John Puttocke (X) of Dunsfold, yeoman, sick 14 Feb 1611_12 (to be buried in the churchyard;

to church 1s;

to repair of church £1;

to poor £1)
to my wife Joan Puttocke £10;

to my brother’s eldest son Thomas Puttocke £10, my house and two acres of land in occupation of John Woodes in Dunsfold immediately after the death of my wife;

to each of my other servants 1s;

to each godchild 1s;

to my brother Philip Gringoe’s children Elizabeth Gringoe, Philip Gringoe, Mary Gringoe and Joan Gringoe £1 each;

to my brother John Fuller’s daughters Elizabeth Fuller and Jane Fuller £1 each;

I am owed by William Peito of Pickhurst, Chiddingfold £20, by Walter Sherlocke 65 of best trees standing in ‘Streate land’ in Chiddingfold which cost £30 already paid, by John Fuller of Dunsfold £10, by John Russell of Worplesdon £24, by Thomas Enticknap £3;

I have as much timber lying at ‘Eldies Wood’ and Lagfold, Dunsfold as is worth £30;

as much timber and stuff in Fisherlane, Chiddingfold which is (Mr) … Hills land of Windsor as is worth £13;

owed me by (Mr) … Middleton and (Mr) … Wyatt £20 which was owed at the Annunciation 1609 and £3 3s 4d yearly and if they ‘overflow’ the £20 was awarded to me by the arbitration of (Mr) … Stoughton and (Mr) … Austen;

in hands of (Mr) Thomas Parkhurst of Guildford is £10 of mine;

owed by me (Mr) John Burd of London for this last year £400, paid on said sum as much timber and stuff as amounts to £450;

I owe Noah Bromham £10;

to John Mawburne of Hascombe £9;

to John Coutiance alias Stridwicke of Plaistow £8; I owe to my landlord Nathaniel Yeoman £120;

I owe to widow Price £3;

I owe to my servant Richard Freland £6;

wife Joan, exec.
Overseers: John Fuller; Philip Gringoe (£1 each)
Witnesses: [none given]
Proved: 9 Apr 1612 to exec. [DW_PA_7_8 ff.348v-349r; DW_PA_5_1612_131]