Abraham Cooper of St Olave Southwark, woolcardmaker 31 Jul 1717

to my wife Mary Cooper £10 p.a. in her widowhood and if she dies or remarries £5 p.a. to my sister Annabella Thorne wife of John Thorne for life and then to her children and other £5 p.a. to my sister Mary Yates wife of Edward Yates for life and then to her children;

to my sister Annabella £50;

to Mary Sharpe daughter of my sister Annabella £50;

to my sister Mary Yates £100;

to my servants £20 between them;

to my brother in law Edward Yates house I live in for length of lease paying to my wife the £10 p.a.;

residue to children of my sisters Annabella and Mary;

brother in law Edward Yates, exec.

Witnesses: Elizabeth Hanson; R. Bogg; W. Strudwick

Proved: 9 Dec 1724 to exec. [DW_PA_7_19 ff.353-4; DW_PA_5_1724_31] (died today)