Robert Moore of Cranleigh, yeoman, sick 23 Jul 1570 [left hand side decayed]
(to be buried in the churchyard; to poor 10s)

to my son John Moore all copyhold and £25 at 21;

to my son Richard Moore house called ‘Lockes’ in the occupation of Henry Gretthurste and £25 at 21;

my wife Juliana Moore to have use of house for ten years;

to my daughter Catherine Moore £20 at 17;

if both sons die money to my wife and if she dies to my brothers John Moore and Richard Moore’s children and children of Richard Moore of Alfold and Richard Moore of Fastbridge, Alfold and Walter Moore of Cranleigh;

my wife, exec.;

to Agnes Whytte a two year old heifer bullock;

to Richard Amye two ewes;

to Catherine Amye a ewe;

to my godchildren 1s each

Overseers: Ralph Browne; John Moore of Nanhurst, Cranleigh; Richard Moore of Utworth,
Cranleigh (10s each)

Witnesses: Henry Abraham, curate of Cranleigh; Henry Gretthurste; Thomas Lybscome;
William Rychbell; Henry Tyckner; Richard Stredwycke; James Morgane; John Moore of Nanhurst (X); Ralph Browne; Richard Mower; Thomas Bellott; John Lloyd

Proved: 26 Sep 1570 to exec. [DW_PA_5_1570_72]