An inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels and credits of Henry Strudwick late of the parish of St Anne Blackfriars London deceased which were within the perimeter of Canterbury which have come to the hands position and knowledge of Barnard Strudwick the natural and lawful brother and administrator of the goods and chattels and credits of said deceased given him and exhibited by virtue of his loyal oath as followeth:


a silver medal, with a small silver chain,

two sleeve buttons,

three shoe buckles,

two old laced ceavetts,

two pairs of old ruffles,

two old shoulder cuffs,

three old formal shirts,

three pairs of old Holland sleeves, and four old brief coats

item, three old pocket handkerchiefs,

another pair of old Holland sleeves,

two old muslin neckcloths,

two old laced neck cloths,

four old little towels,

a pair of old stirrop hose,

three pairs of old socks,

three old Indian handkerchiefs,

two bits of Callired,

two old woollen waistcoats, and two pairs of old flannel drawers

item three old pairs stockings and one new pair,

an old swanskin stomacher,

old gloves and leather pouches

an old mounteer cap

an old formal coat and breeches and brass buttons and a sword and belt,

item two the new golden rings with stones in them,

four old rasors and a pair of scissors

an old knife and sheath and fork,

a hat and case,

a coat, and two pair of breeches,

andold campaign coat,

a pair of chamois gloves and two pair of old shoes and a pair of old slippers


item five and 20 guineas and a half

item seven Crown pieces

item two sixpences, and two new groates

item Due to Mr XXX since said deceased’s death being money deposited in his hands by the deceased in his life and from Thomas Strudwick by the deceased which is not yet used

summe total

Barnard Strudwick the administrator aforesaid do declare that there is a pair of pistols not valued in the inventory in the hands of one Mr Simons an apothecary which are (as the said Simons has declared) worth 12 shillings but does refuse to deliver them for he saith that there is due to him for physicks which the deceased had 30 shillings, and unless that the paid he will not them


Barnard Strudwicke

16th of February 1681