John Pennycod of Sydenhurst, Chiddingfold, yeoman 27 Jul 1677 (to be buried in the church or churchyard; to poor £3)

to my servants Robert Marlin, George Osborne, Richard Coles, Margaret Osborne and Sarah Osborne 5s each;

to my sister Agnes Hunt £20;

to my niece Joan Hunt daughter of Agnes all my messuage late George Parkes’ of Catteshall, Godalming in Godalming, Bramley and Shalford and Dorothy Parkes his wife daughter of said George bought by my brother William Pennycod late of Chiddingfold, deceased and if my cousin Joan Hunt dies in lifetime of her said mother without issue then farm to my said sister for life and then to my kinsman John Pennycod, jnr. son of my kinsman John;

to Thomas Pennycod eldest son of kinsman John of Farnhurst messuage I live in called Sydenhurst and Sydenhurst Mill and Mill Pond and Hill Lands and land called Holhurst Madgewickes and Cadelands, Chiddingfold and messuage and 20 acres thereto belonging near Ryestreet, Chiddingfold in the occupation of Richard Wheeler and Abraham Mitchener and a meadow nearby called Cottons Mead (2 acres) and an acre near North Bridge, Chiddingfold and other land in Chiddingfold;

a legacy of £50 given to Joan Hunt by my brother William Pennycod, deceased who made my brother Richard Pennycod, since also deceased exec. unto whom I am exec. to be paid; to my servant George Osborne, jnr. £10;

to my uncle William Osborne of Chiddingfold’s sons William, Peter Osborne and Thomas Osborne £5 each in 3 months;

to my godson Thomas Osborne son of Thomas of Witley £5;

residue to my kinsman Thomas Pennycod, exec.

Overseers: friends and neighbours Richard Chalcroft; John Strudwicke of Chiddingfold (10s each)

Witnesses: Richard Chalcroft; Samuel Alcock; John Penicod; George Osborne (X)

Proved: 13 Jun 1679 to exec. [DW_PC_7_1 Q.22; DW_PC_5_1679_66]