheets and a great pewter platter;

to my sister Barbara Bridges my little down bed, two of best down pillows and two pillowcases, my silk curtains and valence, a green silk quilt and diaper tablecloth and towel, twelve diaper napkins and a great pewter platter if she returns from her journey;

to my sister Ann Bridges £10, a diaper tablecloth, a diaper towel, a pair of flaxen sheets and a pair of pewter candlesticks;

to my sister Mary Bridges rest of my goods, exec.

Overseers: friends Henry Ashworth of Chiddingfold, gentleman; (Mr) Thomas Lusher of
Chiddingfold, mercer; Richard Penfold, tanner (5s each for pairs of gloves)

Witnesses: John Strudwicke; Oliver Holloway

Proved: 17 Oct 1664 to exec. [DW_PA_7_14 Q.29; DW_PA_5_1664_17]