In the name of God Amen I James Rutland of Lichfield Street Soho gentleman being just upon going a journey do think fit to declare this my mind and will touching the temporal estate wherewith it hath pleased God bless me be it real or personal

Aand first I ratify and confirm unto my dear and loving wife the agreement I made with her just before our marriage for leaving her 70 pounds a year for life and 500 pounds in money to do is she pleases with

But in regard I have been greatly in disburse in the assisting of the family which my said wife already promised to discount and allow out of that 500 pounds I do recommend it to her and as far as in my power do will and give such allowance and discount to Ms Jenny Strudwick now living with us the interest thereof only to be paid her from the time of my said wife’s decease and the principal at her age of one and 20 years or day of marriage And if she dies before the same to go to my executor

And moreover in case my Lord Clarendons Debts shall ever be received or that my executors shall ever get 1500 pounds thereof for my share or one third thereof in that case I give unto my said wife the use of 300 pounds more for her life and after decease that the principal sum of 300 pounds to go and be paid unto the said Miss Jenny Strudwick at her age of 1 and 20 years or day of marriage if she shall not die before

In which case I give the same over unto my executors hereinafter named as I have above given or desired the discount and allowance out of the above-mentioned 500 pounds should go

And in regard my sisters Mrs Elizabeth and Anne Rutland have a bond or bonds from me to the amount of 500 pounds. I think it proper to declare I think I am entitled to a great discount of the same if not to an entire release therefrom upon the foot and agreeable to the memorandum at the foot of my account with them in my long account book wherein Mr Paul Castleman and my answer to a bill in Chancery of one Buckner is repaid Folio 56

And I mention this that I would not have them think that they have all the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal which I hereby give device and bequeath unto them share and share alike as tenants in common and not as joint tenants their several and respective heirs executors administrators and assigns but by my gift and for a better performance of this my will I give devise and bequeath unto my said dear wife and sisters all my estate both real and personal the heirs executors and administrators, upon trusts and for the ends and purposes aforesaid and do hereby lastly named constitute and appoint my said dear wife and sisters executrixes of this my will in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 18th day of March India of our lord 1737 James Rutland signed sealed published and declared by the above named testator would James Rutland as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence had now subscribe our names as witnesses thereto John Clark William Dudley Jr the mark of Ann Foster

Probatum November 11, 1742 to Sarah Rutland, widow, relict of the deceased. like Grant to Elizabeth and Ann Rutland reserved.