Richard Russell of Ash, yeoman 7 Jan 1635/6 (to be buried in the churchyard; to church 2s 6d; to poor 3s 4d)

to my daughter Jane Russell all my messuages, land etc. in Ash;

to my wife Elizabeth Russell £8 per annum for life and half the fruit from my orchard and the chamber over the hall in my messuage in her widowhood;

if daughter defaults my wife to enter my three closes of land and my meadows adjoining called Wolridges;

to my daughter Margaret Martin £5;

to my daughter Strudwicke £5; to my son James Martyn 5s;

to my godson Richard Strudwicke 5s;

to my daughter Strudwicke’s two other children Henry Strudwicke and Margaret Strudwicke 5s each;

residue to my wife Elizabeth Russell and daughter Jane Russell, exec.

Overseers: Henry Eade of Ash and cousin John Searle of Farnham (3s 4d each)

Witnesses: Richard Watts; Henry Stevens

Proved: 8 Jul 1643 to Jane, exec. [DW/PA/7/13 ff.280r-v; DW/PA/5/1643/75]