Thomas Sadler of Holy Trinity Guildford, gentleman, ancient and indisposed 1 Apr 1738

to my wife Christian Sadler, exec. all my messuage in Holy Trinity Guildford for life and then to Richard Clarke of Holy Trinity Guildford, chapman and Benjamin Howe of Holy Trinity Guildford, cordwainer and Richard Strudwick of St Mary Guildford, millwright my friends paying £20 to my kinsman James Wicks of Guildford’s son John Wicks at 21 and £20 to Daniel second son of Daniel Wicks at 21 and to Elizabeth Wicks daughter of Daniel £20 at 21 and also £20 to the Baptists under the care of John Philips of Guildford to support the ministry, also £10 between my said friends to assist my wife in gathering my debts; residue to my kinsman Daniel Wicks, snr.;

to my wife my two or three acres Popple Close, Farnborough, Hampshire and residue;

to John son of John Sadler a guinea;

to Richard son of Richard Sadler, deceased a guinea;

to my sister Jane Kent 1 guinea and to her daughters Jane Kent, Esther Kent and Mary Kent a guinea each;

to my teacher John Philips two guineas

Witnesses: Robert Valinder; Thomas Brooks; Charles Martin

Proved: 24 May 1739 to exec. [DW_PC_7_2 ff.229-31; DW_PC_5_1739_16]