Hampshire PRO 1549 B_83

Will of Mary Madgwick of Micheldever Hampshire 1546 Ref Hampshire PRO 1549 B 83

In the name of god Amen the ixth day of Aprill in the yeare of or Lord god mcccccxlvj I Mary Magewick of Totford wtin the pishe of Micheldever beyng in good and pfit memorye lauded be almightie god Do make & ordayn my testamet contenyng theryn my laste will in maner and forme folowyng.

ffirst I bequethe my soule to almightie god to or blessed Lady Saynt Marye and to all the company of heaven And my body to be buried in the Chapell of Northyngton

Item I bequeathe to my mother churche of Wynchester o iiij d.

Itm I bequethe to Margaret my Daughter my beste gowne my best kertell my wedding girdell a pair of Corall beads wt the crosse of silver my best Vaile my best kerchief and six pairs of small canvas shets

Itm to any one of hir children 0 vj s viij d And if any of theym depart to the mrcy of godd wt in the age of xvj years then the porcion of money of theym so deceassed to remayn to theym that survive .

Itm I will that at the delyny of the said goods the said Margaret and her husband shall make seale and delyver a ge all Acquyetance to Nicholas Magewick for all matters then depending between theym And the same Nicholas likewise to make suche Acquytance to theym And if the said Margaret and her husband refuse so to do then this my foresaid legacy to stand void and she nor her childn to receyve any pte therof . Also I bequethe to my sonne Gregory a pair of small canvas shets six silver spones and a Maser And I will that the same spones and Maser do remayne after his deceasse to his eldest sonne then livyng

Itm I bequethe to his wife Marjorye my gowne of sangwyne color p??d a Vaile a Kerchief And to any one of Gregorys children 0 vjs viij d And the same moneye of theym or any of theym depting oute of this psent life befor thei come to the age of xvj years to remayn to theym that do survive . At the delyng of whiche goods the said Gregory and Marjory his wief to make suche genrall Acquyetance unto Nicholas Magewicke as above is mencioned or iffe not to recyv any pte of this my legacye to theym & their children bequethed. Also I bequeath to every one of Nicholas children 0 vj s viij d And to his eldest son vj silvr spones And a silvr peace to have after his fathers decease .

Itm I bequethe to Mary ffreeland o ij ewes .

Itm I bequeath to Raffe Magewicke o iij s iiij d and to his wief ij ewe shepe .

Itm to John bernard a fflock bed a pair of shets a covrlet and a bolster .

Itm I bequeath to eny one of my servants one shepe .

Itm I bequeathe to ffelice child the wief of John Child my black gowne And to John and Annes his children to either of theym a Lambe .

Itm to the churches of Northyngton and Swarraton to either of theym a shepe to be pyed for .

Itm I will that Nicholas my sonne shall set forthe to hyer xxx shep And any yeare to bestowe the Rente or hyer of theym for the welthe of my soule . Also I will that Nicholas my sonne shall bestowe at my buriall monethes myend years myend and at other tymes convenyent at his discression when he shall for charite to be extended o xiij l vj s viij d .

Itm I will that Nicholas my sonne shall have all my right title and interest of my years that I have to come in my ffarme of Totford .

The Residue of all my goods not givyn nor bequethed my Debts paid funerall expenses Done & legacs Discharged I do give and bequethe to Nicholas my sonne whom I do ordayn and make my faithful executor And maister John Tomor Child to be ovrseer of this my last will And he to have for his paynes taking o iij s iiij d Theis bering witnes Rev Richard Owen Curat of Northyngton Rev Henry Bilcliffe pson of Swarraton John Tower clerk Thoms Tower Wt other