Commissary Court of Surrey

Testator: Harman Atwood of Warlingham

Date of Will: 16 April 1702

to poor of Sanderstead and Warlingham two pounds

To my grandchildren Atwood Loyd, Harman Lee and Olive Lee fifteen pounds each at the age of twenty one years;

to my son Loyd and son Lee one pound each for rings;

to my nephew Atwood Sheppard twenty pounds;

to my nieces Jane Till and Susan Till twenty pounds each;

to my sister Susan Till two pounds per annum for life;

to my brother Sheppard and his wife one pound each for rings;

to my cousin George Atwood one pound for a ring;

to Thomas Wood son of Michael Wood two pounds to keeping him at school;

to my landlady widow Hayward and her son Christopher Hayward and daughters Ann Haward, Sarah Haward, Joanna Haward, Martha Haward and Olive Haward ten shillings each for rings;

to Mark Hatton and John Mathews ten shillings each;

residue to my nephew William Till, Executor

Witnesses: Henry Hore; William Glover; William Buckle; Richard Strudwick (X)

Proved: 14 May 1702 DW/PC/5/1702/1