John Mabbank of Bramley, husbandman 3 Dec 1719

to my sister Elizabeth Boxell wife of John Boxell of Witley if a widow £10 p.a. but if she found worth £100 only £5 p.a. for life but if a widow and worth £200 to have nothing but £1;

to my kinsman John Elliott of Guildford, carpenter £20;

to my kinswoman Ann Peter wife of John Peter of Guildford, millwright £20;

to my kinswoman Sarah Moon wife of John Moon of Witley, husbandman £20;

to my kinswoman Mary Strudwick wife of Richard Strudwick of Witley £20;

to my kinsman Thomas Elliott and kinswoman Elizabeth Welbeloved wife of William Welbeloved both of Bramley, execs. and residuary legatees

Witnesses: Elizabeth Withered; James Smither, snr.; James Smither, jnr.

Proved: 5 Jul 1726 to exec. Thomas power reserved to other exec. [DW_PA_7_20; DW_PA_5_1726_108] (died 1 Jul)