Richard Rogers (X) of East Clandon, hoopmaker, sick 20 Apr 1639

to William Eager of East Horsley £5;

to John Eager of Effingham £5;

to my kinsman John Rogers of Effingham £10 and to his sister Emma Rogers £5;

to John Jordan, snr. of East Clandon £3 and to his two children John Jordan and Mary Jordan £1 10s each and to his servant Ann Otteway 10s;

to his other servants Aaron Marten and John Nightingale 3s 4d each;

to … Finden, widow’s three children Richard Finden, Jane Finden and Joan Finden 10s each and to their mother £1 10s;

to my five godchildren Jane Cowles, Joan Cobbett, Robert Willett, Richard Longhurst and Richard Stridwicke £1 each;

residue to my kinsman John Rogers of Dorking, exec.

Overseers: friends John Jordan; Stephen Crowcher of East Clandon (3s 4d each)

Witnesses: John Jurdayne (X); John Streete, rector; Stephen Croucher

Proved: 26 Jul 1639 to exec. [DW/PA/7/13 ff.10v-11r; DW/PA/5/1639/109]