Jonathan Buck of St Saviour Southwark, citizen and ironmonger, snr. 19 Dec 1666 (to be buried in the church near my late wife;

at burial £20 in entertainment of my neighbours and friends)

all my silver spoons, silver cups, silver bowls, silver salt cellar and other plate, gold and jewels including those delivered to my son in law John Grove, haberdasher;

to my granddaughter Joanna Grove daughter of John by his late wife Mary Grove (my daughter);

to my cousin Elizabeth Berry £10;

to my maidservant Mary Gates £2 10s;

to Joan Strudwick servant to said John Grove attendant on my granddaughter Joanna £2 10s;

all my brass, pewter, bedding, linen, woollen, household goods and all my clothes to my son Jonathan Buck, jnr., exec. and to him my lease of house the Dripping Pan, High Street, Southwark with remainder to John Grove for his daughter Joanna

Witnesses: John Savage; William Blisse; Thomas Hudson, scr.

Proved: 22 Jan 1666_7 to exec. [DW_PA_7_14 QQ.41-42; DW_PA_5_1667_4]