Elizabeth Ifold (X) of Dunsfold, widow, aged 9 Jan 1687_8

to my son in law William Hardham 1s;

to my son in law Edward Lickfold 1s;

to my daughter Margaret Strudwick, widow 1s;

to my son in law Thomas Buck 1s;

to my son in law Richard Bishop 1s;

to my daughter Joanna Ifold £5;

to my daughter Jane Barnes £1;

to my daughter Angel Francis £8 and a gold ring and my red cloth coat;

to my daughter Catherine Bishop my other gold ring;

to my grandson John Ifold son of Henry £3 and a ehest in hall chamber of house I live in and its contents (marked with two notches in the lid);

residue to my son John Ifold;

to my grandchildren Henry Ifold, William Ifold, Elizabeth Ifold, Richard Ifold, Nathaniel Francis, Angel Francis and Elizabeth Francis 10s each;

rest of clothes to my daughters Jane Barnes, Joanna Ifold and Angel Buck between them;

residue to my sons John Ifold and Henry Ifold, execs.

Witnesses: John Quennell; Thomas Buck; Thomas Forel (X)

Proved: 7 Oct 1690 to exec. Henry power reserved to other exec. [DW_PA_7_16 Q.9; DW_PA_5_1690_69] (£21 16s)