Robert Strudwick. Yeoman of Crouch land. Inventory 13 Feb. 1616.

In the chamber wheare he laye.

his apparrell & money in his purse, £5,

one ioynedl bedstedle, one fetherbed, one fether bolster, 2 pillowes & 2 coveringes, 2 blankettes with curtains & vallens, £5. 2s. 6d.,

2 lytle coffers, one wickar chaire, 5s.6d.

In the maydes chamber.

2 oulde bedstedles, 2 flockbeds canves, 3 flockbolsteres, 2 cover­lets, 2 blanketts, with one tester of stayneclothe, 37s.,

one ould cheste, 3s. 4d.

In the menservants chamber.

3 bedstedles, 2 flockbeds, 2 flockbolsters, 2 ould coverletts, 2 blan­ketts, & one staineclothe. 38s.

In the hall.

one table with a frame, one forme, 10s.,

one small byble & two psalters, lIs.

In the bakehouse.

one powderinge troughe, one bunting hutch.2 one cheese presse, 2 bolles, one kyver with 3 sackes with cheesehoopes,3 basketts & other lumber & thinges of small value, 12s. .

In the parlor.

one drawinge table with a frame & a carpet, 6 ioyned stooles, lyverie cupboarde with a carpet, one ioyned chaire 2 wrought loome­work cushions, 46s. 3d.,

one oulde cradle, 12d.

In the chamber over the parlor.

one bedstedle ioyned. 30s.,

one fetherbed, one fetherbolster, 2 fether pillowes, 1 covelet & one blanket with curtaines & vallens, £5. 6s. 8d.,

one table with a frame & a carpet, 5 ioyned stooles, one ioyned chaire, 1 chest & a pare of wrought andyrons, 27s.,

one sylver salte & 2 sillver spoones, £3. lOs.,

2 womens gownes of clothe, £3. 6s. 8d.,

2 gownes of stuffe beinge oulde, 40s.,

2 clothe peticoates & an oulde peticoate of stuffe & a wastcoate, 53s. 4d.,

3 silke kirtles with 2 stomachers of silke, £3,

2 hattes of felte, 12s.

In the chamber over the kitchin.

one ioyned bedstedle, one fetherbed, one fetherbolster, one cover­let, one blanket, £4. 5s.

In the butterie.

one planke table, 7 barrells, a pare of slinges, one shelfe, 15s.
Linnen in the house.

11 pare of sheetes, £3. 13s. 4d.,

7 table cloathes, 33s. 4d.,

21 dyaper napkins, 6s.,

12 flaxen napkins, 6s.,

2dyapertowells&2 flaxen towells, 6s. 8d.,

8 pillow coates, 8s.,

one long towell Hollen, 3s. 4d.

In the garret loftes.

oates in the floore & in the vates-8 quarters, £3. 4s.,

hopps in the house in 2 tubbes, 6s.,

beanes in the house, 6s.,

hastie peason, 4s.,

fethers in a tubbe, 3s.,

oaten malte, 12s.,

8 hoggs of bacon & 3 flitches of beefe, £8.

In the milkhouse.

a buttercharne, a table upon tressles, 4 trugges with crockes & smalle implementes, larde in vessells, 18s.

In the brewhouse.

a yauteing fate,! 4 tubbes, 6 kyvers, a fanne, 2 barrells & other wooden vessells, 26s. 8d.

In the kytchin.

an yron tresle & a ringeryron,2 7s.,

a table with a frame, a dresser boarde & a forme, 5s.,

2 brasse pottes, 2 yron pottes, 4 brasse kettles, 2 brasse skellets, 15s.,

one bedpanne 2s.,

a small yron plate, a cleever, a fleshhooke, a melting ladle, 2s., 2 potthangers, a pare of potthookes, 4 croaches, 2 fyrepans, a pare of tonges, a fyrepronge, a pare of grydyrons, one yron dripping panne, a pare of wrought andyrons, 12s.,

4 pewter candlesticks, 2 brasse candlestickes 5s.,

2 doble saltes, 2 singel saltes 2s. 6d.,

11 pewter platters, 19 smalle pewter dishes, 6 fruit dishes, 7 sawcers, one ewer potte, one pewter bason, 2 pot­tingers & pewter spoones 48s.,

one brasse morter, a stone morter, pestell with wodden dishes & spoones & trenchers, 13s. 4d. Butter & cheese in the house, 15s.,

onnyons in the kytchin 2s., 2 stalls of bees, 6s. 8d.,

Abut the house

poulterie aboute the house, 3s.,

a sow and 7 hogstooles,3 45s.,

two mares, £5.,

wheate in the barne, £24.,

oates in the barn, £7.,

haye in the barne & reekes, £16,

two waynes & one pare of shod wheeles, & a pare of wheeles unshod, £3,

2 ox harrows & 2 horse harrows, 18s.,

2 ploughes with yrons & yokes & 4 chaines, 2 pare of thilles4 & 2 dungpottes with ropes & all other implements of hus­bandry & working tooles in and about the house, 46s. 8d.

4 oxen & one steere, £18.

Cattell. 4 twoyearlinge beastes, £7,

3 twelvemonthinges, £3,

8 kyne & a bull, £20,

20 ewes & 15 suckinge lambes, £9,

soyle in the gates & in Blackmanwood, £4,

Boardd ready cutt by estimation 50 cord. £8. 6s.,

boarde being cutt for Collwoodd,£6,

about two thousand of boardes cleft, £4,

4000 of sawed boarde, £6. 13s. 4d.,

of 3 inch planke, £5,

200 of 2 inch planke, 13s. 4d.,

200 of 1 inch planke, 10s.,

2000 & 700 of sawed boarde, £4. 10s.

Wheate upon the grounde by estimacion 17 acres, £30,

for a lease of certaine land att Staples hill, £10,

wood & timber bought of Garret Kempe knight, standing upon Bidland, £33. 13s. 4d.,

stone bought in Rumball of Robert Penfold, 50s.

debts owing unto the estate by John Mose, gent, £40,

another debt owing unto him by Christopher Napper for half a years rent due at Michaelmas last past, £10. 10s.

sum total. £356. 15s. 8d.