William Stathams 8 Oct 1738 (on burial £5)

all to mother Martha Stathams, exec. for life and then to my sister Martha £20;

to my sister Amy Stathams £20;

to my sister Martha Belius’ children William, Thomas, John and Mary Belius £10 each;

£50 on bond at William Underwood’s at Catherine Hill, £10 on bond at Richard Stredwick in Guildford;

my new suit of clothes to my nephew William Belius;

rest of my clothes to my mother

Witnesses: James Whadwat; Benjamin Coles

Proved: 16 Mar 1738_9 to exec. [DW_PA_7_23; DW_PA_5_1739_97]
(of Egham and died within six months)