John Freeland of Ockham, yeoman, very sick and weak 16 Nov 1679

to my son Nicholas a little messuage near Riscrate Green in the occupation of Nicholas Jeature at 24;

to my son Benjamin £25 at 24;

to my son Thomas £25 at 24;

to my eldest daughter Frances £25 at 24;

to my youngest daughter Elizabeth £35 at 24;

any more, my wife being pregnant £25 at 24;

to keep my mother £2 10s p.a. for life all out of farm Upton, Ockham all in my occupation except three fields Wilderness adjoining Ockham Heath which my exec. to sell;

land to eldest son John at 24; residue to wife, exec. and to her for life all my messuage Cargate, Ockham in the occupation of Thomas Whinyard and then to son John

Overseers: friends Richard Daw; Mathew Ham

Witnesses: Henry Henn (X); William Charlwood (X); Henry Strudwicke (X); Thomas Whinyard

Proved: 11 Dec 1679 to exec. [DW_PC_7_1 Q.25; DW_PC_5_1679_36] (£76 9s 4d)